Dad Takes Toddler Son For A Manicure After Teacher Says It's 'Only For Girls'

Dani Sanders
Blonde boy covering his face with his hands with coloured nails
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Cool dad wanted to defy all odds and did a spectacular feat just for the sake of making his baby smile. Read on to learn about this interesting turn of events!

Let the Toddlers Do What They Want to Do

 Little series depicting a Toddler (two years old) sitting in a small box
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Dad takes his little son, Ashton Shearhod, to a nail salon after noticing visible sadness on his face after returning from preschool. While he was in the car with his parents, the little boy rubbed his eyes and wiped his tears upon asking what was up with him.

Seeing a toddler cry because of something said to him? My heart can’t -

The toddler murmured to his parents that the teacher said, “…not to paint my nails, because it’s just for girls,”. As a genuine parent, Ashton’s dad, Christian Shearhod, knew precisely what he had to do next.

Shearhod Said In His TikTok Video About What He Will Do Next

Shearhod’s son getting his nails painted.
TikTok | Shearhod

Shearhod is dating a transgender woman named Eden 'The Doll' Estrada. They already own a TikTok account with over 900,000 followers, and he ardently shares his daily life clips there. He also posted about his son, telling people he knows just how to cheer him up. 

That means he will be taking him to the nail salon. Hurray!

The Little Boy Wants His Nails Painted In Hot Pink

Shearhod’s son on a cycle
TikTok | Shearhod

Like a concerned dad, Shearhod took his son to the salon, where he giggled in a chair, all explaining in his cute voice the color he wanted. Ashton, full of excitement, asked to get both his hands and feet, “Yeah! I want pink”. Aww, that’s sweet.

After getting done, the little boy happily shows off his painted nails and feet in a recorded TikTok video. That video went viral with 4 million views, as people loved his reaction, and the boy’s mood uplifted after getting what he wanted.

Shearhod Handled The Situation With His Son’s Teacher Peacefully

Shearhod’s son is all cheered up in a salon
TikTok | Shearhod

Meanwhile, some people took a hit at the teacher, and others asked, “so, is he gay?”. In response to that, Shearhod tries putting some sense in people saying he’s just three. He can’t be gay. 

Similarly, he also shut down people calling the kid’s teacher out by saying the matter has been resolved peacefully, as different people have different norms, but whatsoever. His teacher adores him.

He further continued by thanking everyone for their support and love. I mean, who could have ignored such an adorable little munchkin?

Shearhod also wanted to defy gender norms and break all such stereotypes that implied to his son not getting painted nails, because after all, a toddler wants what it wants, right? Shearhod did a great job and went on to post about this on his TikTok.

While posting the video, Shearhod captioned it, “Just because I let my son express himself without gender boundaries doesn’t make him gay” it was courageous of him to defend his son while people were finding a way to hit him.

What a lovely brought up he is; most parents should be inspired by this adorable story. 

Very well said by the famous Eric Berne, “The moment a little boy is concerned with which is a jay and which is a sparrow, he can no longer see the birds or hear them sing”.