Breaking the Code of Silence: Woman Accidentally Farts In Front Of Husband

Ashley Hunte
A woman hiding her face in her hands in shame.
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The human body is weird, wonderous, and oftentimes kind of gross. But the good news is that everybody is gross in the same way -- namely, we all pass gas, whether we want to or not.

For one woman, though, burping and farting aren't an option. At least, not in front of her husband. The woman, who goes by "Sam," told Kidspot that her husband, "Rob," has a huge problem with women burping or farting. Things got complicated when she accidentally let one rip in front of him.

Sam Has Been With Rob For Over 9 Years And Married For 6

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She wrote that she and her husband share a lot of things. But for Rob, flatulence of any kind is a big no-no.

Sam notes that, while he's mainly disgusted by women farting and burping, he doesn't like it when men do it, either.

Neither Has Ever Farted In Front Of The Other

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After being out to a bar with friends and witnessing one of them burp, Rob told Sam how disgusted he was. From there, she decided to never fart in front of him.

But One Day, She Let One Slip

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One evening, after having a pizza dinner, Sam accidentally farted in bed while Rob was in the room.

According To Sam, It Was Pretty Bad

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"Yep, the worst flatulence scenario happened, I farted, and it wasn’t a small or inoffensive smelling one either," she writes. "In fact, it was probably one I’d be embarrassed about even if I was alone in the toilet."

Her Husband's Reaction Was Very Bad

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Sam shares that her husband was completely disgusted, and even told her so.

He Continued To Berate Her For The Act

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"'Farting is the most unladylike thing a woman can do, especially in front of her husband,' he continued, turning away from me, revolted."

Embarrassed, Sam Apologized The Next Day

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While her husband accepted her apology, Sam noted that he wasn't "over" the offending fart.

He Would Even Remind Her Of His Disgust In Different Ways

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Sam noted that Rob would point out whenever women burped or farted in movies, and talk about how disgusting it is for women to do that.

Sam Continued To Try And Smooth Things Over

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But she writes that she felt her husband couldn't get over it. She'd made numerous attempts to get him to move on but to no avail.

Ashamed, Sam Decided To Turn To A Friend For Help

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She'd had a conversation with a friend, and told the friend what had happened. Afterward, Sam asked for advice.

But Her Friend Had A Different Reaction

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Much to Sam's surprise, the friend was pretty disgusted by Rob's behavior.

The Friend Told Sam That She'd Done Nothing Wrong

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Sam notes that the friend simply talked about how burping and farting are natural parts of any human body.

This Was Not The Reaction Sam Was Hoping For

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She writes that her friend didn't offer any "helpful" advice, and felt that she didn't understand Sam's relationship with Rob.

For Sam, This Matter Is Pretty Important

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She says, "It is really the only thing that is a big deal for him, and while others may say it isn’t important, for me it is because for my husband who I love and who in every other way is so wonderful, thinks it is."

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