Orlando Bloom Speaks Candidly About His Difficult Romance With Katy Perry

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Orlando Bloom
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Orlando Bloom recently opened up about his relationship with Katy Perry. The actor was candid about how challenging his romance is with the singer. Although it was difficult, Bloom also shared the upside of being in a relationship with Perry. 

Bloom Speaks About His Relationship With Perry

Katy Perry
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 In a recent interview with Flaunt Magazine, Bloom got candid about his relationship with the Firework singer. He revealed that Perry gets stressed about the dangerous aspect of his job. He continued that they battle with their creativity and emotions.

There Are Challenges

Despite those, the lovers are aware of "how blessed we are to have uniquely connected in the way that we did at the time that we did." However, he added that there is no dull moment with the singer. The Caribbean star also touched on their biggest challenge as a couple.

Bloom Shared Some Of The Issues

Orlando Bloom
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He opened up on how they tackle long distances due to the demanding nature of their occupations. According to him, that factor was their biggest hurdle since they became partners.

The Lord of the Rings actor shared that he and Perry were in "different pools." He noted, "Her pool is not a pool that I necessarily understand, and I think my pool is not a pool that she necessarily understands." The star actor admitted that things were "really, really, really, challenging."

They Once Broke Up

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The couple who first became an item in 2016, met at the Golden Globes and struck it off right from the start. However, they broke up the following year in March 2017.

Once speaking about the breakup, Perry relayed how she had given so much out that it literally broke her. It also turned out this was a factor in why she broke up with Bloom, who is now the father of her child.

Rekindling Their Romance

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom
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Less than a year later, they mended their relationship. After that, Perry gave credit to gratitude for saving her life and her relationship with God. The Roar singer told Footwear News Magazine that Bloom was a great anchor in her life. At that time, Perry added that she always attracted people who are real and called her out on things. 

A Timeline Of Their Love

The Troy actor and Perry fought over a burger at a Golden Globes afterparty when they met. Still, in 2016, they started spending more time together. Bloom also introduced Perry to his son, Flynn, and took her to his Manager's birthday party. The couple made their relationship Instagram official on May 19, 2016.

Bloom And Perry Became More Intentional

Bloom And Katy Perry
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When they broke up in February 2017, there were Statements from both their representatives at that time said they were "taking a respectful, loving space." After rekindling their romance, the couple's relationship became more intentional mad in 2019, the 46-year-old actor proposed to the Dark Horse crooner.

Their Wedding Plans Were Affected

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom
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However, the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the following year, stalled their wedding plans. They welcomed their daughter Daisy Dove in the same year. The overjoyed new parents announced their daughter's birth via UNICEF by virtue of their Global Ambassadro titles. The charity organization showed a black-and-white image of the new baby on Instagram while penning a wholesome message.

Describing Motherhood

A year after becoming a mother, Perry joined People in an interview opening up on the journey so far. She described being a mom as the best in the world, and "the game-changer" Perry stated that her heart was "so full, finally."

Perry's First Mother's Day

In 2021, she celebrated her first mother's day noting in an Instagram post that she found everything she ever searched for when she became a mother. The star added, 'So grateful for that profound, deep love and honored to join the mama club. Happiest Mother's Day." Bloom also took to social media gushing about his woman.

Their Wedding Plans Are Still Pending

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom
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Three years after they became engaged, the award-winning singer revealed that they were still trying to find a location for their wedding. The star shared on the Kyle & Jackie O Show that because they were planning a destination wedding, they were still working on securing a location. She also described the situation with COVID-19 as she noted how there was "a new variant" every couple of months.

Perry Opens Up About Parenting With Bloom 

In May 2022, the Part Of Me singer opened up about parenting with Bloom. She shared that before she met him, parenting was not in her cards. During an episode of Dear Chelsea with Chelsea Handler, Perry shared that she never used to be maternal.

Bloom Influenced Her Motherly Instincts

However, Bloom's relationship with his son, Flynn, influenced her decision to have a child with him. In August 2022, the Smile singer told People that she wanted to have more kids with Bloom. 

They Complement Each Other

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom
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She stated that the Kingdom of Heaven actor brought balance into her life and he had such happy, positive vibes. The 38-year-old made it known that she was a "little bit more prone to depression in some says,' and having Bloom around was good for her. At another time, the star shared that she would love to expand her family further with Bloom.

Perry Has A Sweet And Unusual Relationship With Bloom's Ex-wife

The E.T. crooner runs a lovely blended family with her spouse, and it is even more adorable because of her close-knit relationship with his ex-wife. Perry and Bloom's ex-wife Miranda Kerr have been friends for years. After Kerr split from Bloom, she formed a unique relationship with Perry.

Kerr Has Since Re-married

The Carnival Row actor was married to the model from 2010 to 2013. They share a son, Flynn who was born on January 2011. Kerr later got married to Evan Spiegel in 2017. The businesswoman and singer formed their unique bond while taking part in family events. Kerr also shared that Flynn brought everyone closer.

She Cheered The Couple After They Welcomed Their Daughter

Miranda Kerr
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The model congratulated Bloom and Perry when they welcomed Daisy. In April 2021, the model and Dark Horse singer gushed about motherhood in a joint Instagram video. Back in January 2023, the duo attended the 20th Annual G'Day USA Arts Gala together. Kerr and Perry hit the red carpet posing up a storm and gushing over their relationship.

Perry Has Gushed Over Kerr

The Roar crooner introduced Kerr while making light fun of their unusual relationship. She shared, "Some of you might be confused about why I'm introducing Miranda. That doesn't play into the antiquated narrative of ex-wives and new wives. And yes, it's true, most of the media would like to see us mud wrestle, including [her husband] Evan [Spiegel], but we are here to lead by love because Miranda is love."

Kerr Speaks On Her Friendship With Perry 

Miranda Kerr
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The businesswoman and Perry have hanged out together a lot over the years. In August 2021, Kerr talked about her friendship with Perry. She made an appearance on the Moments With Candace Parker podcast. At that time, Kerr shared that she preferred hanging out with Perry over Bloom. She shared that the singer helped her to deal with Bloom. Still, in 2021, the mother-of-three shared that she and Perry clicked instantly and easily. They have remained very close till today.