Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Reuniting? Source Spills All The Details

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
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A few days ago, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly left their fans concerned when they sparked breakup rumors. However, there seems to be a glimmer of hope as a source recently revealed that the entertainment stars are working toward mending things. Here are the details.

Source Talks About MGK And Megan's Relationship

Megan Fox and MGK
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A source has addressed the state of Megan and MGK's relationship. According to them, although the couple had a rough Super Bowl weekend, they were not ready to let go of each other.

MGK And Megan Love Each Other

The source explained to ET that the actress and rapper had experienced ups and downs throughout their relationship. However, at the end of the day, all Megan and MGK had for each other was love and a deep connection.

MGK And Megan Are Working Things Out 

The source further noted that the couple had strong feelings for each other, so their emotions usually came out in intense ways. Next, the source relayed that Megan and MGK were working together to mend things and move forward.

MGK And Megan Spotted Together 

It seems Megan and MGK are really working things out, as the duo was spotted together on February 13. Photos showed the couple leaving a marriage counseling building in California.

Details Of The Photos

Megan and MGK reportedly spent two and a half hours inside the building, after which the actress was seen wiping tears from her eyes. The couple then spoke briefly before leaving in separate cars.

MGK And Megan Spark Split Rumors

Megan and MGK sparked breakup rumors on Sunday, February 12, after the Transformers star took to Instagram with a concerning post. Megan shared mirror selfies and a video of an envelope burning in a fire.

Details Of Megan's Concerning Post

In the caption, the 36-year-old shared lyrics from one of Beyonce's songs which read, "You can taste the dishonesty / it's all over your breath." Next, Megan deleted all photos of MGK from her page and then deleted her Instagram account.

Megan And MGK Spent The Super Bowl Weekend Together 

Surprisingly, Megan and MGK spent the Super Bowl weekend together before the split rumors hit the internet. However, away from the Jennifer's Body actress's troubling Instagram activity, something else was building up.

What Happened Between The Duo?

A source exclusively revealed that the Midnight in the Switchgrass co-stars had a big fight ahead of MGK's Super Bowl party performance. According to the source, the couple was meant to go to the event together.

Megan Cancels Her Plans

Actress Megan Fox
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However, due to the fight, Megan canceled her plans and flew out on Saturday evening. The actress's actions reportedly affected the rapper's performance that night.

MGK Was Off His Game During The Performance 

According to the source, MGK wasn't in the right frame of mind to be performing, and his band carried the show on their backs. The source further pointed out a time on stage when the rapper's mic stopped working.

MGK Was Angry On Stage

The source said MGK tapped the mic and seemed annoyed before someone came onstage to replace it. Ultimately, it was a below-average performance for the rapper.

Megan Previously Praised MGK 

Megan and MGK's recent relationship issues come a few days after the actress praised her man following his Grammy defeat. The rapper lost the Best Rock Album award to Ozzy Osbourne.

Megan Congratulates MGK For Another Achievement

Shortly after the event, Megan took to Instagram to profess her love for MGK and praise him for how he handled the loss. Megan began by congratulating the rapper on being in the small percentage of artists to receive a Grammy nomination.

Megan Says MGK Handled The Loss With Humility

Machine Gun Kelly
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Next, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star noted that MGK handled the process with a grace and maturity she had never seen from him before, which made her extremely proud. 

Megan Says She's Satisfied With MGK's Growth

According to Megan, watching MGK walk in humility and gratitude and grow into himself and become a better man was a more satisfying experience than watching the rapper accept an award.

Megan's Final Words

Megan then assured MGK that awards would come, after which she shared her appreciation for his look. The actress said she would always keep that memory of MGK forever.

MGK's Thoughts Following The Loss

MGK also had great things to say after the Grammy Awards. The musician revealed he was happy to be in the company of great musicians, adding that he wanted to focus less on accolades and more on accepting himself.

MGK Learns A Big Lesson 

MGK said he learned that the things he already had were more important, and he needed to be more appreciative of them. MGK and Megan have come a long way in their relationship, and fans hope the duo will work things out.