Rihanna Spills On Her Romantic Relationship With A$AP Rocky While Announcing Second Pregnancy

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Closeup of Rihanna
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Rihanna is the gift that keeps on giving.

After her phenomenal performance at the Super Bowl LVII halftime show, with a pregnancy reveal as icing on the cake, she’s now on the cover of British Vogue’s March issue alongside her partner, A$AP Rocky, and baby number one!

She Got Candid About Her Personal Life

The 34-year-old R&B icon, who’s usually secretive about her personal life, has never gotten this real.

What She Said About Rocky

In her interview, she spoke lovingly about Rocky, saying, “We’re best friends with a baby.”

'On The Same Page'

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky posing together
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“We have to be on the same page, but we’ve always kind of had that in our relationship,” she added. “Everything changes when you have a baby but I wouldn’t say it’s done anything but made us closer.”

Rocky's Strong Bond With Their Son

Rihanna also praised her partner for the bond he’s built with their son, saying, “I’m literally the girl trying to get into the boys club, waiting for my turn.”

The Baby Is Now Nine Months Old

The Barbadian superstar gave birth to the little boy, whose name she and Rocky haven’t revealed yet, in May last year.

Her Life Post-Pregnancy

She got super candid about life post-pregnancy and gave the impression that she’s just like the rest of us when it comes to parenting struggles.

'Beautiful' Childbirth Experience

She described the childbirth experience as “beautiful,” but walking into the hospital as one person and leaving as two? “Head-f**k,” she said.

Her Early Days As A Mother

The details of her first days as a mom were absolutely relatable. “You don’t sleep. At all,” she stated. “Man, you’re a zombie for the most part.”

Motherhood Meant Being 'Of Service'

Being a parent meant being “of service” constantly, and she recalled how even sneaking in a shower wasn’t so easy to do.

Super Hands-On

Rihanna getting out of a car
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She said she would wheel her baby into the bathroom so she could be with him as she showered, and she’d be “wiping the fog off [the glass] just to peep at him.”

'The Craziest Thing Ever'

Rihanna in a blue blazer
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Those early months were “the craziest thing ever,” according to the Diamonds singer, and it was hard to recall what life was like before then.

The Halftime Show Decision

Rihanna's halftime show teaser
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Rihanna also opened up about how having a baby influenced her decision to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Saying Yes To The Offer

Clip of Rihanna with text overlay saying, "Oh yes honey, you better werk!"

When she was asked by the NFL to headline the show (after having turned them down in the past), she said motherhood made her bold enough to say yes.

'Nothing Is Impossible'

Rihanna wearing tracksuit
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“You’re geeked on a challenge like that because you know what your body just did. You feel this sense of ‘Nothing is impossible,’” she explained.

But Motherhood Scares Her, Too

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Having said that, being a parent also terrifies her, especially being the parent of “a young Black man,” which she described to Vogue as “one of the scariest responsibilities in life.”

Pregnancy Number Two

Rihanna performing at Super Bowl
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And then, the surprise announcement came that baby number two was on the way. It happened right at Super Bowl LVII before an estimated 118 million viewers.

Empowering Performance While Pregnant

Rihanna performing at Super Bowl
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She gave a gravity-defying performance while caressing her baby bump. A rep later confirmed that the power couple was indeed expecting their second child.

Growing Her Family

A$AP Rocky and pregnant Rihanna strolling
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At the time of her Vogue interview, she didn’t know yet that she was pregnant, but she talked about wanting to grow her family.

She Wants More Kids

Closeup of Rihanna and baby
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“My wish would be I would like to have more kids but whatever God wants for me, I’m here,” she said. “Girl, boy. Whatever.”