Damar Hamlin WILL Play Professional Football Again, Confirms NFL Players Union Doctor

Jordan Claes
Damar Hamlin throwing up "three's" with his hands, wearing a green hoodie and a bucket hat.
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Football fans all across the world are resting a little easier. After what for many appeared to be a life-ending injury, Buffalo Bills' Safety, Damar Hamlin, looks to make a full recovery.

The news was first broken by Dr. Thom Mayer, Medical Director for the NFL Players Association, who said that he doesn't just believe Hamlin will play again—he guarantees it.

The Bills Mafia And NFL Fans Are Celebrating A Major Win.

Damar Hamlin sitting on a boat.
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After suffering what appeared to be not only a career-ending, life-altering injury, it now appears that Bills' Safety, Damar Hamlin, is slated to make a full recovery.

The News First Broke During A Recent Episode Of SiriusXM Doctor Radio's 'Heart to Heart' program.

Dr. Thom Mayer, Medical Director for the NFL Players Association, said that he expects to see Damar Hamlin back on the gridiron as early as next season.

"I Guarantee You That Damar Hamlin Will Play Professional Football Again," Mayer Told Listeners.

Mr Kim saying "100% guarantee," on 'Kim's Convenience'.
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This assertion breathes a giant sigh of relief into the hearts and minds of countless NFL football fans all across the country and beyond.

While Playing In A Monday Night Primetime Game Against The Cincinnati Bengals, Damar Took What Looked Like A Routine Hit To The Chest.

Damar Hamlin training on the football field.
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Afterward, the 24-year-old DB rose to his feet, stumbled for just a moment, and then collapsed unconscious onto the field.

It Took Medical Crews More Than 10 Minutes To Remove Hamlin From The Field.

Damar Hamlin smiling for the camera, wearing a blue hoodie, a brown toque, and a black winter jacket.
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During that time, CPR was initiated twice by EMTs. Once Hamlin became responsive, he was driven out of the stadium in an ambulance.

After A Harrowing 24 hours, Damar Awoke In Hospital With Only One Question For His Doctor:

Scene from 'One Day At A Time'. A girl with pigtails and a blue sweater says, "Dude, you won at life."
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"Who won the game?" Damar wrote on a dry-erase board.

"You did, Damar," his doctor replied. "You won the game of life."

In The Wake Of Damar's Accident, The Outpouring Of Support From Fans Was Unlike Anything Ever Seen.

Shortly after Damar's accident, his Charity Toy Drive was discovered by a group of fans. At the time, Damar had a goal to raise $2500 to buy toys for kids during the holidays.

Within 24 Hours, Donations Totalled More Than $5 Million.

Damar Hamlin and his family giving the heart sign with their hands from his hospital room.
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Today, the final tally comes in at a whopping $8.6 million. Damar recently announced his intention to partner up with The Giving Back Fund—a non-profit organization designed to help athletes and celebrities manage their charitable donations.

This Past Super Bowl Week, Damar Made A Surprise Appearance In Phoenix.

Damar Hamlin sitting on his couch, holding a giant check.
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It was announced that Hamlin was the recipient of the NFLPA's Alan Page Community Award. In recognition, the NFLPA will donate an additional $100,000 to Damar's charity, Chasing M's.