Producer Dax Tejera Leaves Behind Devastating Impact in NYC Hotel Room Tragedy

Jordan Claes
Dax Tejera standing in a field in Scotland.
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The truth regarding the tragic passing of ABC producer, Dax Tejera, has finally been brought to light. What was at first characterized as a heart attack has been found to be a blatant misrepresentation of facts.

Dax died as a result of alcohol intoxication while dining with his wife and friends. To make matters worse, Dax's children were left alone during this whole ordeal, while their mother monitored them via webcam.

The Truth Behind ABC Producer Dax Tejera's Passing Has Been Brought To Light.

Dax Tejera holding a glass of champagne in a restaurant, wearing a blue suit jacket and tie, with white dress shorts.
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According to reports made via the New York Post, alcohol was the main contributing factor in Dax's death.

The Official COD Was "Asphyxia Due To Obstruction Of Airway By Food Bolus Complicating Acute Alcohol Intoxication."

Dex Tejera and his wife, Veronica, on a beach.
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The 37-year-old producer, known for his work on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos, was dining with his wife prior to the incident.

Dax And His Wife Met With Friends At Bobby Van’s 230 Park.

The calm before the dinner rush at 230Park.
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Shortly after their arrival, a staff member noticed that Dax appeared to be out of sorts, which prompted their server to check on him.

"So, Before Anyone Ate, Just After The Server Brought The Orders, He Asked, ‘Are You OK, Sir?'" A Staff Member Said.

George McFly asking Lorraine, "Are you OK?" in 'Back To The Future'.
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After shaking him off, the clearly intoxicated Tejera got up from the table and made his way toward the restroom.

At The Last Moment, Dax Made A Right Turn In The Restaurant And Exited Through The Front Door.

Dax Tejera and his wife, Veronica, on a walking bridge in Singapore.
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Realizing that something was awry, the server made sure to follow Dax in order to ensure that he was alright.

Shortly Afterward, Dax Collapsed In A Corner, Adjacent To The Restaurant.

Dax Tejera and his wife, Veronica, inside a busy restaurant.
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Employees and onlookers rushed to his side and alerted medical professionals as quickly as possible.

When Dax And His Wife Arrived At The Hospital, Things Went From Bad To Worse.

Dax Tejera holding his baby in a carrying case in St. Barth.
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Shortly after Dax was pronounced dead, his wife was arrested on-site. It turns out that she and Dax had left their two young children alone in their hotel room.

The Recently Widowed Mother Of Two Was Slapped With Child Endangerment Charges.

Older male police officer saying, "You're under arrest."
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However, Dax's widow, Veronica, insists that she was, in fact, monitoring her two children the entire time.

While The Couple Dined, Veronica Was Allegedly Watching Her Kids Via A Camera On Her Phone.

The children in question were a five-month-old infant and a two-year-old toddler.

According To Veronica, She Tasked Her Parents And A Close Friend With Looking After The Children After Dax Was Admitted To The Hospital.

A racing NYPD squad car.
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Veronica said in a statement:

"The hotel would not allow my friend in and instead called the NYPD."

Initially, ABC News President, Kim Goodwin, Claimed Tejera Had Died After Suffering A Heart Attack.

Whether this was a case of misinformation or a blatant attempt to sweep the truth under the rug remains uncertain.

Tejera First began Working With ABC News Back In 2017.

Dax Tejera drinking espresso.
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The promising young talent began working as a senior producer and joined Stephanopoulos' show in early February 2020.

Tejera Attended Dartmouth College And Graduated With A Degree in History.

He later attended Columbia University and excelled after being accepted to their school of Journalism.

Prior To His Work With ABC, Tejera Began His Career Working For NBC News.

Dax and Veronica Tejera taking a selfie together.
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Dax's legacy lives on through his colleagues at ABC, and his memory will never be forgotten by friends and family members who knew him best.