Ageless Beauty: Susan Lucci is 76 and Looks Fabulous

Fatima Araos
Closeup of Susan Lucci
Getty | Amy Sussman

Now, that’s how you age gracefully!

Susan Lucci took to Instagram recently to share a stunning closeup photo, and it’s amazing how youthful she looks at 76! She’s so gorgeous with her glowing complexion and lush hair while smiling at the camera and holding a cup of coffee.

'Day Of Running Errands'

The All My Children alum wrote in the caption, “Day of running errands—and meeting a friend for coffee—wearing my silver and gold ‘empower you heart’ necklace by @tiary ♥️♥️,” along with the hashtags #honoryourheart, #live, and #love.

The Special Meaning Behind Her Necklace

Her 'Tiary' necklace has a special meaning behind it. She designed it herself to help raise funds for the American Heart Association’s research efforts. Tiary will donate 25 percent of sale profits to the organization’s Life is Why campaign.

She's An Advocate For Heart Health

Susan Lucci posing in a pink one-shoulder dress
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Heart health is something Lucci cares deeply about, after she landed in the emergency room with chest pains four years ago. The health scare came as a surprise because she had always followed a mostly Mediterranean diet and did Pilates every day.

Her Heart Trouble

Susan Lucci in orange dress speaking into a mic
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She said she experienced intense pressure on her chest but ignored the symptoms at first.

'You'd Never Think I Was A Heart Patient'

Susan Lucci posing in a pink satin gown
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“Even my cardiologist said that to look at me, you'd never think I was a heart patient,” she told People.

She Nearly Had A Heart Attack

Closeup of Susan Lucci
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When she had herself checked, they found that she had a 90 percent blockage in her main artery and got so close “to a fatal heart attack,” and that the condition was genetic – her dad’s side had a history of heart problems.

She Had An Operation

Susan Lucci posing in white off-the-shoulder dress
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Just last year, she experienced problems again and it was discovered she had an 80 percent blockage due to cholesterol. She had an operation to put in a stent – her third after the first two inserted during her previous scare.

The Death Of Her Husband

In March 2022, two months after her operation, her husband of 53 years, Helmut Huber, passed away – an event that plunged her into deep grief.

People Should Also Be At The Top Of Their 'Own To-Do List'

“I lost the love of my life and that's been awful,” she said. But she continues to heal and advocate for health by being an ambassador for the American Heart Association. She said that while it’s important to take care of loved ones, people should also be at the top of their “own to-do list.”