People Are Sharing Modern Day Scams That Have Become Normalized (30+ Answers)

Michele Lang
Scam alert
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Humans are wired to go with the flow. We want to feel like a part of the group, so we often shrug off things that look like scams and don't even cross our minds that someone is trying to scam us.

Celebrity endorsements on social media, think-of-a-breed dogs from disreputable breeders, and work from freelance platforms online are just a few examples of seemingly normal things that people call out as scams.

So when Reddit user diligent-log6805 asked "What's a modern day scam that's become normalized and we don't realize it's a scam anymore?", they probably didn't expect the thread to get 68.3k upvotes. From celebrity endorsements to fake businesses that have a monopoly in their area, here are some of the best answers.

🤬 Censored subscriptions 🤬

Hardi_SMH | Hardi_SMH

People are sharing modern day scams where it is almost impossible to cancel a subscription, with many of them being forced to resort to rudeness. Various people mentioned their own experiences involving companies, such as “FREE” in France and SiriusXM, who have ridiculous cancelation policies requiring them to mail a letter or call multiple times.

Don't pay for *performing a task*?! 🤯

TheSadClarinet | TheSadClarinet

Commenter expressed frustration over being charged a service fee for buying cinema, concert and sport event tickets online, which has become a common norm. Replies suggested the use of 'convenience fee' as a new tool to charge customers who take the online route instead of going to the box office. Commenters raised questions about why they should pay for something they can do themselves.

🤔 Sneaky small subscriptions 💰

wowsers808 | wowsers808

The commenter is concerned about modern day subscription scams, where consumers pay for an app or game many times over. A reply agrees that this practice is unsustainable and is worse for the consumer.

🤔😡 Tech devices & subscriptions

Termin8rSmurf | Termin8rSmurf

People are discussing the modern day scams that involve people buying tech devices at premium prices which then require them to pay expensive subscriptions to make use of their features. Replies discuss examples such as enterprise IT gear, Cricut, and motorcycle riders airbag vest. People express their outrage and disgust at the companies behind these scams.

Are you being scammed? 🤔

not_a_scrub_ | not_a_scrub_

The commenter is discussing the scam of charging a 'convenience fee' for paying rent online. The commenter feels that it is more convenient for the landlords, yet they are passing the buck onto their tenants. Comment replies suggest alternative ways to pay rent without having to pay the fee.

Beware of 'admin fees' 💸

Hungry4Memes | Hungry4Memes

People are sharing modern day scams that have become normalized in the form of 'admin fees': In Australia, toll roads without an account may incur additional $10-$20 admin fees. Software developed by the state also has an associated admin fee. Everyone should be aware of these hidden fees in order to save money.

Modern day scams😠

azemilyann26 | azemilyann26

People are discussing modern day scams, with many commenting that medical insurance often does not cover dental or vision. One example is preventative tests being covered while others are not. The replies bring up people having to pay out of pocket for dental procedures because the insurance deemed them cosmetic, as well as a comedic response saying preventative tests are luxurious and unnecessary.

Resort fees: 😠 or 😐?

ChickenXing | ChickenXing

People are fed up with paying additional fees for amenities they don't even use. One customer saved $120 by politely asking the front desk to reverse the charge after they found out the fee wasn't included in the booking. A-holes no more! 🙅‍♀️

🤔 Another scam: 📱 Paid apps turned free

Head_Membership_4252 | Head_Membership_4252

Nobody enjoys it when companies bait them into buying an app only to switch to free with ads and make you pay for the classic version. This scam has unfortunately become so normalized that people are sharing it on social media.

Are corporations' 💰 🏡 ruining the 🌎 economy? 🤔

mpshumake | mpshumake

Corporations are buying up homes on a large scale, leading to an increase in prices for other homes they own and potentially doing damage to the economy. A reply shared an example of how Ireland is being 'ridiculously f**ked' by this coupled with AirBnBs.

🤔 Is it right to pay fees when using online banking?

patrik3031 | patrik3031

The comment talks about how transaction fees when using online banking are sometimes a given, but does not feel it's right to be charged a fee for doing all the work.

👀 Discovering surprise🤯 costs!

Forsaken_Laugh9763 | Forsaken_Laugh9763

A comment details the outrageous markups on printer cartridges, with replies noting other costs associated with this product. Users express shock and surprise at the costs and the associated practices, but don't seem to have any solutions for reducing the price.

Prices 📉 going up? 🤔

int9r | int9r

Stores sometimes increase the price of a product a day before they offer it at a 'discount'. Germany has taken action against this, while other countries set minimum duration for discounts. Other resources such as Camel Camel Camel and Fake Spot can help buyers identify scams.

😠 Unpaid internships 🤬

Frankidelic | Frankidelic

Unpaid internships have become the norm, to the point where some companies even expect workers to pay for the experience. Worse still, paid internships where the employee is only taking home a token amount are also increasingly common.

Be careful: ⚠️ modern day scams exist!

Rothira2010 | Rothira2010

The comment is about the US medical system, in particular the ambulances. A comment reply reveals that some ambulance companies are not contracted with any insurance companies, possibly to increase their profits.

Don't be fooled by 🤔 extended warranties 🔍

Kannabiz | Kannabiz

Extended warranties may seem like a good deal, but make sure to read the fine print to know what is and isn't being covered. A comment reply also suggests that taking advantage of free extended warranties can be beneficial, as a user had a television which broke after 23 months and was refunded in full.

Fighting insurance companies 😠

keldoged | keldoged

The commenter expresses disdain with insurance companies, who they feel fight customers 'claw and teeth' to avoid paying out. A reply agrees, pointing out that people often have to pay over $200-300 dollars a month to be faced with a $2000 deductible when needing to access the product they already paid for.

Medical and 🏨 industries 🤔 hidden fees 🤑

spade13F | spade13F

Hidden fees in the medical and hospitality industries have become a common problem. The No Surprises Act attempts to address this by mandating hospitals to post their charges publicly online.

Say no to costly ⚰️😵

NewspaperPirate | NewspaperPirate

Weddings and funerals can cost up to $30,000 for one day and many people feel that is excessive. Someone replied that funerals are also expensive.

Say no to auto renewal 🙅🏻‍♀️

ResidentOfTheWorld | ResidentOfTheWorld

People are warning against auto renewal subscriptions that charge after the trial period ends. Some use a virtual credit card to avoid charges, and others mention it's hard to cancel within the first 7 days of the trial period.

💎 Fascinating scam truths 👀

Krasnaya_Armeya | Krasnaya_Armeya

The comment states that although diamonds are supposed to be rare, there's loads of them in reality and they are sold for major stacks of money. One of the replies states that diamonds are kept artificially scarce by the people who own the diamond mines, and have somehow managed to prevent any reselling of them, which is diabolical.

Living a healthy work-life balance

Warkitz | Warkitz

Commenter believes that hustle culture with 90 hour work weeks is unhealthy and unsustainable, while one of the replies states that it's more important to take care of oneself and others, like family and plants.

Parents using kids to 💰 🤔

Soylopeor | Soylopeor

The section comment talks about parents using their kids as bait to advertise products, suggesting the idea of normalization of such scams.

💸 Be aware of ✂️💰

azantine | azantine

The comment warns of the costly price of Gillette razor blades and points to the safety razor as an alternative. One reply confirms the advice, praising the safety razor which has fewer financial costs.

💰💸 Ticketmaster's sneaky fees 💸💰

silly-sessions | silly-sessions

Ticketmaster is infamous for their high fees. People are questioning if they are reasonable or not.

😡 Hidden subscription fees👎

TulogTamad | TulogTamad

The commenter exposes the unethical practice of companies rolling over free trial subscriptions to paid ones without the customers' knowledge or consent. One reply adds that it's better to assume that anything requiring a credit card will incur a charge at some point.

Unpaid internships: ✋🏼

QueentakesPawn | QueentakesPawn

The comment raises the issue of unpaid internships and how such tasks are often justified with the promise of 'experience/knowledge/exposure', when the commenter asserts that their time is worth money, just like everyone else's.

🤔 How manufacturers trick you?😯

zyygh | zyygh

The section's comment provides an example of a common modern day scam: planned obsolescence. This practice, especially common among printer manufacturers, is where the item stops working after a specific amount of time regardless of condition or the legal warranty. The same technique is now seen with batteries, which have drastically shorter lifespans than before. 🙄

👀 People share scams 🤔

kung_fu_jive | kung_fu_jive

Credit scores have become a contemporary scam since they started in 1989. A comment replies points out that, even if credit scores are meant to be an indication of how likely it is for an individual to pay off their loan in the future, a**hole aspects such as the "credit mix" still come into play.

Employers and job listings hiding salaries 🤐

aDogNamedPotato | aDogNamedPotato

Employers are illegally insisting that employees don't talk about their salaries, and job listings are not posting salaries. The comment replies explain these practices involve manipulation and hope to 'sucker' overqualified people in. Everyone involved is called out a-hole.

Taking advantage of tax 🤑

brutalblamite | brutalblamite

People are discussing how businesses profit off of doing taxes for citizens, such as tax companies becoming strong lobbyists. Replies mention the irony of the American government not leveraging its power to do taxes for citizens, yet businesses are able to do it for a fee. Additionally, others mention how most employers use payroll systems that could make the process automated.

🤔 Monthly services starting to look sketchy

Extension-Reserve166 | Extension-Reserve166

This comment points out the drawbacks of services that require monthly subscriptions. Nobody's really sure if it's a scam or not, but the commitment to monthly payments calls for a second look.

Gaining an education 🤑

ghcdy | ghcdy

In this section, the comment highlighted how College Board requires money to send scores to a school, highlighting their nonprofit status as questionable. One reply concurred, expressing frustration succinctly with an emoji combination.

🌊Is the 💧bottled water 💰industry a 🤔scam?

eightezsteps | eightezsteps

The comment thinks that the bottled water industry is a scam and is supported by a reply which explains that the industry does not actually make water, but plastic bottles.

Wallet Hollowing 🤑

Shanrok | Shanrok

Micro Transactions are small payments made frequently, often tied to a product or activity. Users feel that these small payments add up so quickly, making them feel like they are being taken advantage of.

🤔 Scam or Necessity?

MediocreJudgment637 | MediocreJudgment637

The comment points out how owning software has shifted to a subscription-based system. One user lamented the rise in prices, where they now have to pay $126/year to access Microsoft Office for the family, compared to buying a CD with 3 codes for multiple computers in the past.

Holding companies accountable😠

Bowdensaft | Bowdensaft

The comment highlights how the majority of the responsibility for fixing climate change issues lies with normal people, when companies are getting away with behaviors that are damaging the environment. The comment mentions the food industry, engineering sector and the amount of waste generated by them, and expresses a sense of discouragement at the perceived lack of accountability for these companies.

🤔 Does tipping go too far?

[deleted] | [deleted]

The comment discusses the issue of tipping, where the author is surprised to be asked to tip 30% while getting their own yogurt at an Apple checkout tablet. One reply suggests that this is only an American problem, and that it's not the norm to expect people to subsidies poor wages with tips.

Health insurance scams 🤯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter revealed a scam related to health insurance that costs people hundreds of dollars monthly and not even covers bills properly. In reply, the replier shared their own perspective having experienced similar issues in two different countries, outlining the consequences of the scam.

Exploring the US college ✔️

Sasquatchdeerparty | Sasquatchdeerparty

Commenters share their thoughts on the US college educational system and its normalization of scams.

🧐 Are juice cleanses + detox teas 🤔 worth their 👇 cost?

And_awayy_we_go | And_awayy_we_go

A commenter questions whether juice cleanses and detox teas are worth their cost, while a reply suggests drinking more water to stay hydrated.

Data caps: 🙄🤦‍♀️

asforus | asforus

People have been calling out data caps imposed by Internet companies as a scam that has become normalized. One reply shared their experience as an employee of a fiber optic distributor, stating that data caps are entirely made up.

Train Scams

Riff_Merchant | Riff_Merchant

🤔Raising credit scores📈?

jollytoes | jollytoes

The comment refers to how credit scores have become normalized since the 1980s, and nowadays you can raise your score by signing up for certain services. It was originally intended to indicate how likely someone would be to pay back a loan.