Man Refuses To Date Ugly Women: 'I Respect Myself Too Much'

Cha Miñoza
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A man on TikTok is going viral for being brutally honest about his taste in women. Kevin, who is known on the platform as @boerboelblade2, says that he refuses to date "ugly women", even if he knows that he is no Brad Pitt, as he respects himself too much.

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No Ugly Women, Please

The 42-year-old single dad from Scotland told The Sun that he has pretty high standards. “I’m not into ugly women,” he said. “I’m not saying I’m Brad Pitt, but I know I can pull reasonable women.”

His Dating 'Icks'

Last week on TikTok, Kevin explained his dating "icks" in a five-minute-long video. He said that he doesn't like "broken boomerang bitches," which he calls the three Bs.

'Broken Boomerang Bitches'

"Why am I calling them that? Because when you throw a boomerang it comes back — no, in this case, f–k off, see ya later,” he explained.

A Rough Diamond

He continues to say that he likes a woman who is a "rough diamond" and he doesn't mind dating someone who is a bit on the heavy side, as long as she is good-looking and has nice boobs.

Nice Boobs Are A Must!

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TikTok | boerboelblade2

"I’ve dated some women who are a wee bit on the heavy side that are good-looking, so I quite like that, right? As long as you’re good-looking and got a nice set of boobs, I’m interested.”

Watch Your Weight

He says that a heavy woman can also be attractive but she would be lovelier if she would lose "a little wee weight."

No Pineapple Hair

Another one of his pet peeves is women putting their hair up, which he thinks makes them look like a pineapple. He likes long-haired women who style their hair down.

Sex Is Important

Sex is a massive part of a relationship, says Kevin, but he doesn't like women who are too vocal in the bedroom.

Second Best Isn't Good Enough

The single dad says he doesn't care if he remains single for a long time, but he isn't settling down and lowering his standards. “But I’m just not willing to settle for second best. I realize I could be on my own for a long time.”

Single For 3 Years

While he has been in a long-term relationship before, Kevin has been enjoying the single life for three years now. He admits that having a long list of requirements makes it harder for him to find someone.

Tinder Was A Flop

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TikTok | boerboelblade2

Kevin said he tried looking for dates on Tinder but it was a flop. A lot of women didn't respond to him and he doesn't trust that those who replied are attractive. “If you do get a message from a girl I can guarantee you she will be someone that’s not that good-looking."

Show Your Body

He also hates it when women only post face photos on Tinder because it usually means that the girl is a "fat c*nt." Kevin says he isn't looking for topless photos but women must show faces and bodies on dating apps.

He Has Tried Lowering His Standards

He has tried lowering his standards before but he didn't enjoy it, so he is never doing it again. He does hope to find his ideal woman, someday.

Finding The Perfect Girl

The perfect girl exists, says Kevin, and while he has never met her yet, he has high hopes. “Finding the right person in life is a real thing. I’ve never met that person. I hope I do.”

'It's A Lifestyle Choice'

According to Kevin, many people have asked him why he's still single. He explains that his refusal to settle and lower his standards is a lifestyle choice. But, he remains confident that he can get a girlfriend because he is decent-looking and makes good money.

People's Reactions

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Kevin's rant didn't sit well with many TikTokers, who gave him a piece of their mind in the comments. One person thought he was being misogynistic with his laundry list of the perfect girl.

Some Were Entertained

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TikTok | boerboelblade2

Some were entertained by the video and thought he was just being truthful and honest.

It's Just Comedy

Kevin replied to his commenters, saying it was all just for laughs and he was doing a comedy sketch.

Kevin's Reaction To Being Viral

The viral TikTok has gained over 13,000 views and continues to reach more people. In his most recent update, Kevin shared his reaction to his newfound fame. He thinks it's crazy that his story blew up and also says he is "not getting paid for any of this nonsense."