Amy Robach Negotiates A Better Deal With ABC Than T.J. Holmes

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Since their affair came to light, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes were fired simultaneously from their positions at ABC News. However, they didn't leave with the same amount of money in their pockets! As sources on Page Six claim, Amy left with a larger severance package.

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Keeping The Settlement Specifics On Low Key

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On Wednesday, sources told Page Six that the settlement's specifics remained secret. While they all received favorable deals, one insider noted the following:

“Amy’s been at ABC a lot longer and has a much bigger contract [than T.J.].”

Why She Might Have Gotten A Higher Paycheck

T.J. joined the network in 2014, but Amy has been there since 2012. While they shared many duties as co-hosts of GMA3, sources told the outlet that Amy also served as one of the hosts of 20/20, a position she "worked hard to get." She had to leave behind two important jobs, meaning she likely received a larger payout.

Did They Sign An NDA To Keep The Specifics Quiet?

Amy Robach
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According to Page six and other sources, the pair most likely received little to no additional compensation beyond what they would have been entitled to under the terms of their contracts going forward. However, they added,

“It’s possible they could have gotten paid slightly more to sign an NDA — and to keep the peace.”

Was It Worth It?

Even though it has been reported that the anchors are happy with their final payment from ABC, sources close to both are still perplexed and wonder if it was worth it.

Are They Still Together?

It seems they have kept the relationship going despite losing their jobs. On February 6, Robach turned 50, and Holmes was seen out purchasing expensive jewelry, including a ring from Tiffany & Co., probably as a gift for the occasion.

Andrew Shue Wants Nothing To Do With Ex-Wife

Robach's milestone birthday would have gone hand in hand with the 13th anniversary of her marriage to former Melrose Place heartthrob Andrew Shue, who "wants no part of their mess," according to a source who spoke to Page Six.

When Their Affair Broke Out

The two news journalists, who were legally married to other people, were thrust into the national spotlight when allegations of an affair became public in November 2022.

Holmes And Robach Have Split Up From Their Respective Partners

Amy Robach with her ex-husband and T.J Holmes with ex-wife
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Robach has been wed to actor Andrew Shue since 2010, and Holmes wed attorney Marilee Fiebig in 2010. Before Robach and Holmes got together, both couples were reportedly split up, according to reports that have surfaced since the news broke.

Holmes Was Accused Of Having More Affairs At Work

Amy Robach
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An unidentified ET interviewee claimed that Holmes had relationships with other coworkers. The source did not identify the second person but claimed that Holmes had at least one other romantic partner.

Although they haven't addressed the problem, we're curious about what's next for the couple.