Harrison Ford Rejects Public Opinion At 80

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Actor Harrison Ford

American actor Harrison Ford doesn't care what people think about him. The Hollywood icon made this known during a recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter, further solidifying him as the legend many have known him to be. Here are the details.

Harrison Speaks About Being In 'Shrinking'

At 80, Harrison is still tackling physically challenging and swashbuckling roles. The 1923 star currently plays a therapist on the Apple TV+ show Shrinking. He didn't hold back while revealing his genuine thoughts about the project during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Harrison Talks About Therapy 

Discussing therapy, Harrison confessed that his opinion was not of the profession but of the practitioners. According to the actor, there were many types of therapy, and he was certain many were useful to different people.

Harrison Knows Who He Is

Harrison then revealed he wasn't anti-therapy for anyone except himself, explaining that he knew who he was at that point in his life.

Harrison Says He Didn't Learn Anything New 

Afterward, the interviewer asked Harrison if he had acquired any new knowledge about acting while working on Shrinking, as it was his first television comedy. In response, the actor disclosed that he didn't learn anything. 

"Would it be arrogant to say I didn't learn anything?" Harrison asked. 

Harrison Explains Why

Harrison Ford when he was younger
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Here's what Harrison said:

"It's about being in the room where it all happened and being appropriate to the circumstances and welcoming the opportunity to generate something with a little spontaneity and a measure of truth."

Harrison Connected With His Character

Harrison also admitted that he connected with his character in the show but chose not to elaborate on how. The actor noted that there were family issues in the project that were relatable to him, so he found some emotional reality to it all.

What Is 'Shrinking' All About?

Shrinking is an American comedy-drama series created by Jason Segal, Brett Goldstein, and Bill Lawrence. The show tells the story of a grieving therapist, Jimmy Laird, who lost his wife and wants to try a new approach to his loss.

More About The Plot

Jimmy begins to breach ethical barriers by telling his patients what he thinks, resulting in massive changes to his and their lives. Harrison plays Dr. Paul Rhoades, a therapist, and Jimmy's colleague, in the movie.

When Was The Series Released?

The series was released on January 27, 2023, with the first two episodes premiering together and the rest coming out weekly. Shrinking has been widely received, getting an approval rating of 78% on Rotten Tomatoes.