Andrea Yates' Ex-Husband Plead For Leniency Towards Lindsay Clancy

Chisom Ndianefo
Family picture of Lindsay Clancy
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The Duxbury nurse, Lindsay Clancy, who attempted murder-suicide, is facing the death penalty as the police charged her with multiple felony charges. The public is clear on its opinion of the triple-homicidal mother, but she has one surprising advocate. No, it's not her lawyer but another victim of a homicidal mother.

Who Was Andrea Yates?

In 2001, Andrea Yates made headlines after confessing to drowning her five children. More than 20 years later, another mother was on the line for killing her three children, and Yate's ex-husband, Russell, wanted people to sympathize with the accused.

Living With A Mental Illness

Russell explained that post-partum psychosis is terrible, and there's nothing Clancy's husband could've done to save her. Despite divorcing his wife, Andrea, a year before a court overturned her guilty verdict, Russell praised her parenting abilities.

Russell Advocated For Clancy

Russell described Clancy as a good mother who has postpartum psychosis, so she shouldn't face criminal charges. He described the condition as living in a nightmare overlaid reality.

Mental Illness Defense At Play

Clancy complained about the side effects of the post-partum drug
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Clancy's defense attorney, Kevin Reddington, is pleading "Not Guilty" by virtue of insanity. He has evidence that the accused reached out to her physician about the negative side-effects of the postpartum depression drugs.

Shaky Defense

Unfortunately, Clancy didn't get a formal diagnosis, so the Department of Justice didn't buy the defense. Also, the facts of the case show a carefully planned murder as she tricked her husband into leaving the house to give her time to kill the children.

Clancy Faces Multiple Charges

Clancy allegedly strangled two of her children while the medics found the third child, an infant, Callan, still breathing. Unfortunately, he didn't survive in the NICU, and his death piled more charges on Clancy's case.

Andrea Yates Lives In A Psychiatric Facility

Close up of Andrea Yates' mugshot
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Russell's ex-wife, Andrea, lives in a psychiatric facility and hasn't left since the day she checked in following her release from prison.

A Good Person In A Bad Situation

Like Russell, Clancy's husband, Patrick also wanted support for his wife as he opened a GoFundMe page for her. He said the same things as Russell about his wife by describing her as a good person in a bad situation.

A Prayer For Lindsay Clancy

Patrick's final words about his wife amidst funeral plans for his three children included,

"The real Lindsay was generously loving and caring towards everyone... All I wish for her now is that she can find peace."