Niamh Finneran Loader's Autopsy Finds No Clear Cause of Death After Bali Dental Procedure

Chisom Ndianefo
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The death of Australian student Niamh Finneran Loader, who mysteriously passed away in Bali during a health trip, still baffles her family. The 25-year-old traveled for dental work but didn't return home, causing her parents to file a missing person report.

The First Autopsy

The authorities found the 25-year-old dead in a Bali hotel on December 2nd. After more than two months in the cold freezer, a Bali hospital, Sanglah Hospital, ran an autopsy to determine the cause of her death.

Workers Found Her Dead Body

The Kuta-Bali Famous Hotel had hired some engineers to work on the air-conditioning in Loader's room when they found her lifeless body.

Results Remained Inconclusive

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Unfortunately, the results didn't clarify her family, as the Police Chief in Despansar, Bambang Yugo Pamungkas, ruled it inconclusive. The forensic pathologist couldn't interpret the comprehensive examination clearly as the toxicology and pathology tests differed.

Authorities Investigate Her Death

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Before the autopsy, the police investigated Loader's cause of death and interviewed everyone who contacted her within days of her death. They spoke to her dentist (she originally traveled for dental work), the hotel staff, and eight other people, including a tattoo artist.

More Inconclusive Reports

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The doctors said they couldn't disclose more information about Loader's death because of medical secrets. So, her parents expected to learn more from the autopsy but got a similar response with the "non-conclusive verdict."

Her Father Speaks

Loader was a graduate student in the department of International Relations at the University of Western Australia. She didn't intend to stay long in Bali as the dental procedure was quick.

According to her father, Malcolm Loader, Niamh called home and told them she was pleased with the dental procedure result.

Waiting To Further Her Studies And Career

Instead of traveling immediately after the procedure, she waited to attend the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation event in February after receiving an internship. Unfortunately, she didn't make it into 2023.

An Impactful Life

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The Foundation is sad to miss the graduate student, as a spokesperson described Loader as a bright student who was intelligent and dedicated.

Before her death, the 25-year-old started a campaign and wrote a piece urging the Australian government to ban facial recognition on social media apps.

Dealing With Loss And Ignorance

The family hopes the authorities will do another autopsy and give them closure. Unfortunately, that'll take some time, and until then, they'll have to mourn the loss of their daughter alongside the not knowing.