Priscilla Presley and Bam Margera - Celebrity Buddies?

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Priscilla Presley
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Priscilla Presley and Bam Margera's link-up is one of the most surprising pairings of the year so far. Unlikely celebrity pairings happen all the time, but it's never less shocking, and this one isn't any different.

Fun With Friends

Margera shared a three-slide post on his Instagram feed showing himself hanging out with fellow celebrities, and Presley made the front page. Their picture set the ball rolling on the internet as people wondered about the connection between them.

Fans Are Concerned

Close up of Bam Margera
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The retired skateboarder-turned-stuntman sparked concerns with his post due to his recent alcohol and drug addiction struggles. He shared more pictures, but they're now deleted from his Instagram feed.

Friendship Through Family

Presley and Margera's connection comes through her son, Navarone Garcia, whom she had after her divorce from Elvis. Considering they're both dealing with tumultuous times, fans wondered if it's the best time to link up.

Both Friends Have Personal Struggles

Margera allegedly broke his sobriety streak after years of staying clean, while Priscilla was embroiled in some legal battles with her grandchildren. The actress was challenging her late daughter Lisa Marie Presley's trust which requited all her properties to her surviving children.

Priscilla Contested The Final Will

Priscilla alleged in legal documents that Lisa Marie's final will signature has a discrepancy which should render it null.

The amendment makes Riley Keough and the twins Finley and Harper the inheritors of her trust, but if a court rules in favor of Priscilla, the 2010 version would reinstate her and Lisa Marie's old partner as the sole trustees.

Priscilla Contested The Guardianship

Priscilla was also contesting her minor grandchildren's legal guardianship. During Lisa Marie's lifetime, she shared custody of the twins with their father, Michael Lockwood.

Since Lisa's death, the children moved in with their older sister Riley whom their uncle, Gavarone described as a natural caregiver.

Celebrating Lisa Marie In Death

Finley and Harper spent time with Lockwood on their mother's post-humous birthday. He still maintains his custody dates, and cares for the twins.

Bam Fell Off The Wagon

Bam Margera signing a t-shirt
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Meanwhile, Margera's friend Steve-O revealed that the comedian fell off the wagon, causing them to fall out. Margera called the latter a poser, causing them to have a war of words on the internet.

Steve-O And Margera Fell Out

Instagram Screenshots on TMZ

Steve-O said Margera "got loaded" after the set and jeopardized his health. The comedian said the stuntman might not live long enough to enjoy a relationship with his son. Steve-O said he braces himself for the day he'll hear Margera die, and he's tired. TMZ saved the now-deleted comments.