Priscilla Presley Slams Bam Margera For False Claims Of Elvis' Robe and Ring Gifts

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Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley is going against Bam Margera after he claimed she gifted him Elvis Presley's robe and rings. Although Margera has apologized, he still maintains his claim that the items once belonged to Elvis. 

Priscilla Slams Margera

Priscilla,77, is ripping Margera for claiming she gifted him Elvis's robe and ring. Priscilla shared with TMZ that the Jackass star made everything up. She added that he betrayed her and her son, Navarone Garibaldi, by making false claims.

She Refuted His Claims

The Naked Gun star said that the robe that Margera has did not belong to Elvis. Also, the ring was one of Margera's. Earlier this month, Margera claimed Priscilla gave him Elvis' robe and ring. He added that he wanted to pass the robe to his dad who is a fan of the Rock 'n' Roll king.

Margera Insists That The Items Belonged To Elvis

Elvis Presley and his family
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Margera also said he wanted to give the ring to Yelawolf who he considers the new Rock 'n' Roll king. Margera apologized to both Priscilla and Navarone. However, he still claimed in a lengthy post that Navarone gave him the items, not Priscilla. 

About Margera And Priscilla Alleged Friendship 

Priscilla and Margera's friendship popped out of nowhere last week. Margera posted videos and pictures of himself and Priscilla hanging out which made it seem like they were friends. However, the Presley matriarch vehemently denied being friends with the former pro skateboarder.

She Explained How They Allegedly Met

Priscilla Presley
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Priscilla shared that her son, Navarone asked her to have a 'new friend' over. She revealed that when Magera showed up, he talked about his life. He also requested a photo with her for his dad who was a fan. Priscilla shared that after what Margera did, she and Navarone will cease communication with him. 

Tussle Within The Presley Family

Leading up to her current hassle with Margera, Priscilla has been in the news for the ongoing lawsuit over her late daughter Lisa Marie Presley's trust. The Dallas actress is contesting her late daughter, Lisa Marie Presley's trustee amendment. ET obtained some court documents which showed that Priscilla filed legal documents on January 26, 2023

Priscilla Is Contesting Lisa Marie's Trustee Amendment 

Priscilla Riley and Lisa Marie
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The legal document is contesting the 2016 amendment where Lisa Marie named her children, Riley and Benjamin Keough as co-trustees. Benjamin died in 2020 and now Riley is the sole trustee of Lisa Marie's estate.

Contents Of The Legal Filing

Prior to this, Lisa Marie named Priscilla and Barry Siegel co-trustees on January 29, 1993. Priscilla questioned the authenticity of the 2016 amendment. She posted several alleged inconsistencies in the amended documents one of which was how her name was spelled wrongly. The mom-of-two also claimed Lisa Marie's signature was "inconsistent" with her customary signature. 

More Of Priscilla's Takes On The Amended Trust

Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie
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The 77-year-old noted that there were no witnesses present when Lisa Marie effected the change. She also added that she was not informed when it all took place.

Expert Take On Priscilla's Lawsuit

Entertainment Lawyer, Mitra Ahouraian, talked about the legal filing with ET. Ahouraian suggested the primary reason Priscilla wanted control of the trust was to protect the children's interests. Lisa Marie also had 14-year-old twins and a 35 million life insurance policy.

Priscilla Will Not Be A Beneficiary Of The Inheritance

Priscilla Presley
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Ahouraian said the money could go away quickly if it was not managed properly. She added that Priscilla would not have a lot of financial gain by being the trustee. The lawyer continued by stating that the matriarch would be entitled to some sums of money, for being the trustee, but she would not be a beneficiary of the inheritance

The Legal Tussle Started A Week After Lisa Marie's Final Burial

Priscilla's legal filing came less than a week after Lisa Marie's memorial service on January 22. The memorial service was held at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. During the memorial service, Priscilla read a poem to Lisa Marie's twins, Finley and Harper.

An Allusion to Benjamin Keough's Passing

In the poem titled The Old Soul, the kids described their mom as an icon, role model, and superhero. Priscilla read the profound piece that took the audience and mourners back in time to when Lisa Marie was born. The poem went on, "She was delicate but was filled with life. She always knew she wouldn't be here too long. Childhood passes by with a glimpse of her green eye. She then grew a family of her own.'

Survivor's Guilt

The poem soon veered into a different path as it delved into Lisa Marie's deep pain of losing her son. The art piece described her pain as "survivor's guilt," and she carried it around with her broken heart. In all the twins wrote about their mom's tragic moments and how she will be greatly missed.

The Late Lisa Marie Left The Estate To Her Kids

Priscilla Presley and her family
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While Priscilla is contesting the authenticity of her daughter's amended trust, she seems not to object to how Lisa Marie left the famous Graceland Estate to her daughter. The late singer was laid to rest on the property next to her son, and her father, Elvis Presley.

Where Priscilla And her Granddaughter Presently Stand

Amid the ongoing battle over Lisa Marie's trust, it was revealed that Priscilla and her granddaughter, Riley, were not communicating. A source made it known that the process has been tense and heartbreaking for Riley and Priscilla. The source added that the Logan Lucky actress was mourning the loss of her mother.

Riley And Priscilla Communicate Through Their Attorneys

She is also heartbroken dealing with the trust battle with her grandmother. The source revealed that Riley and Priscilla have only been communicating through their lawyers. The insider also added that Riley preferred the dispute be settled privately and not publicly. 

More Information About The Ongoing Trust Legal Battle

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Joel Weinshanker, a managing partner at Elvis Presley Enterprises talked about the trust battle. He shared that Elvis left everything to Lisa Marie and Lisa passed it down to Riley for a reason. He revealed that Lisa Marie has spoken about Riley continuing the legacy on numerous occasions.

Priscilla Thought Otherwise

Weinshanker added that anyone saying otherwise was not looking out for Elvis, Lisa Marie, or Riley. However, earlier this month, Priscilla shared a statement about the situation. She said that people should ignore the noise of someone who was not part of the family trying to represent them. However, Priscilla did not mention the individual's name.