The Cheating Rumors Behind Machine Gun Kelly's Guitarist Sophie Lloyd

Chisom Ndianefo
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
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The rumor mills sure have something to feed on following a cryptic message from Megan Fox amid break-up speculations with Machine Gun Kelly. According to the actress, her fiance may or may not have had something flirty to do with his hot female guitarist, Sophie Lloyd. Not to worry, we've got you covered with the juicy details.

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Megan Fox Left A Cryptic Post On Instagram

Megan Fox
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Fox posted a now deleted picture of herself in a sexy black outfit that hugged her curves and captioned it with lyrics from Beyonce's Pray You Catch Me track off her Lemonade album.

“You can taste the dishonesty/ it’s all over your breath."

The Post Sparked Up Cheating Rumors

Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
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The caption immediately caused a frenzy on social media as fans and followers alleged that Machine Gun Kelly may have cheated, and now there's trouble in paradise.

For context, the lyrics in her caption reference Beyonce discovering Jay-Z's infidelity.

Fans Flooded The Comment Section With Different Theories

Megan Fox
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Following the interesting slides of pictures, her followers took to the comments and predicted a Pete Davidson fling while some mourned the break up.

“If they broke up, i believe that love is fake."

Fox Replied A Curious Fan

Still on the comments, a fan then implied MGK had a fling with his famously hot guitarist Sophie Lloyd which Fox discovered and has now called it quits.

"He probably got with Sophie,” the Instagram user wrote, Fox then replied "Maybe I got with Sophie."

Fox Unfollowed Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox
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The 36-year-old didn't stop at uploading a very cryptic post, she also unfollowed the rapper, adding more fuel to the burning fire.

Fox Followed Eminem, And Others

As some form of protest or getting back at the rapper, Fox then followed Eminem who has an ongoing feud with MGK since the latter called his then-teenage daughter Hailey Jade hot in 2012.

She also followed Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet. Fans described her move as petty and also hilarious as everyone knows MGK will not be pleased with that move.

Megan Fox Deactivated Her Instagram

Megan Fox
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The Jennifer's Body actress then deactivated her Instagram account after deleting all her pictures with MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker.

Who Is Sophie Lloyd

Sophie Lloyd
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Aside from wondering if the breakup rumors are true, Fox left us with another puzzle to solve following her deactivation. Who is Sophie Lloyd?

The guitarist who got her big break as a YouTube sensation is a British rock and metal guitarist. According to her official website, she began playing the guitar at around 10 years old after listening to Led Zeppelin in the car with her dad.

MGK Announced Lloyd's Arrival To His Band Last Year

Sophie Lloyd
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The 32-year-old rock star announced the addition of Lloyd into his band ahead of his Mainstream Sellout Tour on Instagram in May 2022. She also confirmed the news in her own post, saying she's excited and honored about the opportunity.

What Touring With MGK Felt Like

The Band
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Following her tour with the rapper, she had this to say to NME last November.

“Touring with Machine Gun Kelly was amazing, It was like one big family, and I felt so comfortable and safe from the get go. I also love how he uses his music to tell a story and portray a message.”

Sophie Is In A Relationship

The guitarist has been in a five-year relationship with Christopher Painter, a drummer, and a sound engineer.

Celebrating Their Fifth Year Anniversary

The couple celebrated their fifth anniversary on Jan 20. 2022 and he showered praises on her in a sweet Instagram post.

No Public Pictures Together

While Fox may have developed a cordial relationship with every member of the band, Llyod and Fox have not shared any pictures of themselves on their individual Instagram pages.

Lloyd Shared Videos Of Herself Performing

The star usually posts pictures and videos of herself performing, and she posts a Metal Monday of her playing song covers every Monday.

Painter And MGK

Lloyd's boyfriend is close friends with MGK and has defended him plenty of times in the past.

A Supportive Partner

Painter has always rooted for his girlfriend and usually hypes her up during various shows on the Mainstream Sellout tour. He also thanked MGK for bringing Lloyd back in one piece after the US leg of the tour finished in September 2022.

Fears Of Toxicity

The actress allegedly expressed concerns over the toxicity of her and MGK's relationship a while back.

Their First Meeting

MGK and Fox
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MGK and Fox met on the set of their movie Midnight in the Switchgrass and began dating in May 2020 after Fox divorced actor Brian Austin Green. She then starred in MGK's Bloody Valentine music video.

Their Engagement

The power couple announced their engagement two years after dating in separate photos and videos of them under a banyan tree. Things were reportedly going well until this recent development.