Interior Design Critics Slam British Woman's Bathroom as 'Dangerous'

Ashley Hunte
A black and white bathroom with several different patterned tiles all over the floor and walls.
Daily Mail | Facebook via Daily Mail

No matter how nice a room looks, it still needs to function. The prettiest space is ultimately meaningless if you can't actually use it the way you're supposed to.

A British woman recently showed off her bathroom redesign, only to be met with a less-than-stellar reaction online. In fact, other commenters, many of whom were interior designers themselves, slammed the space for being pretty dangerous.

This Month, A Woman Posted Pictures Of Her Newly Remodeled Bathroom To Facebook.

The Facebook app icon with 3 notifications. The pictures of the bathroom were uploaded to this app.
Unsplash | Brett Jordan

According to the Daily Mail, the woman's en suite bathroom had been renovated and enlarged using a small library adjacent to the space.

She posted the pictures to an interior design Facebook group.

The Woman Proudly Showed Off The Space.

The bathroom in its entirety; a black and white space with chrome finishes and multiple chandeliers.
Daily Mail | Facebook via Daily Mail

The bathroom is large, with a toilet and L-shaped vanity on one side, and a shower and bathtub on the other side. The floors are covered in black and white checkered tiles, and the walls have black, white, and gray tiles, as well as beaded accent walls.

While The Woman Was Excited, The Internet Was Not.

A gif of a man in a taco-patterned jacket, shaking his head in disappointment as the camera zooms into his face.
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For starters, many took issue with the bathroom's layout. As the Daily Mail pointed out, the toilet is next to the door, which differs from most bathroom designs.

But The Worst Part Of The Bathroom Was The Bath/Shower Area.

Red circles point out the problem areas in the bathroom; the patterned tiles obscure steps up to the shower and bath, as well as the alcoves for the window and cubby in the shower.
Daily Mail | Facebook via Daily Mail

It can be somewhat difficult to spot at first, but the bathroom's shower and tub each have steps leading up to them. One step goes to the shower, while multiple lead up to the tub.

Users who'd commented on the original Facebook post, including some who claimed to be interior design experts, felt that these were safety concerns.

The Stairs Were Cause For Concern For Most.

A yellow wet floor sign on a floor that's covered in grey tiles.
Unsplash | Justus Menke

"I twisted my ankle, tore my ACL, and broke my neck just by looking at this travesty," one commenter wrote.

Another wrote, "Why are the stairs even there? Even if you could see them through the optical illusion, you would still trip and fall."

However, That Isn't The Only Issue With The Bathroom.

A hole in a cartoon metal wall with water gushing out of it.

The Daily Mail was also quick to point out that the shower had no glass doors or curtains separating it from the rest of the space. This would likely result in water all over the bathroom.

Which Would Evidently Make The Space Much More Dangerous.

A warning sign for uneven steps that shows a person falling on stairs.
Unsplash | Nico Smit

More commenters reacted to how dangerous the bathroom seemed based on the image.

"Not to be dramatic but I can already picture all the ways I would slip to my death in this bathroom," a user wrote.

The Installers Later Fired Back At The Negative Response.

A man shaking his head as he says, "I know what you're thinking. But it's safe. Completely!"
Giphy | Better Call Saul

The installers argued that, though the bathroom may seem dangerous, it's perfectly safe.

They Wrote Their Own Comment About How The Bathroom Is Safe.

A bathroom with black and white tiles, similar to the ones in the Facebook post.
Unsplash | Hédi Benyounes

They wrote that the steps were regulation size, and made with tiles that would prevent dangerous slips.

They Pointed Out That The Steps Are Still Very Visible.

An alternate look at the bathroom, showing the end with the toilet and sink.
Daily Mail | Facebook via Daily Mail

"Having been in the room personally it's very clear where the steps are - again maybe not so visible through the camera angles," they wrote.

In an alternate picture of the bathroom, the steps are much more visible, though it could still be confusing for some.

They Also Stated That They Did What The Client Wanted.

A man exasperatedly saying "that's what I want."
Giphy | Big Brother Australia

The woman's bathroom was designed according to her taste, steps and all. The installers were clear that they took her vision to heart.

Though They Did Admit That It Wouldn't Be To Everyone's Tastes.

A woman walking with a phone, and a man walking beside her saying, "I'm an acquired taste."
Giphy | CBS

"You're either going to love it or hate it. But either way it's a monster of a bathroom and the workmanship that has gone into it is second to none," they commented.

While Many Did Not Like The Bathroom, There Were Still Plenty Who Did.

A man emotionally holding champagne and saying, "It's perfect."
Giphy | CBC

A commenter wrote, "I absolutely love it. It's a masterpiece and that bath is something else. I want one!"

Others Could At Least Appreciate The Effort.

Phoebe from Friends clapping as she says, "Well done. Bravo!"
Giphy | Friends

Another commenter said, "The vision they had is wild. But the job looks to be well executed! Good job."

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