Megyn Kelly Spoke Out About Madonna's Grammys Look: 'Sick Person Who Needs Help'

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Everyone has an opinion on Madonna's Grammys look, and Megyn Kelly is dropping her two cents. The TV personality had the harshest words for the pop legend, calling her a sick person who needed help.

Kelly Rips Madonna Apart

Kelly's gripe with Madonna started with the pop star's choice to get cosmetic surgery. The podcast host noted that the Like a Prayer singer looked unrecognizable with her ginger red hair, chubby face, and pale appearance.

A Disturbing Observation

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The TV personality said on her show, The Megyn Kelly Show,

"This is an unwell person who we featured at the Grammys the other night, and I don't know if it says more about our society, or about celebrity, but it's disturbing me at the core."

Kelly Wanted Madonna To Age Gracefully

Despite getting cosmetic surgery through Botox injections years ago, Kelly, 52, believed she was not as far gone as Madonna, 64, nor did she think she'll ever get to that point. She thought Madonna altered her appearance to please people, which made her uncomfortable.

Not Alike

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Kelly admitted she's ten years from Madonna's age but believed she'll age "gracefully," something she didn't think the singer does. Madonna pushed back at critics like Kelly in her latest Instagram post about her appearance.

The Wrong Attention

Madonna chastised people who focused on her appearance instead of her uplifting speech to Sam Smith and Kim Petras. Then she accused the camera people of distorting her face purposely to get a reaction.

Caught In The Crosshairs Again

Madonna in the Eighties
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Madonna described it as being caught in the glare of ageism and misogyny as people often scrutinize and bully women for growing older. Considering the same people would be harassing Madonna if she didn't get cosmetic surgery, she found their criticisms hypocritical.

Getting Ready For A World Tour

Madonna is preparing for her Celebration Tour as she celebrates four decades of musical success. So, the singer reminded her critics that she never cared about people's thoughts on her creative choices and wouldn't start caring now.

Forever A Trailblazer

Madonna laughing at the Grammy Awards
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The singer is proud of her ability to trailblaze for younger artists who've broken through glass ceilings and are unapologetically themselves. Madonna said,

"I have been degraded by the media since the beginning of my career but I understand that this is all a test and I am happy to do the trailblazing so that all the women behind me can have an easier time for years to comes."

Adjusting To Society's Standards

Madonna in the Eighties
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Considering Madonna's backlash for her Grammys appearance and the way society treats older women in entertainment, it's easy to see why she got cosmetic surgery to stay facially young.

Read her full caption in the post below.