Don Lemon Ignored Co-Host As Tension Builds On CNN Show

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Don Lemon
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There's trouble brewing on CNN This Morning as a footage broadcast showed Don Lemon ignoring and repeatedly dismissing on-air co-host, Kaitlan Collins, hours after he reportedly lashed out at Collins in the presence of fellow staff at CNN.

Now, the trio can't stand each other anymore as Lemon's actions have caused a ridge between them.

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December 8, 2022

Don Lemon
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A few clips from CNN This Morning broadcast on December 8, 2022 showed Collins's efforts to chip in her opinion but was constantly interrupted by a loud Lemon who, at one point, shut her up while he continued his talks.

Kaitlan Collins Left The Set In Tears

The tension kept building up on-air that Collins ran from the set drenched in tears as soon as the broadcast was over. Sources also revealed he had previously embarrassed her in front of the television crew and another female co-host, Poppy Harlow.

CNN's Statement Following The Report

Lemon, Poppy, Collins
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The network issued a statement stating that the reports of Lemon's outbursts are exaggerated.

"Don, Kaitlan and Poppy were friends before they were co-anchors and they remain friends today." 

However, other news outlets confirmed that the events indeed took place.

Discussing Brittney Griner's Release

Lemon, Harlow, Collins
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Sources described an instance where Lemon and Collins were discussing Brittney Griner's release, and Collins practically struggled to get a word in as Collins talked about prisoner swap.

Collins tried to interject, "I think she's… then Lemon interrupted her, "The swap happened at the Abu Dhabi airport." Collins continued, "It's been ten months since she's been held in captivity," while Lemon ignored her and said, "8:30, This morning." as completion of his initial statement.

January 31

Don Lemon
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Lemon once again displayed frostiness on set on January 31 with the presenters when he got up from the anchor desk before the end credits even began rolling. Usually, news anchors will talk among themselves as the end credits roll on the screen, but all Lemon wanted to do was get away from Collins as soon as he could.

Lemon Is A Professional Host

Don Lemon
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Sources have revealed on CNN that Lemon is a professional host, and Collins is still trying to adjust to her role as a morning show host after being the network's White House correspondent.

Collins Wanted To Spend Less Time With Lemon On-Air

Don Lemon
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Collins, who's just 30-year-old, is the youngest chief White House Correspondent in the history of CNN, and now she reportedly wants to spend less time with Lemon after the incident happened.

Members Of Staff Were Shaken By Lemon's Outburst

The 56-year-old left staff and crew visibly shaken after his outburst at Collins, and he went ballistic at the staff who spoke about the issue with Collins as he claimed she [Collins] interrupted him during the December 8 broadcast.

Three-fold Cord...Broken!!!

Don Lemon
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The trio, which were inseparable and used to arrive at red carpets and events together, have now begun arriving separately and keeping a visible distance. One source described Lemon as "bossy and difficult to work with."