Unexpected Brain Surgery For 'Little People, Big World' Star Zach Roloff

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Tori and Zach Roloff
instagram | Tori Roloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World star Zach Roloff's family and friends were under serious pressure when the reality TV star recently had to undergo emergency brain surgery. But now, they can all heave sighs of relief as Zach's wife, Tori, revealed via a social media that her husband is recovering well. Here are the details.

Tori Shared Pictures Of Zach From The Hospital

On Thursday, Tori took to her Instagram page to detail the scary 72 hours that had transpired as she shared snapshots of her husband from his hospital bed, seemingly taken after his brain shunt revision procedure.

Details Of The Snaps

The pictures featured Zach with a bandage wrapped around his head with numerous wires attached to his chest. However, the television personality appeared to be in good spirits as he gave a thumbs-up to the camera while wearing a subtle smile.

Tori Added A Lengthy Caption 

Tori added a lengthy caption explaining the situation to accompany the heartwarming pictures. The mother of three began by noting that Zach's visit to the hospital was not how they envisioned their week would go.

Tori Revealed Zach Was Doing Well

Next, she revealed her husband's surgery, adding that, although it had been a scary 72 hours, Zach was doing well and recovering. Tori, then, thanked everyone for the prayers, noting that they were felt. She thanked the neurosurgery team for their attentiveness to Zach's needs.

Tori Showed Appreciation

Tori's appreciation didn't stop there as she thanked her friends and family, who reached out asking for help. According to her, they felt so loved and supported by those people. Tori concluded her write-up with a prayer for Zach's quick and easy recovery.

Tori Was Proud Of Zach

She also hoped that the shunt revision procedure would be the solution to relieving Zach's recurring migraines. To wrap it up, Tori expressed pride in her man for handling the surgery like a Rockstar and concluded with a bible text from Jeremiah 17:14.

Tori Announced Zach's Surgery

On Wednesday, Tori first informed her followers about Zach's surgery via her Instagram story. She apologized for missing a social media engagement before revealing they discovered Zach's shunt needed repair.

Tori Asked For Prayers

Afterward, Tori explained that initially, she didn't want to announce the news but needed prayers. The prayers were very important for Tori because she and Zach were nervous, even though the doctors said it was a routine surgery.

Zach's Parents Shared The News

Following Tori's announcement, Zach's parents, Matt and Amy, also shared the news, seeking support and prayers. Thankfully, it all turned out well in the end, and the public wishes Zach a speedy recovery.