22 year-old Tragically Killed In Hit-and-Run, Suspect On The Run To Thailand

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Accident scene
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According to authorities, a Michigan woman fled to Thailand on New Year's Day to escape the repercussions of a hit-and-run accident that killed a college student from a suburban Detroit neighborhood.

How Benjamin Met a Tragic End?

Benjamin Kable
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Benjamin Kable, 22, is accused of telling friends that he was kicked out of an Uber in the early hours of New Year's Day before being fatally struck by Tubtim "Sue" Howson, 57, as he walked home in Oakland Township.

Tubtim Opens Up To A Close Associate

The US citizen was born in Thailand, and according to a criminal complaint written by an FBI agent, she allegedly told a close associate after the crash that she thought she killed somebody and was going back there.

Her Response To Turning Herself In

Tubtim "Sue" Howson
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According to the filing, when the friend instructed her to turn herself in, she responded, "No cops, no cops."

Her Car Pieces Gave Her Up

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Four days after the collision, Howson has been implicated thanks to pieces of her 2016 white BMW 320i found nearby.

She Left The Country Before Becoming A Suspect

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The criminal complaint claimed that by the time she became a suspect, she had already left the country for Bangkok on a one-way ticket via Dallas and Finland, arriving in the Thai capital the same day.

She Has Been Charged

Tubtim "Sue" Howson, 57, was charged on Monday with a federal offense concerning her impromptu one-way trip to Bangkok on January 3. On February 2, a state complaint for failing to stop at a serious accident was submitted.

She Escaped To Avoid Imprisonment

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According to the filing, she was charged on Monday with a federal crime for leaving the country with "intent to avoid prosecution and imprisonment."

She had already been charged with failing to stop at a serious accident by the state.

The Deceased Father's Statement

According to Michael Kable, Kable's father, the suspect evading capture, "keeps the wound open."

Michael Kable Is Disappointed

Michael Kable
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“Losing your child is terrible, there’s so much grief associated with it and having the hit-and-run aspect to it just makes it even worse,” he said. His son, a “gentle soul,” was home for the holidays at the time. “Finding out that the person fled the country basically to avoid any consequences for their action is disappointing,”

He added.

He Wonders How Tubtim Sleeps At Night

“I just don’t understand how you can live with yourself, the way you did it,”

the grieving dad also told Fox 2 Detroit.

The Lack Of Empathy

Benjamin's dad can't seem to understand why humans lack empathy and humanity as he continues;

“Just the lack of empathy and humanity it would take and then just plot your getaway.”

Leaving It All To Justice

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According to Michael Kable, ongoing efforts are being made to extradite the suspect from Thailand, which has an extradition agreement with the US. The grieving father added he was leaving it all to justice.

“All we can do is cross our fingers that we get some justice,”

Her Husband Was Not Aware

According to the station, Howson lived just half a mile from the crash site with her husband and children.

More than a month after his wife took off abroad, her husband was still at home on Wednesdays.

He claimed to Fox2 that he was "not even in the country" at the time of the accident and that it was "not my fault."

The Sheriff Urges Thai Government To Help

Thailand Flag
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The sheriff, a former majority leader of the state Senate, urged the Thai government to deport the woman so that she could pay for her crimes.

“I call on the Thai government to extradite her so we can hold her accountable for her actions involving this young man’s tragic death."

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