Single Woman Takes Revenge on Bad Date By Posting Embarrassing Posters Around Sydney

Jordan Claes
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When you're living a single life, sooner or later, you're bound to encounter a bad date. Most people tend to treat bad dates as a learning experience, move on, and hope for a better result next time.

But one anonymous Bondi Beach resident was so offended by her date's despicable behavior, that she decided to detail the date in a flyer, which she then proceeded to post all over town.

The Dating Game Can Be Tumultuous At Times

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You've got to kiss a lot of frogs before finding your prince (or princess) charming, as the saying goes.

Recently, A Single Woman From Bondi Beach Experienced The Date From Hell

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In an effort to warn other women about her encounter, she decided to post flyers (written in the third person) all over Bondi Beach, detailing what took place.

The Anonymous Woman Met Her Prospective Partner At A Local Restaurant

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Shortly after arriving, her date insisted on ordering cocktails. When she refused to partake, he continued to drink alone.

The Mystery Man Then Proceeded To Order Expensive Food Items From The Menu

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Far more than necessary for just the two of them, she makes sure to point out. Shortly after that, things started to get uncomfortable.

"Throughout, He Suggested Going Back To Her Place, She said No As They Just Met," The Flyer Read

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Unable to take a hint, he started trying to kiss her while they were seated at the table.

Even Though She Repeatedly Shut His Advances Down, The Man Continued To Apply Pressure

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The anonymous man was dead set on going home with her or that she would be leaving with him.

"She Felt Pressured And Uncomfortable And Continued To Say No But She Suggested Staying And Getting To Know Each Other Better"

A man and woman out on a date; the man is looking at his phone.
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It was at this time that the man's attitude took a turn for the worse.

According To The Woman's Flyer, Her Date's Demeanor Suddenly Changed

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He suddenly became short with his answers, and his annoyance at her refusal to sleep with him became apparent.

All Of A Sudden His Phone Started To Ring

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Despite being in the middle of a conversation and having just ordered yet another drink, her date answered the call.

He Got Up From The Table To Make Sure She Wouldn't Hear Him Talking

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"He then walked out and disappeared. LEAVING HER WITH THE ENTIRE BILL," she wrote emphatically.

The Man's Immature And Rude Behavior Didn't Stop There

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When the woman tried to contact him, she realized that he'd blocked her number and her social media profiles.

"Ladies, Don't Let Him Do This To You," She Concluded In Her Note

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The woman also made sure to include pictures of the man, as well as his name, age, and general location.

There Were Those Who Took The Flyer As A Joke

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Some women said that her story reminded them of their own dating mishaps that they'd encountered over the years.

Then There Were Those Who Took A Different Approach

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Certain people accused the anonymous woman of pettiness, arguing that nobody should ever be shamed in such a manner.