The Most Hilarious Answers People Gave To “Let’s Pretend Each Country In The World Is A Guest At A Party. What Are They Doing At The Party?”

Alfe Mercado
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When you have a party at your place, you always try to make the guests feel welcome. You put the best food and drinks on the table and make sure that people can have a nice time. You always try to invite people who like each other and have things in common so that they can enjoy their time and learn from each other.

But what if you had to invite everywhere in the world? You know that there are some countries that don’t get along, so would they actually party with each other? What would they be talking about?

People on Reddit were trying to answer these questions when user savalonavic asked “Let's pretend each country in the world is a guest at a party. What are they doing at the party?” The answers are very interesting and show how different and similar humans around the world are.

Reddit users were comparing countries not only by their cultures but also picking on the Fashion Awards or World Cup Winners or other random things countries are doing.

Which one of these comparisons between countries do you agree with?

Spain's 'Never Ending' Party Prep 🤷‍♂️

tangiblecabbage | tangiblecabbage

Spain hasn't left home yet, but has already told everyone they are on their way. In response, one reply mentions Spanish for 'I'm coming', while another comment suggests Mexico learned this behavior from them.

😅 Austria Feeling Forgotten

Xixiiiiiii | Xixiiiiiii

Austria is feeling forgotten as it seems like it has met all the guests before, but no one remembers it. In a reply, Germany is recognized, making Austria feel a little better about its situation.

🤦‍♂️ North Korea's Sneaky Plan!

babyVSbear | babyVSbear

North Korea is outside the party, trying to use two empty paper towel rolls taped together as “binoculars” to watch the celebration from a treehouse a block away.

Germany Calls At 10PM

knuckleduster12 | knuckleduster12

Germany is depicted as a strict but humorous partier, calling the cops at 10 pm sharp because the music is too loud. A few replies suggest that it is Germany's pre-emptive measure, as it will 'slap its thigh at 9:30pm sharp and stand up with a 'so'.' Censored curse words as appropriate e.g a**hole or a-hole or f--k.

Czechia & Slovakia's Amicable Divorce

OccasionSensitive398 | OccasionSensitive398

Czechia and Slovakia were a couple that had recently broken up, but were still spending all their time together at the party. After a lot of drinking, they went to the bedroom to have a private conversation and afterwards they no longer looked at each other, going to opposite ends of the party. Their divorce was described as amicable and velvet-like.

The Philippines 🤣🤣

iskoVETE | iskoVETE

The Philippines is taking a unique approach to the party by putting food and drinks in plastic bags to eat at home tomorrow, garnering a humorous response from other guests.

Sweden: 🤔🍻 Or 🕰?

Meior | Meior

Sweden is described as either the person who glanced at their watch to see what time they can leave or maybe the drunkest person in the room. A reply confirms that the first option also rings true for them and Denmark is mentioned in a reply as they mock Sweden for either drinking too much or too little.

The French 😉 Not Giving Up!

ShinyArticuno_420 | ShinyArticuno_420

France is trying to prove a point by speaking in their native language to their peers, despite knowing English. Replies suggest that when someone else speaks in French too, they switch to English. Canada then replies, but France remains convinced that no one knows French.

Spain's Party Antics 👀

[deleted] | [deleted]

Spain hasn't even arrived yet, but it came up with a super random excuse to have the party in the first place. It looks like Spain will be the life of the party.😆

Finland Is Living It Up!

noot_operator | noot_operator

Finland has consumed so much alcohol that it has lost its social inhibition and started bragging about its ice hockey victories. In one reply, Finland is heard climbing on a statue singing their national anthem in response to hearing their name mentioned in a conversation.

🍻🤣 Denmark Brings The 🍺🍳

HerlufAlumna | HerlufAlumna

Denmark brought beer and a unique, syrupy liquorice spirit that no one else desired to try. However, Finland eventually ordered the liquorice spirit for all the national airport shops.

🍻 Ireland: Pint O' Guinness!

ConanOToole | ConanOToole

Ireland is having their first pint of Guinness, and jokes about their 'drinking problem' follow. In response, they jokingly quip “I don’t have a drinking problem. I have a drinking solution.”

💸🤔 Netherlands To The Rescue! 🤔💸

[deleted] | [deleted]

The Netherlands is helping everyone at the party by sending out Venmo's to pay for their expenses. A reply mentioned that the Dutch would rather wrap the food in tissues to take it home instead.

Antarctica: A-hole Is 🤔 Trying To Crash The Party 🎉

SuvenPan | SuvenPan

Antarctica is outside in the cold trying to convince the doorman to let it into the party even though it isn't a country. Antarctica is secretly a bunch of penguins stacked on top of each other in a trench coat, as revealed by its reply.

🤣 Canada Arrives Early And👀 Shares The Talent ⏰

Ballsahoy72 | Ballsahoy72

Canada arrived ten minutes early and waited in their car to come in exactly on time. Once at the party, they told everyone which actors were Canadian, much to everyone's amusement.

🤷 Filipino Party: Take-Out & Karaoke! 🎤

Horror-Journalist-68 | Horror-Journalist-68

The Philippines is described as taking out food and hogging the karaoke machine at a party, showcasing their fun and lively personality. 🎤 🥡

Greece And Turkey: 🔥🤝🔥

[deleted] | [deleted]

Greece is portrayed as fighting with Turkey, then passing out hugged, then fighting again. A reply showed that Greece woke up and asked why they were hugging each other before they started fighting again.

Portugal Complaining - 🤔

nitroviper97 | nitroviper97

Portugal is complaining about the foreign food and how they could have gotten better food at a local restaurant named Tasco do Zé for a cheaper price. Reply states that for 7 euros, one could get a steak, egg, rice, and salad at Zé's.

🤔 Republic Of Moldova Is 🤔

jesusSaidThat | jesusSaidThat

The Republic of Moldova is introducing itself to the party guests and is also missing an arm and a foot.

Malta Was A 🤔 Surprise Guest!

snowletterH | snowletterH

People were surprised to find out Malta had shown up, with one person asking 'Who?' in response.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Polynesian Aunties ✨Gossiping & Singing

MediocreEmergency110 | MediocreEmergency110

Polynesian Aunties are gathered on the ground and gossiping about the famous Aunty from Hawaii singing on stage. Her cousin just got a part in a Disney movie and it's being shot in Nu'uanu Pali.

The Party With France✋And Its Oldest Frenemies

PhysicalPolicy6227 | PhysicalPolicy6227

At the party, France is outside smoking cigarettes, but it's actually at the kitchen window, with a glass of wine. It pretends to help and vents to other guests about another country. This leads to long monologues psychoanalyzing every relationship at the party and often results in debates with its oldest frenemies when everyone else gets bored or angry.

Germany: Scolding & 🤣?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Germany is trying to prove to everyone that they are funny and stands next to the trash can scolding people for not sorting their waste correctly. According to one reply, they will leave at 17:00 sharp.

Czech Republic 😜 Chugging Beers + Complaining

[deleted] | [deleted]

Czech Republic is portrayed as a heavy beer drinker, who complains about everything. It is confirmed by a comment reply, which also mentions Poland in a similar manner.

Aussies 🔥🍻 The BBQ!

Missyskates | Missyskates

Aussies are in charge of running the barbecue while handing out cans of beer to everyone. One reply mentioned that they are likely to be out back enjoying the party.

Nigeria Vs Ghana🔥 Who's Jollof Reigns Supreme?

redditorsneedallah | redditorsneedallah

Nigeria and Ghana are having a jollof-tasting competition to see whose recipe is better, while Jamaica and Trinidad enter the fray with their rice and peas. Meanwhile, countries like USA and Canada are overwhelmed by the large group of African countries while Belgium, France, and England remain aloof.

Lebanon: Trying Desperately To Have A Good Time Despite A Bad Seat

famous_unicorn | famous_unicorn

Lebanon is attempting to have a good time despite being put in the worst seat assignment at the party. Nobody trying to offer them any help.

🤭 All The Nations At The Party!

GrinkOf | GrinkOf

New Zealand and Iceland are having a casual chat while the rest of the nations are fighting. Someone has noticed that NZ and Iceland are not part of the group.

🤔 US & China In An Awkward Moment?

SuvenPan | SuvenPan

The comment suggests US and China are looking at each other angrily while all the other guests gasp. Replies suggest they continue to buy each other drinks, secretly money hate f**k in the closet, and take their tee shirts off to fight. China then points at the label, apparently pleased that US is wearing a gift.

America: 🍺+🔴 Solo Cup = 🤣

junkmail0178 | junkmail0178

The American party guest is portrayed as drinking from a red Solo cup and the reply highlights that they brought a keg to the party, painting an entertaining yet stereotypical picture of the American.

Next Door Neighbor 🏡 Germany Complains About The Noise 🗣️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Germany is the next door neighbor, coming to the party with a printed and laminated copy of the HOA rules and regulations in hand to complain about the noise.

South Africa At The Party 🎉

Vanquisher9909 | Vanquisher9909

South Africa is trying to put the electricity off, and the comment is met with relate and amusement. The comment is thanked with an award from r/southafrica and r/loadshedding.

The Balkan 🔥🔥🔥 At The 🎉

Kaiser93 | Kaiser93

The comment personifies Balkan countries as the life of the party that causes all hell to break loose when they arrive. One of the replies agrees with the sentiment by saying that it's not a party until the Balkans show up.

International 🥊 Bar Fight! 💥

ZacKow264 | ZacKow264

The comment suggests that it is no longer a party, and has become a bar fight. One reply agrees, claiming that it is the most realistic outcome.

🌍️ Morocco Sips A Hidden 🍵

IssaJokeHoney | IssaJokeHoney

Morocco enjoys their tea in the corner, quietly and out of sight, sipping away and enjoying the festivities of the party.

Sweden Teasing Norway 🤭

Chonky_railway | Chonky_railway

Sweden is pictured as the wallflower, standing in one corner of the party, watching everyone else enjoy themselves. Teasing Norway is its main activity for the night.

Denmark 🤪 & Germany 👩‍🔬 Lego Party!

Crack_Ulla | Crack_Ulla

Denmark is drunk and playing with Legos in the corner, and Germany joins them, emphasizing the importance of Legos in engineering careers.

🤔 Estonia and Lithuania's Party Antics!

alex228822 | alex228822

Estonia is bragging about its fancy innovations, even though it's broke, while Lithuania brings potato dishes and strong vodka, hoping Russia 'accidentally' falls down the stairs.

Singapore:👍 Not Making Friends🤷‍♀️

ghxstnova | ghxstnova

This comment is about Singapore being friendly but not making friends at a party. It has gained 4k upvotes and an award by 'top g' on the platform.

Malaysia Is Struggling 😅

shahtym | shahtym

Malaysia is cooking the food but no one knows about it, while Singapore is getting all the praise. It also tries to introduce itself to other countries but gets overshadowed by Singapore, Thai and Indonesia.

🤣 China And India Fight...

wdbc | wdbc

China and India are having a fight while Nepal attempts to mediate, and Bhutan watches from a safe distance.

🤣 Country Comparisons

ariyansss | ariyansss

Bangladesh is offering a humorous comparison of all the countries at the party, explaining why none of them are India or Pakistan.

Tuvalu Struggles To Make Friends!

Window_sauce | Window_sauce

Tuvalu 🇹🇻 keeps trying to say hello to the other countries, but either they don't understand who they are or they simply reply 'who de feck are you?' However, one reply suggests that maybe Tuvalu 🇹🇻 is recognized as 'that TV guy'.

Explaining Vampire Myths 🤣

FromEasternEurope01 | FromEasternEurope01

Romania is setting the record straight and debunking myths about vampires to the other party guests.

The 🤣Nordics At The 🎉Party

underground_mice | underground_mice

Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are standing in a corner, teasing each other in a friendly manner. Norway is following up every insult with another one, regardless of whom it was directed at. It's a hilarious sight to see!

Finland, 'Not Sure' If Invited 🤔

WM_ | WM_

Finland is 'not sure' if they were invited to the party, so they stay at home and drink alone in their underwear. 😬

Don't mess With The Balkan Crew 😯

Feelgood_MD_ | Feelgood_MD_

The comment is from Bulgaria, and claims that the Balkan countries will bring homemade alcohol to any party they attend, and then proceed to fight each other, before becoming best friends again. No comment replies were found.

💃 Italy: Flirting With Everyone!

DrakeMarcoC | DrakeMarcoC

Italy appears to be living up to its charming reputation by attempting to charm every living creature in sight at the party.

The 🤫Vatican's Sneaky Moves 🤭

The_Full_Monty1 | The_Full_Monty1

The Vatican is trying to get some alone time with the children, in an attempt to take advantage of their innocence.