Lourdes Leon, Daughter of Pop Icon Madonna Rocks Devilishly Sexy Look

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Lourdes Leon
Getty | Jeff Kravitz

Lourdes Leon, 26, was a vision in red at the Luis De Javier NYFW show earlier this week after her Marc Jacobs fiasco. The model embraced her inner devil by accessorizing her look with a horned hat.

Taking The Bull By The Horns

The model's dress was dangerously short, with the hemline stopping beneath her bum. Its corseted bodice had two small horns on the chest, while the back had a vintage crisscross lace. Leon paired the red mini dress with knee-high red stockings and ombre red and black shoes.

Fiery On The Runway

Leon's shoes matched her colorful hat, which had tiny horns jutting out the top. Her silky straight black hair stopped on her lower back while she completed her fiery style with glossy red lipstick.

Receiving Criticism For Her Walk

She received backlash from the internet for her runway walk with fans saying she doesn't have the presence.

It's not news that fans consider Leon to be one of the worst connected models in the history and they never fail to remind her.

Red = Lola

Leon has proven for a second time this month that red is her color. She wore a similar all-red ensemble to the 2023 Grammys. Her Grammy dress paid homage to her mother, Madonna, with its cone bra sitting on a V-neck top.

Shiny At The Grammys

The column dress had thin straps and crystal stones embellished all over. Leon wore her hair in its signature silky straight style with a center part and added more drama with her makeup. She painted her lips ombre red and accessorized the look with silver jewelry.

Bull-Style In Fashion

The Luis De Javier SS23 collection highlighted devilish themes using bull motifs in its pieces from horns on dresses to corsets and hats. Beyoncé wore a custom black Toro corset with matching short boots based on the collection for her British Vogue shoot last year.

Christina Aguilera's Pride Outfit

Last year Christina Aguilera wore a yellow bodysuit with a long, curved horn bra during her pride festival performance.

Luis De Javier's Fashion Show

Luis de Javier's NYFW fashion show exhibited more exaggerated bull horn pieces particularly Julia Fox's denim dress. It's chest horns extended to her head while the corset bodice stopped halfway on her bust.

Julia Fox Stuns In Denim

Despite being a column dress, Fox's denim piece had a long train. In typical fashion, she paired the dress with black leather gloves and matching denim boots. Since her dress did a lot of talking, Fox kept her hair and makeup simple, uncharacteristically.

Difference In Style

Leon and Fox's dresses might've come from the same collection but they differed in style. Where Leon's red dress was a subtle mini style, Fox's own was a bold long gown. The younger model had tiny horns while the former actress had dramatic horns.

An Awkward Moment

Leon's fashion week experience in New York started off on the wrong foot. She missed the chance to watch the Marc Jacobs show after arriving on time which in the fashion world is considered late.

The Infamous Marc Jacobs Snub

On Feb. 2, fans and paparazzi outside the show begged for the star to gain entry into the Park Avenue Armory when she arrived at 6:00pm. Unfortunately, the Creative Director and business founder, Marc Jacobs, left strict instructions to shut the door once the show started at 6:00pm.

Y2K Fashion In Style

The model embraced Y2K fashion by pairing a maxi denim skirt with an off-shoulder jacket and white boots. She added light bangs to her typically straight black hair and carried a shoulder bag.

A Broken Relationship?

The incident shocked fans as Leon has a long standing relationship with the American fashion house. She starred as one of its models in 2021, while her mother also modeled for the brand in the past.

Chasing Her Dreams

Leon once addressed trolls who categorize her as a nepotism baby saying she's smarter than they think. Per Today, the 26-year-old said she deserves her success because of her hard work.

Back To Music

Last year, she released her first single on all streaming platforms. Although it didn't make commercial success

Pursuing Her Passion

Singing is partly Leon's passion and she decided to pursue it last year but her first love and primary career is modeling. Beyond the Luis de Javier show this year, her resume contains top brands from Burberry to YSL.

High Fashion Style

Regardless of trolls' opinions, Leon is determined to focus on making a name for herself beyond being Madonna's daughter.

Making A Name For Herself

The model is already on her way to superstar status as she's become more vocal in the entertainment scene.