Father And Son Get Manicures After Teacher Tells Them It's 'Only For Girls'

Ashley Hunte
Christian and his three-year-old son, Ashton, choose pink nail polish to paint their finger and toenails.
TikTok | @mr.shearhod

A dad on TikTok decided to teach his son a valuable lesson after learning that a teacher said that boys can't paint their nails. Christian Shearhod, who has more than 960 thousand followers on his TikTok account (@mr.shearhod), posted a video earlier this month discussing how his son, Ashton, was told by a teacher at his school that he can't paint his nails because it's "only for girls."

In TikTok, which has since amassed more than 5.5 million views, Christian decides to bring his son to a nail salon in order to get his nails painted.

The TikTok Is Just Short Of A Minute And A Half Long

It begins with Christian explaining that Ashton, 3, came home from school upset because a teacher said he can't paint his nails. So, Christian decides to take Ashton to a nail salon to show him that you don't have to be a girl to have painted nails.

They go to the salon, and Ashton chooses a shade of pink polish that he wants on his nails. He then proceeds to sit on a couch in order to get both his fingers and his toes painted pink. The video ends with Ashton looking very excited about his new nails.

The TikTok Got Incredible Responses From Other Users

Users express their thoughts in the comment section.
TikTok | @mr.shearhod

In addition to the massive amount of views the video got, more than 20 thousand people left comments, sharing their own thoughts. An overwhelming majority of people felt that Christian did the right thing by teaching his son that he is allowed to have interests beyond what's typically thought of to be "masculine."

Other users were pretty unhappy with the fact that the teacher would say such a thing to such a young kid in the first place. Some teachers even commented to disagree with the one who made Ashton feel bad.

Christian Shares That He And Ashton Have Been Painting Their Nails For A While

More commenters praise Christian and Eden for bringing Ashton to the nail salon.
TikTok | @mr.shearhod

In an interview with NBC, Christian states that when Ashton was about 2, he began expressing interest in nail polish.

He also discussed his reaction to the teacher, and why he decided to take Ashton to the nail salon that day. "I really just wanted to make sure that he didn’t have guilt or shame, because it is something that he enjoyed, and we had done together multiple times," he said.

Christian also spoke with the teachers at Ashton's daycare and told them not to say those kinds of things to him.

While Many Commenters Were Supportive, Some Were Not So Much.

Christian identifies as a straight man. But his relationship with Eden, a trans woman, has made him the target of hate comments. He told NBC that he's received death threats and homophobic/transphobic hate comments in the past.

Some commenters tried to speculate on Ashton's sexuality after Christian posted the nail salon video. In response, he pointed out how Ashton is too young to have a sexuality, and speculating on whether he's gay or not isn't something people should be doing, both because it's not wrong for boys to like feminine things, and because Ashton is still just 3.