Mother Fought Back: School Criticized For Confiscating Daughter's Pig Drawing

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Kids' drawings are never accurate depictions of reality but they get creative and that's all that matters unless a tie looks like a penis. A TikTok user voiced her concern after a school teacher seized her child's drawing of a pig because it looked like a penis.

A Michigan Scandal

The TikTok user, Sierra Carter, a Michigan resident said a teacher from her her 11-year-old daughter's school, Hanover-Horton Elementary School, called her saying there was disturbing news.

The Offending Picture

Upon discussing with the teacher, Carter learned that the object of contention was an art piece. Her daughter drew a pig waving its arms with a speech bubble saying "Hi" but its clothing sparked concern.

See Piggie Below

The tutor said the pig's bowtie looked like a penis which was not only inappropriate but worrisome for a pre-teen. TikTok users asked to see the picture before making a judgment.

A Prank Gone Wrong

One of the users said a child in class probably identified the innocent bowtie as a penis and everyone else ran with the mischievous identification.

Users Advice The Mother

Another user told Carter to make it into a t-shirt and turn the sad situation into a positive money-making venture.

The Only Good Thing

Carter took the monetizing advice and made Piggie into a t-shirt. $10 of every sale is going to her daughter as they save up for future purposes.

The Picture Was Going On Record

Towards the end of January, carter updated her TikTok followers about the case saying the school decided to leave the picture in her daughter's file as a bad record.

Carter Was Wary Of The Board

She was not sure about the outcome of the meeting, although Carter confirmed that the superintendent attempted to take a neutral stance. However, she was worried they'd side with the school as part of the system.

Are They Bad Parents?

Carter said she wasn't sure they'd issue her and her family an apology, but she felt the tutors and school handled the situation wrongly. They even called a social worker to review their ability to cater to their child.

The Superintendent Took Sides

Further update on Carter's TikTok said that the superintendent sent her a lengthy email saying they wouldn't remove the artwork from her child's file. They acted how she imagined and supported the school over the children and parents.

Going Viral

Since the superintendent and the school refused to take the artwork out of Carter's daughter's file, the case has become viral as the family spoke to news outlets and geared to take legal steps.

The Adults Projected Their Feelings

Carter's last update was the news interview she did with Channel 6 where she described the situation as older people projecting their thoughts onto a child.

Criticism On The Wrong Person

Carter also added that if her daughter drew a bow tie as a "bow" and a "tie," but someone else identified it as male genitalia, it was that person's problem, not her daughter's.

Justice For Her Daughter

Carter wants Justice
Unsplash | Maria Oswalt

As a child with no history of inappropriateness, Carter felt the school treated her daughter unfairly and wants justice.

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