Charles Bronson, "Most Violent Prisoner," Could Be Freed From Prison Soon

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Close-up shot of Charles Bronson

If you're wondering who Charles Bronson is and why he is tagged "Most Violent Prisoner," you might want to stick around much longer to find out why. Born Michael Gordon Peterson, he adopted the name Charles Bronson after the Hollywood actor while enjoying a brief period of freedom in 1987.

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How He Got The Tittle ' Most Violent Prisoner'

Charles Bronson
Daily Mail

Bronson, who identifies as Salvador in honor of the painter Salvador Dalí, was imprisoned in 1974 for armed robbery. However, since then, he has engaged in hostage-taking in 10 prison sieges, attacked at least 20 correctional officers, and caused £500,000 in damage during rooftop protests.

He Has Spent Over Four Decades In Prison

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Throughout his 43-year incarceration, he was transferred to new prisons more than 120 times, most of which were solitary confinement settings. He previously claimed that he had held 11 hostages during nine different sieges and had been first sent to prison in 1968.

Charles Bronson Spares No One

In 2000, after holding a prison teacher hostage for 44 hours in HMP Hull, Bronson was given a discretionary life sentence with a minimum of four years. Governors, medical professionals, employees, and even his solicitor have all been victims. The prisoner hasn't spent much time in freedom in more than 30 years.

He Started Out As A Boxer

Charles Bronson
Daily Mail

The late 1980s saw the start of Bronson's bare-knuckle boxing career in East London. He recently claimed that he can still perform 95 press-ups in 30 seconds and works out frequently, according to Daily mail.

"When I go out on the yard that's my hour of freedom. I've got a big smile, I'm happy. I'm walking out as fit as the day I came in. I'm coming home,"

He said.

Is Bronson Getting Released Soon?

However, a date for his historic parole hearing may have been set, meaning that Britain's "most dangerous prisoner" could be released in months. According to the parole board, Charles Bronson, a notorious felon who is 70 years old, will have a public hearing on March 6th and 8th and could be released by the panel.

Bronson Writes To His Son

Charles Bronson
Daily Mail

Charles Salvador, a.k.a. Bronson, stated in a letter to his "long-lost son" that he intended to live out the rest of his days in a caravan in Devon after surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. He has been using a story about being released from prison in the 1980s with no money to solicit donations for his mobile home.

The Contents Of The Letter

The offender wrote, according to LADbible:

"Son, as you can see – 6th March! We've been waiting along [sic] time for this. What will be will be now!"

He added;

"I've worked hard to get a result, I've now earned my freedom or at least some serious progression. Keep the faith George, I'm coming home."

Is Bronson A Changed Man?

The letter he addressed to a fan
Daily Mail

Another chilling letter from Bronson to a fan was written in 2022, in which he promised "a double bubble proper English fry-up" as soon as he was free. Then, according to the criminal, he will collect what's owed him from all the parasites that have sucked off of him for four decades.

The letter from the violent offender, which was printed in The Sun, concluded with the ominous phrase: "Should be fun!! Be lucky."

This letter makes us wonder if he's changed as he claims.

His Hearing Has Been Scheduled

However, His hearing has been scheduled for March 6 and March 8, according to the parole board. The panel will carefully examine a huge range of evidence, including details of the original crime and any evidence of behavior change. It will also explore the harm done and the impact the crime has had on the victims.