Megan Fox And Fiance Machine Gun Kelly Spotted Leaving Marriage Counselling

Jordan Claes
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly posing on the red carpet with one another.
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Since the first moment that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly made their romantic relationship public, the couple has been enamored with one another — completely redefining the accepted standard of what constitutes PDA.

Now, after recently being spotted leaving a marriage counselor's office, it appears that things aren't as lovey-dovey as the couple initially led us to believe. Much to the dismay of fans, there may indeed be trouble in paradise.

Megan Fox And Fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, Were Recently Seen Leaving A Marriage Counselor's Office

Upon exiting the building, it was clear to see that the couple looked visibly shaken.

This Is The First Time That The Pair Have Been Photographed Since Cheating Rumors Broke

A selfie of Sophie Lloyd holding a guitar.
instagram | @sophieguitar_

According to reports, fans have alleged that MGK cheated on Megan with guitarist, Sophie Lloyd.

Megan Was Clearly Emotional, And Was Photographed Wiping Tears From Her Eyes

Megan Fox leaving the loft in 'New Girl'.
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Machine Gun Kelly followed closely behind her, looking introspective and sullen. The couple then departed the scene in separate cars.

A Source Told 'PEOPLE' That Megan And MGK Had A Heated Argument This Past Weekend

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly wearing pink outfits and matching pink hair.
instagram | @machinegunkelly

"Megan is very upset. They had a fight over the weekend and Megan won't speak to him," the source said.

"They Haven't Officially Called Off The Engagement, But Megan Took Her Ring Off."

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly taking a selfie in pink outfits.
instagram | @machinegunkelly

The source also admitted that Megan and MGK have had problems in the past, but that things are far worse now.

As Of Right Now, There Is Nothing Indicating What The Couple Was Arguing About

Chris Farley saying "No idea!" in 'Tommy Boy'.

Megan further compounded the situation by posting a highly cryptic Instagram collage.

"You Can Taste The Dishonesty/It's All Over Your Breath," Megan Captioned The Post

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox posing for a photo in the bathroom.
instagram | @machinegunkelly

The caption is actually a snippet of lyrics, taken from Beyoncé's Pray You Catch Me.

The Song Details The Events Of Jay-Z's Affair, From Back When He Cheated On Beyoncé

One fan commented on the post, "He probably got with Sophie" — implying MGK had indeed cheated with Sophie Lloyd.

"Maybe I Got With Sophie," Megan Clapped Back

John Krasinski hosting 'Some Good News'.
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Shortly after that, Megan proceeded to delete all photos of Machine Gun Kelly from her Instagram account and promptly unfollowed him.

Next, Megan Deactivated Her Instagram Account Entirely.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly taking a mirror-selfie in a fitting room.
instagram | @machinegunkelly

Megan has yet to reactivate her Instagram and has done nothing to suggest that she plans on doing so any time soon.

Prior To Megan And MGK Leaving Their Counselor's Office, They Were Last Seen At Drake's Super Bowl Party.

Machine Gun Kelly in the bathroom with Megan Fox. He has a red bandana over his mouth.
instagram | @machinegunkelly

The couple appeared to be in high spirits mere hours before Megan's shocking Instagram post.

A Small Group Of Megan's Fans Noticed Some Interesting Instagram Activity Before She Deleted Her Account

Jada Pinkett Smith saying, "That's interesting" on 'Red Table Talk'.
Giphy | Red Table Talk

Before deactivating her Instagram, Megan made sure to follow rap god, Eminem.

Fans Will No Doubt Recall That MGK And Eminem Have Had Serious Beef Over The Years.

It all began back in 2012 when MGK tweeted that Eminem's daughter, Hailie Mathers, was "hot as [expletive]."

Eminem Stayed Silent For More Than Six Years Until MGK Released The Diss Track 'No Reason' With Tech N9ne

This prompted Marshall to finally respond with the track Not Alike on his highly-anticipated Kamikazee album.

Eminem Later Did An Interview With Sway To Further Explain The Situation

Eminem claimed that he was unaware of MGK's tweet about Hailie at the time of his diss track.

"That's Not Why I Dissed Him," Em Said. "The Reason Is Much More Petty Than That."

Eminem being interviewed by Sway.
youtube | EminemMusic

What Eminem took issue with were MGK's claims that he'd attempted to hinder his career.

"Do You Think I Actually [Expletive] Think About You? Do You Know How Many [Expletive] Rappers Are Better Than You?"

Megan Fox crying in Eminem's music video for 'Love The Way You Lie'.
Giphy | Eminem

It's also worth noting that Megan appeared in Eminem's music video for Love The Way You Lie back in 2011.

Not Surprisingly, Megan's Fans Have Been Having A Field Day With The News

Megan Fox and Machine gun Kelly taking a selfie in the mirror.
instagram | @machinegunkelly

"If SHE got cheated on the rest of us really have no hope," one user commented.

"She's Following Only 3 Ppl Now And Eminem Is One!!" Another Chimed In

Multiple sources have reached out to both Megan and MGK for comment but have yet to receive confirmation from either party.