T.J. Holmes 'Distraught' Over Predatory Accusations

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T.J. Holmes would like to be known for other things but not as a "predator." The news anchor has been the target of numerous accusations since his relationship with his former co-host came to light, particularly from those at his workplace.

However, T.J. Holmes is not pleased with how his alleged extramarital affairs have impacted his reputation.

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He's Completely Distraught

T.J Holmes
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Sources tell Page Six that he has been extremely distressed by the constant coverage of his numerous reported affairs at ABC.

"He's distraught … completely distraught. He has a daughter. He hates that he's been painted as this predator," a source revealed.

How He Keeps It Together

T.J. Holmes
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Since the allegations began, Holmes has been putting on a brave face. An insider said,

“You’d never suspect anything was going on, but we’re told it’s actually getting to him.

Fresh Accusation

A report on another of Holmes' alleged conquests among the ranks of network employees was included in a piece on "the rampant culture of sex" at ABC News that was published by the Cut on Tuesday.

She Bares It All To 'Cut'

T.J Holmes
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According to a woman who went by the pseudonym "Sasha" for the magazine, she and Holmes would have sex in his office when she was a low-level associate producer working the overnight shift.

She revealed to Cut that she "didn't even think about power dynamics" at the time because of the alleged lewd culture at the network.

Robach Was Friends With One Of The Accusers

We've learned that several women, including "Sasha," is accused of having sex with Holmes while they are at work.

Robach was close friends with a woman with whom he allegedly had a three-year relationship.

Amy Got The Bigger Check

With all these accusations flying around, it makes sense that he's distraught, considering he just lost his job at GMA with her partner Amy who reportedly just got a higher severance check than him. However, all concerned parties are keeping the specifics lip sealed for now.

Can T.J. Land Another Prestigious Job Like 'GMA'?

In the opinion of insiders, Holmes' alleged misconduct may make it challenging for him to land another TV job as prestigious as his position at "GMA3."

"He's taking his time after what just happened and trying to see what's up next. He's going to start looking for new jobs and will hopefully be OK," another source revealed.

The Start Of Their Affair

T.J. and Amy
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In 2020, T.J. and Amy began cooperating at GMA.

Their relationship became public in November 2022 while claiming to have already been separated from their partners.

Are They In A Relationship?

However, the anchor was recently seen in front of Amy's apartment, giving the impression that their new relationship was blossoming.

T.J. walked outside of New York City while sporting sunglasses.

Robach Was Married To Shue

Robach and Shue were wed in 2010.

The ex-couple later collaborated to write a book about combining their families, published in October 2021. Robach's last images of Shue were published in June 2022. Before officially announcing their split.

Holmes Was Married To Fiebig

T.J Holmes and his ex-wife Fiebig
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While Holmes in 2010, Holmes wed Fiebig. In January 2013, they welcomed a daughter named Sabine.

Not Holmes' First Office Romance

After Robach and Holmes' romance became public knowledge, it was discovered that this was not Holmes' first workplace romance. The morning show producer had an affair with the TV personality for a year and left in 2017.

They Had Been Close Friends

The co-hosts of GMA's lunchtime hour since 2020 have been "very close friends for years," but they became "even closer" as their working relationship progressed.

How They Flaunted Their Friendship

They were never afraid to advertise their on-air friendship, with Robach frequently posting Instagram pictures of the two matching on the set, covering various events, and more.

While there are a lot of certainties about the two, we would have to wait to find out.