People Share The 3 Words They Would Say To Their 13-Year-Old Selves If They Had The Chance

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There are plenty of moments in our lives when we’re faced with an opportunity to do or say something differently, whether it be reacting differently to someone or stopping that particularly nasty habit. It’s a huge regret when we don’t take such chances, but it’s also a lesson to learn.

We should always listen to our inner voice because there’s a good chance it knows what’s best for us. Even though it pains us, reflecting on our past mistakes and missed opportunities helps us become better people.

A Redditor recently reached out to the r/Askreddit community with an intriguing question: “You meet your 13-year-old self, but you can only tell them three words. What do you say and why?” The thread quickly went viral as people started sharing what they would've told their younger selves.

The words of wisdom might help these youngsters change their paths for the better, or at least let them know that they aren’t alone in their struggles. We’ve gathered some of the most thought-provoking responses down below.

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️Health Advice For 13-year-olds 👍

mynameisusama | mynameisusama

The comment advises 13-year-olds to brush their teeth for better hygiene and health. A reply to the comment talks about following this advice with physical examples.

Lessons In Love 💔

Confianca1970 | Confianca1970

The commenter advises their 13-year-old self not to date, as their first relationship was a traumatic experience. One of reply agrees and adds that it still haunts them.

💸 Investment Gone Wrong?

uncareingbear | uncareingbear

The commenter suggests they would tell their 13-year-old self to invest in Amazon in 2003, while a reply to the comment says investing in 1,000 bitcoins in 2010 is the better alternative.

Pokémon Trading Advice🧐

facepwnage | facepwnage

A comment advises 13-year-olds to not trade Charizard, accompanied by a reply lamenting the loss of a holographic Charizard card.

🤔 A surprising 👂 for 13-yo Nat

piccoshady93 | piccoshady93

A commenter writes, "Nat has herpes." The comment replies provide further insight into the situation and the response received, yet still leave the situation ambiguous.

❤️ Love Your Brother 🤗

Six_Strings_of_Salem | Six_Strings_of_Salem

The comment and replies focus on the importance of expressing love to one's family and friends, and how it can be too late if one waits. All comments reflect a compassionate sentiment and understanding of the power of words.

Mom's Not Reliable 🤷‍♀️

Awesome_McCool | Awesome_McCool

The comment highlights the importance of listening to dad before trusting mom, as the commenter found out that their mom was 'batshit insane' and had alienated her from their dad.

Ditching Jeff For Bitcoin?

AlmostAlwaysADR | AlmostAlwaysADR

Someone advises their 13-year-old self to not marry Jeff. Two replies discuss why Jeff could be bad and suggest investing in Bitcoin instead.

Show More Love ❤️

WonderOnRepeat | WonderOnRepeat

The comment expressed the wish for the commentator to hug their dad more if they could redo the past.

Brush Your Teeth! 😁

Nadarama | Nadarama

The commenter on the Reddit post jokingly suggested brushing their teeth, as it would have saved them from unnecessary dental work. A reply confirmed that advice, emphasizing the importance of oral care.

⛔️⚠️ Quit Smoking!!

chef_in_va | chef_in_va

The comment stresses the need to quit smoking, illustrated by the sentence "Don't smoke, dumbass." One of the replies gives an apt example of a father who suffered the consequences of smoking and the need to quit smoking from a young age, to avoid long-term health problems.

Loving Mom ❤️ Remembering Loss

museofmusic23 | museofmusic23

The comment urges one to give love to their mom, as she would pass away a year later. A reply from another user empathizes and provides assurance that moms know they are loved, even if their kids worry they don't.

Advice For Your Younger Self 💭

netohh323 | netohh323

The comment "DON'T FORGET ABOUT-" is followed by a reply "LISTEN HERE, YOU-" and a question "Dre?" The commenter and the replier appear to be offering advice to their younger selves.

3 Words, ✨Short Story✨

MGatner | MGatner

The original comment suggested that three German words can be used to create a short story. Replies include fun phrases such as "Die Bart, die" and "Verkaufe Babyklamotten, unbenutzt," with the last reply expressing surprise at the comment's increase in popularity.

👩‍🤝‍👩 Encourage Connection!

Puzzleheaded-Bear-29 | Puzzleheaded-Bear-29

The comment encourages connection and urges people to talk to others. It stresses that communication with people is important and beneficial.

🚭 Kick The Habit 🚭

SuvenPan | SuvenPan

A comment advised against smoking cigarettes, emphasizing the importance of health and well-being.

Youthful 🧒🏾 Wisdom 💡

OnuAjiNo | OnuAjiNo

This comment urges its reader to enjoy childhood and treasure those moments.

Make 🎶, Take 💤 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

The comment suggests maintaining a commitment to music despite taking breaks and avoiding periods of regression, which they refer to as the "Darkages." Replies agree, emphasizing the importance of making music as part of self-care and growth.

Words Of Wisdom 😊

clutchguy84 | clutchguy84

The comment thread is a lesson of self-reflection, as the original commenter advises to not do heroin and admits to getting lucky for not getting caught for the shady things done. They've found that to be happy is an inside job and appreciates the kind words from everyone.

Practical 💊 Advice 🗣

NicksterPro | NicksterPro

The original comment in this section suggested wearing a condom. The reply asked for the child's name.

💝 3 Words Of Comfort 👆

Krnige | Krnige

Someone shared three words of comfort for their 13-year-old self: "People love you." They reflected that those times were tough.

❤️💯✨ Self-Love!

a-rabid-cupcake | a-rabid-cupcake

In this comment, the author expresses their own self-love by acknowledging that no one else was saying it to them and meant it. This comment resonated with the audience.

Living With ADHD: 🤔🤔

Woedens_Bakery | Woedens_Bakery

The comment and its replies share stories of the speakers' experiences of living with ADHD. The comment also provides helpful resources like videos, podcasts, and more to learn about ADHD.

Fateful Choices 🤔

purplecrazypants2 | purplecrazypants2

A comment reveals how the author discouraged their sister's move to California and the tragic consequences that ensued. A reply empathizes with the author and offers a possibility of the same tragedy happening regardless of the choice. It acknowledges that the fault lies squarely on the drunk driver.

🤔 Don't Ride ATVs 🚫

Cloudkicker91 | Cloudkicker91

The comment advises to stay off ATVs, as the writer rolled a four-wheeler when they were 16, resulting in an injury that has lasted to this day. A reply cites the number of injuries, agony, and surgeries caused by ATV use, calling it akin to giving an infant a loaded gun.

Mourning Life's Regrets ❤️

Panzuzu | Panzuzu

The comment reminisces on how one regrets not being able to make a difference in the life of their mother before her suicide. Replies are filled with sympathy, reminding the user it was not their fault.

Grief & Strength: ❤️

mama_griff | mama_griff

The commenter shared the three words they would tell their 13-year-old self: "Hug your dad." They shared that their father passed away when they were 18 and the reply was a supportive one, offering an understanding of the commenter's grief while wishing them strength.

School 🏫 Secret 🤫 Fun 🤗

Julie-Andrews | Julie-Andrews

The comment advises the reader to stay in school. A reply then reveals that staying in school can actually be fun, hinting that the reader could discover secrets and become a "bathroom ghost."

A Tear-Jerking Reminder To ❤️ Dad More!

RealLifeHaxor | RealLifeHaxor

The comment reflects on the writer's loss of their father on their 13th birthday and encourages readers to appreciate all aspects of a parent, good and bad. One of the replies shared their process of coming to terms with the loss of their father and the importance of cherishing the memories.

Help Is Here 🤝

SpaceGeneralAmerica | SpaceGeneralAmerica

The commenter writes, "Evie needs help" in reference to their big sister who died. They believe they would have saved her had they listened. People in the comment section reach out with compassion — sending their support and understanding that it's not her fault. Two replies give her the reassurance she needs.

Lifeguard Saves Life 🙏

sassycatastrophe | sassycatastrophe

The comment describes a life-changing moment when their 12-year-old self was saved by a lifeguard at the last minute from a rip tide on a trip with a friend's family. The parents were unaware of the event and the comment goes on to explain how it led to depression and drug use as a teen. The comment ends with an appreciation for everyone who shared their own stories.

Don't Let Tragedy Strike ✔️

happie-jappie | happie-jappie

The comment tells the story of a man whose life changed irrevocably after his mother had a stroke in her sleep when he was 16. He expresses his wish to have called 911 that night, and thanks everyone for their love and support. ✨

Leaving Jehovah's Witnesses 👋

from_dust | from_dust

The comment highlights the importance of leaving Jehovah's Witnesses, as it could have a huge positive impact on one's life. One of the replies suggests that this religion can be dangerous and can even lead to suicide if it is not left.

Mental Health Is 🔑

cornygiraffe | cornygiraffe

The comment encourages their 13-year-old selves to go to therapy to improve their quality of life. The comment writer thanks everyone for the award and shares that they finally went to therapy in their mid-twenties, which changed their life for the better.

Don't Overlook Brain Injury 🤔

Educational_Call_546 | Educational_Call_546

The commenter shared that they had a brain injury that was undiagnosed until they were 48. A reply asked for clarification on how the injury was missed.

🤔 3 Words Of Advice

LesbianStan | LesbianStan

A comment suggested exercise, socialize, and study as the three words of advice for a 13-year-old version of oneself. A reply revealed that the commenter's parents had already given this same advice, but it had gone unheeded.

🤯 A *Shock*ing Realization 💡

kelcamer | kelcamer

A comment shares the three words that would have solved many of the commenter's issues: they are autistic. The commenter shares a PSA with other fellow autistics to try out trampolining and 15-Hz beta waves, and a reply adds similar advice for ADHD.

Reaching Out Can❤️Save💔

Fin745 | Fin745

The commenter suggests that their 13-year-old self could have saved themselves from potential heartache by reaching out to someone and letting them know what they meant. They show the importance of talking to people who can help in difficult situations.

🚭 "Don't Smoke" Advice

whateverathrowaway00 | whateverathrowaway00

The comment warns against smoking, and the reply confirms it as the worst mistake ever made.

Be Hopeful ✨

[deleted] | [deleted]

The comment is a reminder to stay hopeful and to trust the process of life, no matter how tough things may seem.

👂 To Your 💭

MistraloysiusMithrax | MistraloysiusMithrax

The commenter wrote that they would tell their 13-year-old self to "Ignore dad's....everything." A reply to this comment commended the commenter on their succinct summary of their difficult relationship with their father.

Younger You: 🤔️

Kyndron | Kyndron

The comment '"Stop copying others" was met with a reply from another commenter imitating their 13-year-old self: “sToP cOpYiNg OtHeRs," suggesting that the commenter had struggled with this issue in the past.

Learning From Experiences 🤔

Bepis_drinker_cum | Bepis_drinker_cum

The commenter shared that they were abused, providing insight into their past experiences.

👫 What To Tell Your Brother 🤔

Mrrandom314159 | Mrrandom314159

The commenter suggests to tell one's brother something, and hopes that the brother knows it now. The reply adds that whatever it is, the brother should know it now with love.

⁉️Is It Too Late?

GizmoTheLion | GizmoTheLion

The comment is a reflection on how drugs caused a negative impact on the commenter's life.

It'll Be Alright✌️

Pretenderrender | Pretenderrender

Commenter reassures their 13-year-old self, saying that everything will be alright in the future.

Don't 🤚Co-sign 🤚 Loans!

TravelingGleeman87 | TravelingGleeman87

Commenter advises their 13-year-old self to not take out student loans and to not co-sign any loans either. Another commenter echoed this sentiment, recommending a double slap to drive the point home: "Don't ever co-sign !!"

Alcohol And Its Pitfalls

Seaniebeebop | Seaniebeebop

A comment warns: Alcohol is bad, don't do it.

Life Has Ups And Downs 🤷‍♂️

Evangelion-02 | Evangelion-02

This comment is a reminder that life is not always a linear journey and that everyone should remember that the downs will go back up, though the ups don't always last long.

Quit Tobacco 🚬

staggere | staggere

A comment encourages their younger self to not use tobacco and conveys a message of hope for a better future to its readers.

❤️ Words Of Wisdom

VinFamous | VinFamous

A comment speaks about "treating her better," emphasizing that one should always treat their loved ones with care.

👍🏼 Don't Gamble!

ElegantBullfrog2417 | ElegantBullfrog2417

A user advised their 13-year-old self to never start gambling.

🤑Start Saving Now!🤑

JugOfVoodoo | JugOfVoodoo

This commenter believes that the best thing their 13-year-old self could have done is save up money.

A Simple But Profound Advice ❤️

Typical_Blonde_Witch | Typical_Blonde_Witch

A piece of advice given one's to a 13-year-old self says, "She will not change," emphasizing that trying to change someone is pointless.

Wise Words ✨

y3timan | y3timan

The comment in this section says "I love you," conveying a message of reassurance and self-affirmation.

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