Madonna Makes A Mysterious Video Post After Her Appearance At The 2023 Grammys

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Madonna at the Grammys
Getty | Robert Gauthier

Madonna is undoubtedly one of the world's most iconic artists and has changed the music industry. But away from her life as a singer and songwriter, Madonna is also known for her freaky side. Recently, that side of the singer was on display when she posted a creepy video after the Grammys. Here are the details.

Madonna Shares Mysterious Video

After the 65th Annual Grammy Awards, Madonna took to her Instagram page with a rather mysterious video. In the clip, the music legend gave fans a better glimpse of the classy outfit she donned at the glitzy ceremony.

Details Of Madonna's Outfit

Madonna during a TV appearance
Giphy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Madonna was clad in a black blazer dress, maxi skirt, and white collared shirt. She accompanied the look with a black tie, fishnet tights, and a futuristic hairdo. But although Madonna's outfit was enough to give her all the attention, her actions in the video concerned fans more.

Inside The Clip

In the clip, Madonna held on to a strange whip, hitting it against the palm of her hand multiple times as she walked slowly toward the camera. The video was set to Eliza Rose and Interplanetary Criminal's song, Baddest of Them All.

Instagram Users React To The Post 

After the seven-time Grammy Award winner shared the post, Instagram users flooded the comments section to air their thoughts. Many fans loved the video, calling Madonna a legend and reminding her of how inspirational she was.

Madonna Receives Criticism

On the other hand, some followers criticized her appearance, noting that she looked nothing like the Madonna they knew while growing up. Others mentioned that the singer should have embraced aging, as going under the knife to look younger has damaged her appearance.

Madonna Is Called Out Following Grammys Appearance 

Madonna faced similar backlash during the Grammy Awards when she took to the stage to introduce Sam Smith and Kim Petras for their performance. The singer unveiled her "younger," smoother, and puffier face, but sadly, some viewers at home were unimpressed.

Twitter Users Criticize Madonna's Looks

Some fans took to Twitter to comment on Madonna's unrecognizable features. One user shared a meme video of Adele looking confused at a basketball game, relating it to herself trying to ignore the fact that Madonna had a new face. 

Another Negative Comment

Another tweep asked if Madonna had been nominated for Best New Face at the 2023 Grammy Awards. Madonna's new look is no surprise; last year, a renowned plastic surgeon revealed he believed the singer had gone under the knife multiple times.

Plastic Surgeon Reveals Madonna's Possible Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Ehsan Ali said he believed Madonna had done many procedures, including a facelift, nose job, and filler. Madonna didn't deny going under the knife and is yet to. In the meantime, she is focused on enjoying her life while appearing unaffected by the criticism.