Olivia Newton-John's Daughter, Chloe, Reveals Mother's Last Words

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Close up of Olivia Newton-John

It's been six months since the world said goodbye to Grease star and pop culture icon, Olivia Newton-John, at 73. Although many people have moved on, her only child, Chloe Lattanzi, opened up about the star's passing for the first time since August 2022.

Lattanzi was a guest on TODAY with Hoda Kotb, where she shared her mother's last words and described her final days before death. The 37-year-old American singer had her step-father's support during the interview as they both spoke to the veteran TV host.

A Mother And A Superstar - The Many Faces Of Olivia Newton-John

Lattanzi told Kotb that she saw a different side of Newton-John than the world did and was pleased with the experience. She told the host that she greatly missed and loved her mother because of their close relationship.

Beyond that, Lattanzi realized her mother's impact worldwide as she received condolences and sympathy wishes from people she least expected. The singer described it as a big hug from the universe, saying,

"It actually has been a life raft. It has felt like a big hug from the universe... and I'm grateful for all the people who reached out to us and extended their heart and their connection."

Her Final Days On Her Ranch

Watch their lives in picture

Newton-John's widower, John Easterling, added that he missed his wife but appreciated the fifteen years of marriage they spent before her passing. Unfortunately, Newton-John dealt with cancer towards the end of her life and underwent several breast cancer treatments before finally succumbing to the illness.

Lattanzi told Kotb that Newton-John never lost her sense of humor, even on her death bed. The singer said her mother cracked jokes till her dying breath. The Grease star passed peacefully in bed at her Southern California home last August.

Leaving A Legacy Behind

Olivia Newton-John in Grease

The family requested privacy while they mourned, hence the long time before Lattanzi and Easterling resurfaced to speak of the death. They shared gratitude for Newton-John's perseverance through 30 years of cancer.

The late actress underwent several treatments but she never let it stop her from doing her job - acting. She launched the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund to aid other women dealing with cancer by funding research for plant-based medicine.

The family suggested that friends donate to the foundation rather than waste money on flowers at her memorial service.

Career Accolades And New Music

The internet mourned Newton-John's loss as the world refreshed her culture-resetting performance on Grease. 

The movie's soundtrack earned her several awards, including an Academy Country Music Award, American Music Award, Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA), Billboard Award, and a Grammy Award.

Post-Grease, Newton-John recorded some success, including bagging more Grammy nominations and awards, People's Choice Awards, and Billboard Awards.

Although she performed her nominated hit single, Hopelessly Devoted to You, at the Academy Awards in 1979, the actress never won an Oscar. She may win one posthumously.

Her last single, Jolene with dolly Parton is out on streaming platforms for interested fans.

Newton-John's last words were,

"My Sunshine."