Tom Brady Stripped to His Underwear and Asked the World 'Did I Do It Right?'

Image of Tom Brady sitting on bed in underwear
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Fresh off of announcing his (second) retirement from the NFL, Tom Brady is showing us that he isn't going to sit on his laurels now that his playing career is over.

With no more sporting commitments, the recently single TB12 seems destined to become a professional thirst trap.

He Retired Earlier This Month.

Pro football's undisputed GOAT, Brady won an astounding seven Super Bowls in his 23-year career. Earlier this month, he said he was quitting — "for good" this time.

He's Had Side Hustles For Awhile Now.

Brady runs an apparel company, appropriately named Brady Brand. Last summer, right around the time he was mulling over his first retirement, he posted this tweet.

Here's What It Might Have Looked Like.

When Brady speaks (or tweets), people listen — and there was a big response to his underwear tweet.

The Race To 40,000 Likes Was On.

Brady promised a re-creation of the promo images from his apparel company if the tweet could get 40,000 likes, and over the months, the number continued to grow.

He's Been A Busy Guy.

Right around the time his tweet was crossing the 40,000 threshold, Brady posted this — some pics from the promotional tour for 80 for Brady, a movie about...well, not Tom Brady specifically, but his name does get top billing in the title.

The Pressure Was On.

Eventually, Brady got called out — by his own company, no less — for not providing the promised underwear photos.

Well, you read the headline. Tom Brady is a man of his word, and he delivered just half an hour after this tweet.

He Threw Some Shades At His Teammates.

It was all in good fun of course, but Brady called out former teammates Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski in his tweet. This was a reference to the fact that both Edelman and Gronk have been known to flaunt their bodies while Brady's had a more reserved public persona.

Maybe now that he and Gisele are no longer an item, he's entering a new phase.

It's Great For His Brand.

It's easy to see this for what it is: a promotional plug for Brady's company. That said, it's also easy to see this as a recently retired and recently divorced middle-aged man who wants to show us that he's still got it.

What Do You Think?

This story sits firmly at the nexus of football, fashion and Tom Brady thirst.

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