Cindy Crawford, 56, Looks Flawless During Pampering Bath Soak

Geri Green
A photo of Cindy Crawford in a blue dress at a press event. The backdrop is dark gray and says "Omega" with the omega symbol.
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Cindy Crawford is looking flawless as she flaunts her ageless good looks from a bathtub while also promoting her Meaningful Beauty brand. The legendary supermodel, 56, remains popular on Instagram—she also uses the platform to ensure that fans shop her brand. In a recent share, Cindy posed all lathered up in a tub while enjoying a self-care moment. The '90s catwalk queen was out to promote the haircare range from Meaningful Beauty, and she ensured that the product was clearly visible as she showed off her long and shapely legs. Fans have left Cindy over 20,000 likes. Also dropping a "like" was reality star Lisa Rinna, 59.

Looking Better Than Ever At 56

A photo of Cindy Crawford in a black shirt and suit jacket.
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Posting for her 7.2 million followers, Cindy shared two snaps.

She opened with her legs folded against her chest and from a white marbled bathtub, also backed by vein-marble walls and a mirror. While Cindy was in the nude, she had placed a small white towel to her chest. Appearing to wear zero makeup and looking ageless, the Vogue favorite wore her dark locks wet and swept up, with a little shampoo lather visible. She bent one arm slightly while also sending out a soft and confident smile as she flaunted her signature thick brows. Two purple bottles of Meaningful Beauty shampoo and conditioner were seen at the edge of the bath.

The second image showed Cindy kicking back with closed eyes as she relaxed in the bath—here, she really showed off her long and toned legs.

Promoting Meaningful Beauty

In a caption, Cindy wrote:

"Relax and get your young hair back—our age-proof hair care does the work for you! 🧖🏻‍♀️🫧🛁 @meaningfulbeauty." Cindy joins the long list of celebrities dabbling in beauty and makeup. Doing similar are Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga, and Ariana Grande. Cindy has also shared her beauty secrets.

Reveals Beauty Secrets

Speaking to Elle of what keeps her looking so good, Cindy shared:

"I think the most important thing is, if you're happy in your life and you're doing work that you like, that comes across. As well as if you've taken care of yourself over the years, that shows. Like, I was never a party girl, and I don't smoke, and I eat right, and I exercise, and I drink water."

Getting Her Eight Hours

Cindy added: "I try to get enough sleep, which is usually easier now that my kids are older, except I have to stay up later on weekends to drive them home."