People in Arranged Marriages Share What It's Really Like: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Ashley Hunte
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Arranged marriages happen pretty much all over the world; from South Asia, to North Africa, to right here in the US. There are a lot of myths, assumptions, and preconceived notions surrounding arranged marriages, especially for those of us who aren't in the know.

But actually experiencing one is a whole different story. People all around the internet share their arranged marriage experiences, both positive and negative. In this list, we'll take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.

1. Arranged Marriages Aren't Forced Marriages.

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Though it's true that some forced marriages end up being arranged marriages, many people incorrectly use the two terms interchangeably. In fact, marriage arrangements often involve the inputs of prospective brides and grooms.

There's Also A Lot Of Agencies In The Matter

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Many men and women who participate in arranged marriages prefer the traditional "marrying for love" method. At the end of the day, they can say no if it doesn't feel quite right.

2. Couples Love Sharing Their Stories.

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Users on internet forums like Reddit and Quora share their personal experiences with arranged marriages.

Reddit user Drdontlittle shared that he and his wife, both doctors, got together from an arranged marriage. He married someone he'd never try to ask out on his own because of it, saying, "I panicked when it started and I nearly ended the engagement because I thought we were so different how this could ever work."

But They Ended Up Being A Very Good Match.

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"She awakened my sleeping lively side," he continued. "She brings joy and fun to my life to the extent that I get depressed if I don’t see her face in the morning. I love her totally."

He Never Would've Thought He'd Be Good Enough To Even Date Her.

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"Now our life is looking up as I just got a residency and I tend to think that is due to the luck brought to me by her.  I had an arranged marriage freaked out a bit in the beginning now she is my life."

3. Some Even Found Luck With Arranged Marriages After Failed Relationships.

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That's not to say that an arranged marriage is better than choosing a partner on your own, but for some, it worked out a lot better.

An anonymous user talked about how he married a woman, but they got divorced after a few years.

He Then Ended Up Getting Set Up By His Parents.

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"Well a year from then, my parents told me about this girl they knew and thought if I’d be open to considering her for marriage, the user wrote. "I decided to give it a try and my family approached her for marriage and we are so happy now."

4. These Days, Arranged Marriages Have Modernized Themselves.

A man intently looking at a book as someone asks, "want me to do some matchmaking?"
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There are actually hundreds of matchmaking sites and apps for prospective spouses to weed out potential matches (oftentimes with the help of their parents). This is just one of the ways that the process has been embraced in the 21st century.

5. Though, It Has Its Downs, Too.

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An anonymous user shared how their friend was actually tricked by a woman he'd met on a matchmaking app. The user said they "Got married and brought her to the US and she divorces him in 2 months."

She Ended Up Not Being Interested In The Slightest.

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"Turns out, the girl married him only because he was from the same city as her boyfriend who couldn’t afford or wasn’t able to get her a visa. He used him to get into the country and then split."

6. Some Families Have Strangely High Expectations.

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While many women feel empowered through arranged marriages, some become subject to families' really strange expectations. For instance, some women needed to "prove" their literacy skills.

The Talko highlighted a number of these kinds of stories.

A User Explained How Her 'Match's' Parents Made Her Read.

Several books open to pages; the text is too small to read.
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"One of them asked to me to read a few lines from the book they had gotten along with them. Logic: To check whether I stammer, check my voice, and see if I am educated enough or am I lying about my credentials! Sigh!"

Another Shared A Strikingly Similar Story.

A grad holding up their convocation gown with a golden tassel.
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"On the day of visit, they were allowed to talk separately. After few questions, he became suspicious of her educational background," the user wrote.

He Demanded Proof...

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"To validate it, he took out his mobile, opened one newspaper app (The Hindu), and asked her to read top story for him. To avoid getting rude, he made excuse of forgetting his spectacles somewhere."

Another Woman Had To Prove She Has Good Writing.

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"After asking her to remove her shoes to check her real height, the boy's family asked Rohini to write a page long essay on her job. They wanted to check if she had good handwriting. Plus they wanted her to fill out the page to check its consistency," a separate user shared.

7. Education Wasn't The Only Expectation To Worry About.

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A user shared how their friend, Kruti, was rejected from a family for being left-handed: "‘Kruti is lefty, we don't want a lefty progeny.’"

A Woman Was Even Rejected For Wearing Glasses.

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The user shared how their family and a guy's family were setting up a marriage, only for the guy's family to cancel: "When asked for the reason, they say that the girl had 'GLASSES' and the girl wasn't wearing them when they met.

"Apparently, she was wearing them when she Skyped with the guy and the guy had mentioned the same to his parents. WTF! We often laugh when she puts on her glasses."

8. Some Families Have Weird Rules Surrounding Menstruation.

A box of menstruation pads.
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A user was told that she'd have to stay in a separate room while menstruating, and wouldn't be allowed to work. "She was even subjected to hilarious trivia quizzes before being asked to ‘gift’ a car and jewelry because, apparently, only houses and money are counted as dowry."

9. The Marriages Themselves Don't Always Start Out The Easiest.

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An anonymous Quora user shared how, growing up in a sheltered home, he agreed to an arranged marriage just to make his parents happy. But when they married, he wasn't very attentive to his wife at first.

He Would Forget Her Birthday As Well.

A plate with desserts on it, as well as "happy birthday" written in white chocolate.
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But she remembered his, and even made him a special dinner. "I was both overjoyed and ashamed. Ashamed because I never remembered her birthday and overjoyed cause, she is a good cook and the romantic touch added extra flavor to everything," the user wrote.

He Began To Value Her After That.

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"For the first time, someone apart from my parents did something special for me," he continued. "I hugged her and told her this. I saw she was happy to hear this. That day I truly felt to be married to her. Then I also realized, I was in love with her."

10. For One User, Her Marriage Became Better After Their Kids Were Born.

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"Love in arranged marriages often happens after marriage but in my case, it happened after we became parents," a user named Yashodhra Dahiya wrote.

In Her Marriage, She Had To Deal With An Inattentive Husband.

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Her in-laws were also quite rude to her. The user explained that her marriage started off very rocky, and initially got worse once she had kids.

She Was Left To Take Care Of Her Kids And House On Her Own.

A woman happily holding her newborn baby.
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And when she asked her husband for a maid, he refused.

But things changed after she'd gone to see her sick mother, and he followed and begged her to come back. From there, their marriage was happier than ever.

11. For Some, The Parents Might Get In The Way.

A woman holding several large cards that each read "no."
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An anonymous Quora user shared how she met her husband through a matchmaking site: "By the time we decided to be life partners, something went wrong. Our parents were unhappy with the proposal. They had their own reasons - some valid ones, some insecurities. And, ultimately, the parents decided not to get us married."

But They Weren't Giving Up That Easily.

A determined woman saying, "And I'm not going to let anything get in the way of making it amazing."

"It took us more than an year to fix everything up - right from wedding arrangements to making our parents happy," she continued.

In The End, The Parents Agreed.

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"But all the efforts are worth taking. We are 3 months married now! Happy that we could make it. Happy that our parents are also glad with our marriage."

12. But Many Other Times, The Parents Work In Your Favor.

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A Reddit user on a throwaway account shared, "After I had finished school my parents approached me and asked if I was ready to marry, I disagreed and so they left it (I was 18 - almost 19) When I was 21 I was approached by my parents again asking me if I was ready, this time I said yes."

Her Parents Would Come To Her With Potential Matches.

A bride holding a pink and white floral bouquet, which is the main focus of the shot.

"... I rejected two without a meeting because from what I heard I wasn't interested the third I said yes to, he and his family came to our house and sat and talked with my family over lunch, I however wasn't in the same room as them as I felt too awkward."

She Became More And More Interested With The Man.

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"After a about a week or so he proposed through family I wasn't sure so I didn't give a reply for about 3 weeks after that and when I did it was a yes."

It Worked Out For Them, And They Got Married.

A bride and groom holding hands while inside of an old building.
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"We're like any other couple now we're completely happy with each other. And we're scarily really compatible in the things we both like or don't like and agree or disagree with," she said.

13. One Woman Found A Diamond In The Rough.

An animated hand swiping on men's profiles on a parody app of Tinder.
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A user named Rachna Seth shared her story to Quora, mentioning how she'd been on a matrimony site after being encouraged by her brother. But, she wasn't really into the process and angrily responded to all of her potential matches.

She Got Plenty Of Replies, Too.

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"But one reply stood out… due to its sheer simplicity," she wrote. "It was a two liner. Just a thanks for my interest and a brief intro."

She Was Intrigued, And They Ended Up Hitting It Off.

Two hands making a heart with one another in front of a sunset overlooking water.
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"When did I fall in love? When I first spoke to him and realized that he’s a genuine, honest soul? Or when he went down on his knee to propose to me… after our marriage was finalized?"

She Shared How They Continued To Get Closer After Being Married.

Two people holding hands while wearing traditional Indian wedding outfits.
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"Being in his life, sharing ups and downs with him and facing challenges together brings immeasurable happiness," she said. "... Some joys just have to be felt.

14. Some Of Them Felt Like Destiny.

Two wedding rings and a bouquet on top of a record and turntable.
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For Reddit user mrsheikh, the marriage worked really well. He shared that he entered an arranged marriage due to his mother's insistence: "My Mom had been eyeballing my future wife for years since her family was friends with our family. I knew that my Mom had been looking at this girl for me, but I never took it seriously and played it off."

He Met His Wife While In Pakistan For A Visit.

The white and green flag with a white crescent moon and star on it that represents Pakistan.
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The user lives in the US, but is Pakistani. At 21, he met his wife, who was 18 at the time. His parents asked if he wanted to marry her, but the user was hesitant at first due to being so young.

But He Eventually Said Yes.

A couple in wedding clothes sitting and laughing in a couthouse.
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"The NEXT day...we had a engagement ceremony. We then found out that in order to get the paperwork for her visas and stuff to come to the US, we had to be SIX days later, we get a court marriage for the paperwork."

But Their Marriage Was Built To Last.

A couple holding hands and standing by a cliff.
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"Been 21 years, two kids, and three house...still more love with her each day. We still laugh at each others jokes, we miss time apart. We are still crazy for each other to this day."

15. For Some, Their Parents Ended Up Being The Blueprint.

The top of a wedding cake with a topper that reads, "Mr. & Mrs."
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A user called wazzem33 shared their parents' story, mentioning how they were in a strange, arranged marriage.

The Parents Were Part Of A Korean Cult.

A woman in white and a man in blue holding hands on a beach.
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"The process was you go to South Korea, get separated into your age groups, and Rev. Moon (the guy everyone was following, the leader of the church) would simply point to two people. You, and you. Boom. Together for life," the user said.

Their Marriage Worked Surprisingly Well.

Two people standing side by side, their hands linked by their pinkies.
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"I am one of four kids, my parents have been together 28 years, they never fight, they get along and balance each other out well."

The User Shared That Others In The Church Did Not Fare As Well.

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Some ended up in unhappy marriages, while others married people who didn't speak the same language as them.

But This User Felt That Their Parents Put The Work Into A Loving Family.

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"So all up I say my parents got lucky, they work at their relationship hard and have found success," the user said. "It didn't work out for all so easily."

16. Some Marriages Involved Catalogs.

A scrapbook open halfway through, showing some of the pictures inside.
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User ittakesaredditor shared how their aunt and cousins were each set up in arranged marriages, and it involved the user's grandmother finding matches for them.

The User Broke Down The Process.

A woman cheekily saying, "this is a big decision."
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"Basically, from what I remembered since I was involved in my aunt's many attempted arrangements, a matchmaker would show up and basically give grandma and aunt a photo book of guys with details like age, where he lived, occupation, his family background, number of family members, if he were the oldest/youngest in the family," they said.

Each Marriage Ended Up Pretty Different.

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"Aunt ultimately settled for the one guy she could tolerate, he's soft spoken and bends over backwards for her and their kid."

One Cousin Even Found Love.

A heart made of string lights on a beach.
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Of that cousin, the user wrote, "they dated and married like most normal couples so it was essentially an introduction."

Meanwhile, "The other cousin seems to live pretty much independently of her husband, but it works for them."

17. For Many People, Parental Input Is Important.

Several women with their hands out, each one showing off intricate henna tattoos.
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Reddit user DNA_ligase shared, The success of an arranged marriage depends a lot on the two parties' relationships with their parents. If your parents are close to you and know you very well, and are honest about your good points and bad points, it can go at least as well as any other marriage, or even better."

Their Parents Were In An Arranged Marriage That Worked Well.

A diamond ring on top of dark red roses.
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The couple's parents knew each other, but not well. Still, the user said that, "[The mom] liked my dad enough, and they had tons in common." So, they got married.

It Has Its Ups And Downs.

A couple hugging each other as the sunset casts a shadow on them.
Unsplash | Travis Grossen

The parents fought a lot when immigrating to America, but still got along really well. They even endured when the mother had a stroke.

The User Also Recognized That It Doesn't Work Out For Everyone.

Two golden rings sitting on top of thin ice.
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"Arranged marriages can go wrong, but recovery can happen if the families recognize that the marriage was a mistake--not everyone shuns the divorced," they said.

The User Shared Another Story Of A Friend Of Their Parents.

A blurred image of a woman alone at night.
Unsplash | Jr Korpa

The friend was misled by her husband's family, and ended up in an abusive marriage. She ended up getting a divorce.

The user ended by saying, "Don't get me wrong, divorce is still a major taboo in the South Asian community, but many of us don't take too kindly to abusive situations."

18. Arranged Marriages Offered Some A Second Chance.

A man kissing his infant son, who is laughing happily.
Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

User AK840 shared how he was pressured into pursing an arranged marriage after having left a serious relationship. But it worked out for him, and he's happily married with a child.

The Parents Wanted The User To Meet The Woman.

Two people sitting at a table, each holding a coffee cup.
Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

He did, and described his experience as follows: "We met and chatted for a few hours and then spoke maybe a couple of times on the phone before we agreed to get married."

He Admitted He Wasn't Totally Convinced.

A man bowing his head in his hands in deep thought.
Unsplash | Jack Sharp

"At that time, I had a lot of doubts about this working out, but we seem to be very compatible in many ways, more so than in any of the relationships I'd had."

19. Some Marry After Hardly Knowing The Person.

Two hands attempting to reach out to one another.
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Redditor stripedglasses shared how she and her husband got engaged after only having spoken to one another twice.

Their Engagement Was Difficult Because Of Distance.

A woman sitting alone, staring at a setting sun as it casts a shadow on her.
Unsplash | Dingzeyu Li

They lived on opposite ends of their country, and had to compromise a lot in order to make their engagement work.

But In The End, Their Marriage Worked Out Well.

A woman wearing a pink dress and red flowers standing next to a man in a wheelchair and floral suit jacket.
Unsplash | Ellie Cooper

"I am 19 years old and when I tell people I'm married they are very taken aback. Just yesterday a girl told me that my life is over. But I have to say that I have never been happier," the user said. Though, they'd only been married a month at the time of writing.

20. A User Shared Their Jewish Perspective.

A family dressed in Orthodox Jewish attire while walking through a park.
Unsplash | Maayan Nemanov

While people typically think of South Asian and Muslim cultures when they hear of arranged marriages, there are so many more cultures that use the practice. Reddit user Yserbius shared how the process goes in Orthodox Jewish communities.

In Fact, People Only Date To Marry.

A table set for two, with wine glasses, string lights, and flowers.
Unsplash | SJ 📸

The user shared how "Dates are arranged by family/friends with the explicit purpose of checking each other out to see if they are viable marriage partners without any physical contact."

They Get Engaged After A Period Of A Few Months.

The feet of a bride and groom, each wearing formal shoes.
Unsplash | Marc A. Sporys

"It varies from family to family, but there are some people that are expected to decide after only a date or three," they wrote.

However, The User Noted That These Relationships May Not Truly Count As Arranged Marriages.

A couple dancing while wearing wedding attire.
Unsplash | Alvin Mahmudov

They continued, "I am not sure if there are still fully arranged marriages, since Jewish law explicitly forbids it, but I do know that back in Europe, many families would arrange for the bride and groom to meet once on the day of the wedding to get around the restriction."

They Also Noted That The Divorce Rate Is Low.

A couple wearing white in happy embrace.
Unsplash | Jonathan Borba

While divorces still do happen, the user claimed that the vast majority of marriages in their community are happy.

21. One User Offered An Honest Look.

A married couple drawing a heart in wet sand.
Unsplash | Nick Karvounis

User craniocaudal was honest when assessing their parents' marriage, which was arranged decades prior.

When They Were Deemed Compatible, The Parents Continued To See Each Other.

Two hands holding opposite sides of a black paper heart.
Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

"They'd see each other several times over the coming year or two (writing love letters too!) and finally an engagement was set," the user wrote.

And After 25 Years, They Were Still Married.

Two people holding hands while standing outside in front of trees.
Unsplash | Jonathan Cooper

The user continued by saying, "Are they happy? Honestly, yes and no. They still enjoy each other's company but they've sadly nevertheless become two very different people."

22. Couples Often Won't Get Along.

Two people yelling and pointing as if arguing.
Unsplash | Afif Ramdhasuma

Arranged marriages are supposed to emphasize compatibility, but that doesn't mean every couple will get along. A Redditor using a throwaway account shared, "We actually don't [get] along. Our personalities are complete opposites."

They Have Much Different Preferences.

A woman looking out of a window in a dark room.
Unsplash | Diego San

"I personally like it [quiet] around home and have time to myself, but my husband likes to have guests all the time and it is really annoying," the user said. "Not to mention that he is messy while I like to keep stuff clean and organized."

23. For One Woman, The Marriage Was A Nightmare.

Two attached wedding bands sitting on top of a table covered in lace.
Unsplash | Sandy Millar

A woman named Zarghuna Kargar shared her story with The Guardian, discussing how her arranged marriage did not work out nearly as well as she'd hoped.

Zarghuna Shared The Pressure She Felt From Her Parents To Marry.

A groom placing a wedding ring on a bride's finger as she holds a rose bouquet.
Unsplash | Saeed Sarshar

She shared that, as a young woman of Afghan descent living in the UK, her parents expected her to go along with an arranged marriage. "So I decided, I'm a good Afghan girl, I'm going to do it the Afghan way," she said. "And we got married. The whole time it was a horrible feeling."

Her Marriage Lasted Three Years.

A woman in a dark room holding her hands over her face.
Unsplash | Melanie Wasser

She recalled it beginning poorly, because she did not bleed during their first night together. Zarghuna was afraid that her husband didn't believe she was a virgin before marriage.

But In The End, They Really Didn't Get Along.

A person holding their head in their hands in frustration while standing in front of a window.
Unsplash | taylor

Zarghuna's husband was not abusive, and neither was really that interested with the other to begin with. She eventually asked her husband to leave.

At First, He Tried To Protest.

An animated ghost saying, "I don't think I like you!" and a second one saying, "Aww baby! It's mutual."
Giphy | Unpopular Cartoonist

But in the end, they divorced, and Zarghuna's ex husband ended up getting remarried. For Zarghuna, the entire marriage was a nightmare.

24. Sometimes, The 'Arrangement' Is More Of A Push.

A woman nodding as she says, "she's meeting new people, that's good for her."
Giphy | TV Land

A Redditor named extremely_apathetic shared her own story, noting that, as an Indian-American girl, she had trouble getting the attention of boys in her area.

She Tried Matrimony Sites, But Nothing Clicked.

A woman somewhat ruefully saying, "I don't think this works."
Giphy | Strays

Eventually, her father sent her a profile that he thought she'd like. "I was not at all interested," she said. "So, I pretended to be my dad and sent an email to his dad. His dad (who ended up being him) responded to my dad (me) that we should talk."

She Sent Him A Message, But Didn't Hear Back From Him For Months.

A planner open to a page showing an unknown month.
Unsplash | Eric Rothermel

According to the user, he wanted to start the New Year of 2010 with her, so he waited to respond. "We talk on email for a bit. Then the phone. Visit in February. Married in March."

And The Rest Is History.

A happy family consisting of a man, woman, and young girl.
Unsplash | Kadyn Pierce

"We have a six-year-old son and he and my husband are my world. So, quasi arranged. And I’m so grateful to my father for finding this man for me."

25. Others Had Less-Than-Ideal Experiences Before Actually Getting Married.

A white rose sitting on top of white tulle.
Unsplash | Kerri Shaver

A Reddit user named lexcorp_shill shared her own experiences. While she didn't end up in an arranged marriage, as an Indian-American, she had been part of the process.

For Her, The Experience Was Pretty Negative.

A woman holding the bridge of her nose in frustration.
Giphy | The Bachelor

"My issues as a whole with arranged marriage are with how the family is always involved and there’s no room for me to be myself," she wrote.

The Parents Were Also Often Overbearing.

A woman rolling her eyes and holding her head in frustration.
Giphy | Lifetime

She continued, "You’ve got to always be alive to the possibility that anything you say will be discussed by their whole family and they will talk about it with yours."

Eventually, She Married For Love.

A bride and groom embracing as the sun begins to set.
Unsplash | Jakob Owens

She met and fell in love with a non-Indian man, and they eloped. She ended her story by saying, "I guess everyone ends up justifying their choices to themselves irrespective of what it was, so I don’t know. But it feels unlikely I would have found happiness with arranged marriage."

26. For Many, Love Takes Time To Grow.

Two gold rings sitting on top of a rock.
Unsplash | Denny Müller

A user called ambrn shared how her family set her up with a family friend: "My family and my husband’s family had been friends for almost 10 years, but because both of our families are of the conservative-Muslim type, we never met or spoke to each other."

They'd Spoken On Skype Twice.

A woman in a hijab laughing while looking at her laptop screen.
Unsplash | Good Faces

Next thing the user knew, she was engaged to the man. They were married six months after that.

The User Shared That She Was Not In Love With Her Husband At First.

Two hands holding one another in front of a white backdrop.
Unsplash | Roman Kraft

"I liked him well enough and I knew that I would fall in love with him given time," she said, also noting that it was strange to be intimate with him at first.

But Their Marriage Only Got Stronger.

A couple walking along a cliff at sunset.
Unsplash | Caleb Ekeroth

"I wouldn’t change a thing about how I got married because whatever happened, it’s led to the beautiful, supportive, and loving relationship we have today," she wrote.

27. For Many, The Marriage Just Worked.

Two people in Indian wedding attire holding hands.
Unsplash | Pablo Heimplatz

A user named city_of_stars wrote, "We’ve been married for close to twenty years. Both of us are very happy in our marriage."

Of Course, They Had Ups And Downs Too.

A woman looking at a man as he says, "there were definitely some bumps."
Giphy | TLC

"Obviously nothing is 100% perfect, we argue from time to time like any other couple. But she’s been a supportive, wonderful companion for all of those years and I like to think I’ve been the same."

28. Some People Knocked It (Until They Tried It).

A man in a helicopter saying, "Absolutely not."
Giphy | FaZe Clan

A Reddit user called Samip19 shared that he was against the idea at first: "I grew up in the US and was so AGAINST an arranged marriage. It’s been 10 years this Dec 26 since I met her."

They Worked Despite Their Differences.

A newlywed Hindu couple wearing Indian wedding attire and sitting happily together.
Unsplash | Sabesh Photography

"You learn to love this new person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. I’m Hindu, [I] drink [and] at meat, but my wife does none of that, yet we find common ground to meet on."

It Was More Or Less A Dream Come True For Him.

A man and woman hugging on a beach as a sunset casts a shadow on them.
Unsplash | Jonathan Borba

"I am always learning new things about her even to this day. It’s definitely a plunge worth taking. It’ll never be perfect, but it’s way better than I thought it would be."

29. There Are Quite A Few That Ended In Tragedy.

A large pile of USD $1 bills.
Unsplash | Alexander Grey

A Redditor who goes by masoomDon shared a story of someone they knew: "The guy pretends to be very well off and swimming in money, when in reality, they were barely scraping by, gave false information about business and stuff ..."

The Man Ended Up Getting Married.

A black and white image of two wedding rings next to a tray with an ornament in it.
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Somehow, he managed to scam a woman into marrying him, and their wedding happened quickly. But according to the Redditor, things ended up pretty badly.

As It Turns Out, The Woman Was Trying To Scam The Man.

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"Turns out, the girl was scamming the guy as well – she has a bunch of life-threatening illnesses which require very expensive medical care ..." It seems it didn't work out for either of them.

30. Some Couples Ended Up Settling.

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For many of us, the idea of having to settle is pretty scary (and some might rather just be alone). While some arranged marriages work really well (or really poorly), other couples simply settle.

A Redditor named _onthebackburner shared their parents' story, and it didn't seem great.

According To The User, Their Parents Got Married Because It Was Expected.

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"Since they lived in India at the time, and arranged marriages were the norm, I don't think they thought too much of it," the user said. "Well, my dad does say he really didn't want to get married and was sort of forced into it."

They Spent Some Time Apart When The Dad Moved To The US.

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He couldn't move his mom with him, so she stayed behind for a few years. But the user shared that they're still married.

They Don't Seem To Be In Love.

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"I wouldn't say they're in love by the standard Western definition but they do respect each other," they wrote.

It Seems That They Just Stuck It Out.

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"Sometimes they hold hands but pretty sure they only had sex to procreate and they never kiss. But they think it's the best and that they have a great relationship."