Ariel Winter of Modern Family Celebrated 25th Between Neon Lights and Private Parties

Chisom Ndianefo
Ariel Winter
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Ariel Winter turned 25 over the weekend and celebrated her birthday with friends and family, Vegas-style. Of course, Las Vegas celebrations are the best of the best, as you're guaranteed to have the most fun in private.

Glitz And Glam In Vegas

Winter's birthday was a glittery affair as she changed into different colors of sequin minidresses. One of the themes included red, gold and silver from the décor to the cake and party favors. Her party planner also ensured every decoration stayed on theme with Vegas.

A Glittery Affair

The Modern Family alum colored her hair with a bright platinum blonde last year and hasn't gone back to black. Winter took her birthday party to the Wynn Resort and Casino for her birthday weekend.

What Happened In Vegas

Winter had a private dinner with her party group at the resort's restaurant, Delilah. She wore a gold dress with thin straps for the birthday dinner while she changed into an emerald green number for the after-party.

The Guests Remained Private

Winter didn't share pictures of the actual party or her dinner guests but her boyfriend for three years, Luke Benward, was one sure guest. The couple don't live in L.A. as Winter left the region after her contract with ABC's Modern Family ended.

Going Under The Radar

The actress has come a long way from voicing characters on Phineas and Ferb and being Alex Dunphy on the critically acclaimed Modern Family. Her decision to stay off the radar aligns with her desire to live a normal life despite being a celebrity.

Winter's 2023 Movie Schedule

Despite living away from most of her peers in the industry, Winter is still involved in upcoming projects. She's filming a crime-thriller, Don't Log Off, and has more in the works. One of her upcoming movies, Hungry, got shelved due to developmental issues.

Still Friends With Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter at an interview
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Winter also maintains a close friendship with her former co-star, Sarah Hyland, who played her on-screen sister. The duo carries on in real life as real siblings, and Hyland said she loved Winter like a younger sister.

Showing Off Special Moments

Winter and Benward keep their relationship as private as her life after Modern Family. However, they share special moments on the internet like posting a Christmas picture during the holidays and their relationship anniversaries.

Wedding Bells Soon

The couple live happily together with their six dogs, and we may hear wedding bells soon.