Louisiana Sheriff Uncovers Domestic Tragedy After Man Tells Him of Four Bodies

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Lousiana Sheriff, Joe Lopinto, recently received a bone-chilling message from a resident earlier this month, alerting him to a potential murder/suicide in progress.

Despite the best efforts made by police and emergency crews, they were unable to arrive on the scene fast enough to stop a local man, Tim Ragas, from murdering his entire family before turning the gun on himself.

An Unimaginable Tragedy Has Taken Place Recently In Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

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Sheriff Joe Lopinto received a message alerting him to a potential murder/suicide earlier this month.

The Call Was Made By A Local Man, Tim Ragas

Home of Tim Ragas.
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"We can't continue to live like this," Tim's message to the police began. "You'll find four bodies when you get here."

Despite The Best Efforts Of Emergency Responders, Tim Was Pronounced DOA

Police standing outside the home of Tim Ragas.
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Tim died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but not before turning the weapon on his entire family.

Tim's Wife, Joanna Ragas, Was Also Found Unresponsive At The Scene

As were the bodies of her 20-year-old son, Eric Thorneblom, and the couple's 13-year-old special needs child, Timothy Ragas Jr.

During A Press Conference, Sheriff Lopinto Alluded That There Was Uncertainty Regarding How Events Transpired

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Mainly, the Sheriff couldn't confirm with absolute certainty whether or not Tim was the only shooter.

"Some Of The Information Could Make Me Believe That Maybe They Decided To Do This Together From The Parents — The Mother And Father."

Sheriff Joe Lopinto speaking with the media, outside of the Ragas home.
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There was some evidence to suggest that the couple was suffering grave financial woe.

20-Year-Old Eric Thorneblom's Body Was Found Alone In His Bedroom

Police gathering outside the Ragas home.
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The deceased couple and their young son were discovered in another bedroom, down the hall from Eric's.

Sheriff Lopinto Confirmed That Tim Ragas Used To Work In Law Enforcement

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However, he declined to mention where Ragas was employed, stating just that it had been many years ago.

At The Time, Police Couldn't Explain Why Tim's Call Went To Voicemail

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The situation was all the more peculiar, considering it was the second murder/suicide to take place in Jefferson Parish within 24 hours.

Less Than 12 Hours Prior, Police Arrived At The Boudoin Resident On Mesa Drive

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The bodies of Syril Boudoin, 21, and his younger brother Syrian Boudoin, 17, were discovered by their mother.

Just As Was The Case With The Ragas Family, Syril And Syrian Died Of Gunshot Wounds

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The younger brother, Syrian Boudoin, died as a result of being shot in the neck.

Whereas His Older Brother Died From A Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound To The Head

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Both of the deceased were discovered by their mother, at 9:30 PM on Wednesday, February 8th.

The Police Have Found No Evidence To Suggest That These Two Crimes Are Connected

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Still, the fact that two murders/suicides took place within a timeframe of 24 hours is a grisly coincidence, to say the least.

Police Encourage Anyone Struggling With Suicidal Thoughts To Seek Help

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You can dial 988, the national Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, to speak with a trained counselor. If you or anyone you know is facing a life-threatening emergency, be sure to dial 9-1-1.

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