Drew Barrymore Emotionally Opens Up to Pamela Anderson About Mutual Struggles

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Drew Barrymore hosted Pamela Anderson on her daytime talk show this week, and they had an emotional conversation. Both stars rose to fame as children and young women in an industry that was unkind to everyone.

Hiatus From Hollywood

Years later, Barrymore and Anderson decided to take breaks from Hollywood and focus on their individual lives. As they discussed their lives on The Drew Barrymore Showboth women realized how similar they were.

Child Stars On The Rise

Drew Barrymore as a child star
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Pamela Anderson, 55, rose to fame as a Playboy model in the Nineties, while Barrymore, 47, started acting at a tender age. Their early successes brought unprecedented scrutiny into their lives.

Leaving Hollywood

Drew Barrymore on her daytime talk show
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As the women discussed, they realized the same incidents predicated their early hiatuses from Hollywood. Barrymore told Anderson that having kids changed her perspective on the industry and made her protective.

Kids Come First

Anderson concurred saying,

"Well, the things you won't do for yourself, you do for your kids."

Getting Blacklisted From The Industry

Anderson suffered bullying from the media when someone stole a sex tape of her and her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, and distributed it online. The movie industry blacklisted Anderson, and the only publication that kept her afloat was Playboy. 

The Story That Changed Her Life

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As mothers of two children each, Barrymore and Anderson don't want the kids to experience the hardships they did. Anderson told the tv show host that the sex tape incident changed her life forever.

Hiring Security Against Kidnappers

The Baywatch star hired security at her children's schools because "people attempted to kidnap them." Barrymore broke into tears because the situation resonated with her.

They admitted that being celebrities came with risks, but their children didn't deserve to deal with such consequences.

Censoring Social Media For Children

Barrymore asked the older actress for tips on keeping celebrity children safe from the media and got them. The 55-year-old told her to censor social media and keep her boys from the internet until they're old enough to care for themselves.

Love Life Struggles

Pam and Tommy
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In protecting their children, both women struggle with maintaining romantic relationships. Anderson told Barrymore that she struggles to love men who aren't her children's fathers. Being alone doesn't stop her from pursuing love.

Thriving As A Single Woman

In her Netflix documentary, Love, Pamela, Anderson spoke more about her love lifeLast year she was single after breaking up her fourth marriage, but Anderson claims it was the happiest time of her life.

A Shared Mentality

Barrymore concurred with Anderson's ideology saying,

"There are so many parallels I feel with you."

From One Mother To Another

Although Barrymore's children are still minors - Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8 - Anderson's boys are adults - Brandon, 26, and Dylan, 25. The boys now understand what their mother experienced to keep them safe, and they do their best to return the favor.

Opening Up In Her Documentary

Anderson's documentary, Love, Pamela, showed the audience how close she is to her children. The documentary touched on the recent resurfacing of her sex tape scandal due to the Hulu series Pam & Tommy. 

Industry Comeback

Poster for Pamela Anderson's Chicago
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Anderson didn't sanction the production of that story, but the rights weren't hers to distribute, which she found odd considering she was the subject. Her boys encouraged her to avoid the series and focus on her new project - Chicago on Broadway.

Helping Pam Through Tough Times

Dylan and Brandon watched the series and shared the story with their mother while uplifting her and reminding Anderson that they'll always protect her.

Seeing Her Through Broadway

The boys supported Anderson through her Broadway training and watched her conquer her fears as she returned to Hollywood in grand style.

Back On The TV

Drew Barrymore is so happy
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Meanwhile, Barrymore doesn't act anymore but focuses on making her daytime talk show successful. NBC renewed the show for a third and fourth season following its success in 2022.

Spreading Joy With Her Platform

Barrymore promised to continue spreading joy and telling happy stories with her platform. The Drew Barrymore Show hosts more than only celebrities but also regular folks doing great things.

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