Priyanka Chopra Captures Beautiful Family Moment With Nick Jonas And Daughter Malti.

Benjamin Imiewanlan
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas
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One of the cutest couples in Hollywood, and perhaps even America, Nick Jonas and the always beautiful Priyanka Chopra share an eye-catching moment with family. This irresistible bunch are once again reminding the world of the beauty of love and family when the "Jealous" singer posted family photos of his wife alongside Malti, their daughter.

Beautiful Family Moment Shared On Instagram

Stunning smiles shared by Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas
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On the 7th of February, Nick posted a beautiful family picture of Priyanka, Malti, and himself on Instagram as part of their family trip to Aspen, Colorado, with the caption; "Aspen photo dump." There was also another picture of the couple cuddling in the snow.

Family Trip To Aspen

Besides the beautiful family moments Nick shared on his Instagram account, he chronicled their entire trip in that single post. With pictures of himself and Priyanka hanging out with close friends.

Comments From Friends

The response from friends and fans was exactly how you'd expect. American photographer and judge in America's Next Top Model, Yu Tsai commented; "❤️❤️". Anjula Acharia, Priyanka's manager commented; "Love these pictures!!!! 🔥so sad to miss this trip. What a perfect moment!! 😍".

Baby Malti's First Public Debut

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas at Award Ceremony
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Baby Malti made her first public appearance in January when her dad and his brothers, Joe and Kevin Jonas, earned their Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star.

The Perfect Shout-out

Nick Jonas Throwing A Kiss
Giphy | Nick Jonas

While at the podium during the ceremony, Nick even gave his little daughter a shout-out, during his speech saying; "Malti Marie, hi babe. I can’t wait to come back here in 15 years and embarrass you in front of your friends.”

Malti's Social Media Appearances

Since baby Malti was born back in January 2022, Nick and Priyanka have been quite diligent about maintaining their daughter's privacy on social media. While the parents often post photos of their daughter, her face had always remained a mystery until her appearance at the Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony.

A Tumultuous Journey To Motherhood

Priyanka Chopra sighs in Gif Quantico Cut
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Over the months, the first-time mom has faced a lot of backlash over her choice of welcoming Malti via surrogacy. Recently, in an interview with British Vogue, she opened up about it all, saying, "I’ve developed a tough hide when people talk about me, but it’s so painful when they talk about my daughter. I’m like, ‘Keep her out of it.’"

Valentine's Day Celebrations

Lovely hug from Nick Jonas to Priyanka Chopra with her wide open
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Priyanka Chopra was feeling so much love this valentine's day that she took to Instagram to share some of it with her fans. The "Quantico" actress shared photos of herself with her husband and her baby daughter on Instagram, with the caption reading, "My forever valentine ❤️ happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones."

Everyone Also Feels The Love

Her post on Instagram got a lot of people feeling the love also. Priyanka's manager, Anjula Ancharia commented, "❤️❤️❤️love you both😍." British Vogue Entertainment Director, Jill Demling commented, "❤️❤️❤️." It was the day of love.

Nick Serenades Priyanka

Nick Jonas with all smiles for his beautiful wife, Priyanka Chopra
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Nick also chimed in on the Valentine's day love, when he took to TikTok to share a video of him on a beautiful date with his wife. They both shared a table with glasses of wine, as a musician serenaded them. The post was captioned, "A perfect Valentine's Day with my heart."

Sweet Nick

Nick Jonas on Dancing With Myself
Giphy | NBC

Nick sure knows how to treat his woman, and his Valentine's day romantics aren't his first. On Valentine's day back in 2021, while Priyanka Chopra was shooting on a whole other continent, Nick made sure he showed his wife loads of love when he sent her hundreds of flowers.

Twin Tattoos

Host Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas
Giphy | The Academy Awards

Nothing screams 'cute couple' quite as much as matching tats. So, you might not know this but the Indian actress has small tattoos of a blank square and a checkmark behind each of her ears, which are identical to the tattoo designs on Nick's arms.

Beyond The Ink

Priyanka recently opened up on how Nick completely changed her life. In her British Vogue interview, she said, "My husband's super thoughtful, when he's around, everything feels like it'll be OK."

Back To The Start

These two lovebirds actually met through a mutual friend, Graham Rodgers, who starred alongside Nick in the indie thriller "Careful What You Wish For" and Priyanka in "Quantico". They pretty much started communicating afterward, with Nick making the first move via Twitter direct message.

Wedding In Paradise

Joyous Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas at their wedding
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With the kind of star power both Priyanka and Nick have, their wedding definitely doubled as one of the biggest social events of the year. The couple got married back in 2018. And, this 3-day destination wedding merged both Christian and Hindu traditions.

Speculated Trouble In Paradise

Some time last year, fans were quite sure that the couple were having relationship troubles all because Priyanka changed her Instagram name from @PriyankaChopraJonas to @PriyankaChopra. The 40-year-old eventually shot down those rumors and revealed that she's still very happy in her marriage.

Back On The Big Screen

Priyanka hasn't had an acting role since back in 2021 when she starred in "The Matrix Resurrections". While fans have missed the "Quantico" star, they can definitely smile now because she'll be appearing on the big screen in "Love Again", alongside Sam Heughan and Celine Dion.

No. 1 Fan

Nick Jonas on The Voice
Giphy | The Voice

Nick was once again Priyanka's biggest fan following up to the release of the trailer for "Love Again". In a tweet posted hours before the trailer release, the singer wrote, "Just wait till you see the trailer 😉 #LoveAgainMovie"

Fans Reactions

Fans gushed over the movie and Nick's supportiveness. Just another sweet gesture from the "Jumanji" actor.