Zac Efron Responded After Podcast Host Revealed Intimate Details

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Zac Efron
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Hollywood star Zac Efron responded to the news of his sex life being outed by an ex-lover. Efron's intimate lifestyle was discussed on a podcast run by Perrie Kap, an Australian model, and some of the claims were quite 'intimate'.

The Podcast Conversation

Zac Efron
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After Kap shared her claims on her podcast, This One Friend, Kyle Sandilands, who was a friend of Efron discussed what was said, and showed him some support. Sandilands discussed the rumor on his The Kylie and Jackie O Show, and shared that Efron was aware of what was said about him.

He Thanked Sandilands

According to DailyMail, Sandilands made it known that on the day she discussed Perrie's claims on her show, Efron had been listening, and after seeing her support, he called to thank her.

During the episode, the 51-year-old defended the Baywatch actor by stating that there was nothing wrong with a grown man wanting to express his sexual desires through oral sex. He added that most women, in fact, desire for their partners to carry out such more often.

On How Efron Showed Appreciation

Zac Efron
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Addressing his co-host, Jackie O Henderson, Sandiland recalled the day they discussed how "some podcast chick" was revealing Efron's intimate choices. He proceeded to explain how The Greatest Showman star responded by stating, "Well Zac is in Melbourne and he was listening to us on the [iHeart Radio] app and I got a text afterward from him saying, "Thanks for having my back, bro."' Henderson proceed to ask his co-host if Efron had been sarcastic, but Sandiland noted that it was for real.

What Did Kap Say?

According to Kap, a friend of hers once dated the High School Musical star, and he allegedly enjoyed getting involved in oral sex. The podcaster stated that her friend was one of those people who think out with a lot of celebrities, and once "hooked up" with Efron. Kap recalled pressing the said friend for information about Efron's private life, and she got a shocking response.

The Friend Found It Annoying

Zac Efron
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The fashion model stated that her pal found Efron's alleged penchant for oral sex annoying. She noted that he always wanted to "go down" on her. Kap added that that was how the conversation ended, and she never got to a follow-up on why her friend found it annoying. Kap's friend remained unknown since the revelation.

Efron Has Been Conversant With Australia

In the past few years, the 35-year-old has spent a lot of time exploring Australia. For the most part of the COVID-19 pandemic, Efron lived in Byron Bay, New South Wales. During that period, he was romantically involved with part-time model, Vanessa Valldress.

His Love Life In Australia

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By July 2020, Efron and Valdress went public with their relationship. The pair had been captured sharing a kiss at Byron Bay's General Store & Cafe. The model worked there as a waitress.

They Went Around Together

Soon enough, fans started spotting her with him on different occasions. She went all around with the actor in Australia while he worked on several projects. This was from late 2020 to early 2021.

When Did They End Their Relationship?

Zac Efron
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Towards April 2021, the couple's appearances dwindled and it was revealed that they had called it quits. Sandilands announced the breakup on his KIIS FM radio show. He noted that he spoke with the Neighbors actor, and he confirmed it.