Iconic Michael Jackson Music Catalog Could Sell for Record Price!

Ashley Hunte
Three Michael Jackson album covers featuring the artist at various stages of his life.
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The King of Pop may have passed well over a decade ago, but his musical legacy remains as strong as ever. According to a report from Variety on Tuesday, Michael Jackson's estate seems to be nearing a deal to sell a portion of his musical catalog for some serious cash.

Speaking with Variety, multiple sources revealed that the deal, which would include up to half of the late singer's musical repertoire, could be between $800 and 900 million.

This Deal Would Go Beyond Just Music.

A marquee sign showing Michael Jackson's Thriller.
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The supposed deal is to acquire half of the estate's musical interests, including published and recorded music, the upcoming Michael biopic, MJ: The Musical, and possibly other assets.

Sources Allege That The Deal Is Being Done With Sony.

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Though nothing has been outright confirmed as of yet, sources state that the deal would take place between Jackson's estate and Sony music, as well as "a possible financial partner."

This Is Far From The First Music Catalog Sale.

Justin and Hailey Bieber attending the Grammys red carpet.
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Just last month, Justin Bieber sold his musical catalog for $200 million.

Sony Music Has Been Involved In Numerous Musical Catalog Deals In The Past.

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According to Variety, Sony music previously bought Bruce Springsteen's catalog for an estimated $600 million, though the exact price was never confirmed.

If This Deal Goes Through, It Would Be The Largest In History.

Michael Jackson eating popcorn during the Thriller music video.
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If Sony music were to acquire the shares in Jackson's catalog for $900 million, it would be the largest deal of its kind on record.

Michael Jackson's Musical Career Was Incredibly Successful.

A gif of Jackson in a white and blue suit, shaking his head.

Both as part of The Jackson 5 and as a solo artist in his own right, Jackson has had a record-shattering music career over the course of his life.

He Had A Number Of Hit Singles.

A gif of Jackson doing his famous moonwalk dance move on stage.

The artist, who passed away in June of 2009 at age 50, had 13 singles reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100, which is the third-most for any artist.

He Was Also A Best-Selling Artist.

Michael Jackson dancing with zombies in the Thriller music video.
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Jackson has sold an estimated 400 million albums throughout his career. 1982's Thriller was the first album to reach 30-times platinum.

In Addition, A Biopic Depicting Jackson's Life Is In The Works.

Michael, a film that would be part of Sony Music's deal, will star Jackson's nephew, Jaafar Jackson. Jaafar is the son of Jermaine, one of Michael's brothers and another former member of the Jackson 5.

Jaafar announced the news via Twitter on January 30th.

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