Woman Loses Her Fiancée's Trust By Pressuring Him To Help Her After Gaining A Fortune

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Romantic relationships come with their ups and downs from time to time, and many would agree that to a large extent, finances play a huge role when it comes to making or breaking one's love life. A Reddit user who is at a crossroads in his relationship shared his story concerning the financial issues he was facing with his fiancée.

The Redditor Has Been Engaged For Two Years

The Reddit user, who described himself as a 31-year-old male, reached out to the AITA subreddit, opening up on how things have gone sour in his relationship. He revealed that he and his 34-year-old fiancée have been engaged for two years, and they are not in a hurry to tie the knot.

His Fiancée Was Dealing With Huge Debt Issues

While the original poster and his partner seem to have a relatively regular love life, the latter has been struggling to pay off debts. The Redditor revealed that the issue started after she graduated college. However, her parents extend a helping hand and she paid off some debts.

The Lady Is Addicted To Shopping

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According to the Reddit user, his partner is addicted to shopping, and most times she would purchase unnecessary items. He stated that unknown to him, she had three credit cards, and she often maxed them out. The Redditor's fiancée worked as a nurse and when she got her paycheck, she would use it to pay off her debts but this did not stop them from piling up.

How The Issues Started

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The young man made it known their current rift started when they were on vacation. He revealed that during their getaway, they decided to have some fun at a casino, and he put in a substantial amount of money to play. He ended up winning a large jackpot, and this was a way to pay up their mortgage and some bills. However, his fiancée had another idea of how to spend the money

She Wanted Him To Pay Off Her Debt

The Redditor stated that his fiancée started begging him to clear off her debts with the jackpot money, but he was concerned that she would fall back into debt. He told her his concerns, and that resulted in an issue. The OP revealed that his partner started giving him the silent treatment, and wanted to address nothing except the money issue.

They Invited Her Parents Over

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When the couple returned home, they invited his fiancée's parents over the dinner, and she told them how much he won. Her parents were so glad and they assumed that he would pay off her debt. They asked him if he would, and he told them he wanted to settle the mortgage, his car loan, and other bills.

Her Parents Bought Her Idea

He relayed that he loved his fiancée but was not just comfortable with her debt management skills. The Redditor added that ultimately his partner's parents thought all his money belonged to her because he was going to become her husband.

Things Went Awry

He refused to give into the pressure of paying her debt while moving on to deposit the money. His fiancée's next line of action was most astounding. He revealed she trashed their entire room while searching for the money. She did not know that he had deposited it.

The OP's Concerns Are Mostly Channeled At Her Tendency To Go Back Into Debt

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He shared that he was worried about clearing her debt, and how she could go back into owing large sums of money. He noted that he did not trust her with the huge amount of money. Addressing other Redditors in the concluding part of his write-up, the Redditor wanted to know if he was wrong. Here's how netizens reacted.

OP Is Advised To Consider Calling Off The Engagement

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One Reddit user quoted a part of his write-up, as they highlighted some issues. The user suggested that he end the engagement because of her bad money habit and because she trashed their home.

OP's Fiancée Is Said To Have An Addiction

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One Redditor related to the habit of spending on unnecessary things, but they noted that the Reddit user's fiancée maxed out three credit cards and that could mean she has a shopping addiction.

NTA-OP's Fiancée Cannot Be Trusted

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Someone stated that the fact that she trashed the room could mean she was an addict, and it was time for the OP to cut ties with her. They also noted that she had financial issues and cannot be trusted.

OP's Fiancée Needs To Focus On Clearing Her Debt

A fourth Redditor suggested that the OP's fiancée should cut up the rest of her credit cards leaving one, and making sure to pay up her debt.

Lots Of Red Flags

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The OP is advised to draw his attention to the red flags his fiancée was displaying. One of these was how she trashed his house, and another was how she was fine stealing from him.

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