Twitter Reacts to Rihanna Revealing Surprise Pregnancy During Halftime Show

Ashley Hunte
Rihanna showed off her baby bump during her much-anticipated Superbowl performance.
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Last night's Superbowl halftime show was momentous for more reasons than one. It marked Rihanna's return to the stage after more than five years of focusing on other business ventures.

But there was also another surprise that fans definitely didn't see coming. As it turns out, Rihanna is pregnant once again.

Speculation Began When The Star Teased A 'Special Guest'

Prior to the big night, Rihanna sat down with Nate Burleson. She teased that a "surprise guest" would appear during her halftime show performance.

Fans began speculating that she may be pregnant once again, but no one would know until the night of the Superbowl.

When Her Performance Finally Began, Eagle-Eyed Fans Noticed What Appeared To Be A Baby Bump

As Rihanna performed, fans took to Twitter to discuss what they thought might be a baby bump. Later on, a rep for the singer would confirm that she is, in fact, expecting her second child.

And She Wasn't Exactly Hiding It, Either

Rihanna, clad in a red jumpsuit with a red bodysuit underneath, revealed her pregnancy bump during the Superbowl halftime show.
youtube | NFL

During the opening moments of her performance, Rihanna can be seen opening her jumpsuit and rubbing her belly, indicating that her pregnancy with baby number two is well underway.

Rihanna was previously pregnant with her first child, whom she gave birth to in May of 2022. This will be her second child with partner ASAP Rocky.

See How Twitter Reacted To The News

Twitter completely blew up as more and more fans realized that the star might be expecting. In those first moments, there was a lot of confusion on the platform.

Before It Was Officially Confirmed, Fans Thought They Might Have Been Seeing Things

No one could quite figure out if Rihanna was truly announcing another pregnancy or not.

As The Show Continued On, More And More Fans Began Speculating

Twitter users took to the platform to express their utter shock at the idea.

But Once The News Really Hit, Fans Went Into A Frenzy

Fans have been waiting for Rihanna to release a new album, which would be her first in more than 7 years after the release of 2016's Anti. With her pregnancy announcement, fans have realized that they will have to wait a while still for the potential album.

Some Even Hilariously Blamed ASAP Rocky.

As the father of both of Rihanna's children, fans joked that ASAP Rocky is the reason she has not released new music.

Fans Also Recalled The Pre-Superbowl Interview.

While some correctly predicted Rihanna's surprise guest before the show, others began realizing that she had teased it during her talk with Nate Burleson.

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