Single Mother of Five Proves Women Can Have it All!

Ashabi Azeez
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A single mother-of-five has proven that single mothers can thrive in motherhood and their career. Rebecca Barr shared her story of how she went from homeless to a successful woman and mother. 

Single Mother Of Five Excels In Motherhood And Career

Barr spent most of her life working hard to give her children a better life than she had growing up. The award-winning entrepreneur kept working, even in hard times, to build a great family life and profession.

Inside Barr's Business Empire

Rebecca Barr
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According to DailyMail, the mother-of-five's business, The Femalpreneur Coach, gets about six figures each year. She does this by coaching other women on how to grow using various business strategies. The 40-year-old had her fifth child last year. The entrepreneur proved that single mums can make six figures. That is only possible if women truly believe and work towards it. 

Barr Speaks About Her Experiences Growing Up

Barr gave an insight into her childhood experiences. "My childhood was filled with grief, abuse, violence, and homelessness," she shared. She lost her dad, a Naval Officer, when she was four. After his death, Barr, her mom, and her sister were all sent out of the Navy quarters in Portsmouth. She continued that her mother did not recover from the death and entered into an unhappy marriage.

A Troubled Childhood

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Due to this, Barr witnessed abusive behaviors like sexual abuse and gambling. She had to step into a parental role for her two younger siblings. At age 15, she became homeless and ended up in a hostel. At age 16, she had three jobs while studying. 

Barr Rised From Trauma To Triumph

At age 25, Barr got married and built a million-pound portfolio of properties, but she and her husband split after six weeks. At age 28, she had her first child and had no support from her employers. While pregnant with her second child, she graduated with a degree in HR.

Journey Through Her Business Endeavor

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In 2014, Barr bought her first business, which was a barbershop. She later became a certified life coach. In 2020, the award-winning entrepreneur became a Femalpreneur Coach. The entrepreneur shared that she did not have the best luck with men. She further said that she has five children who have three different fathers.

She Built An Empire And A Family

While the business executive stayed focused on her business empire, she was also in tune with her passion for building a family. Rebecca's five kids are between 12 and one, and she is thriving, even though she is raising them in their formative years. She stays focused on raising her brood while encouraging other women to pursue their dreams as well.

Rebecca Still Looks Forward To Meeting The Right Man

The boss lady shared that just by looking at her life, one could deduce that she has not had the best luck with romantic partners. However, this strong successful woman stays optimistic, as she believes she will meet the right man someday.

What Do Other Experts Say About Being A Succesful Mom?

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Farnoosh Torabi, a successful financial expert, offered advice to women on how to be successful working mothers. Torabi is a financial expert and the host of an award-winning podcast called So Money. In 2019, she talked about how to be successful, both in her career and motherhood.

The Need For Independence

Torabi shared that most women do not believe they can thrive in their careers and motherhood. At that time, the author shared that she followed a set of beliefs that she established years ago. Some of the convictions she mentioned include the need for independence and self-protection. 

Secrets To Thrive In Motherhood And Your Job

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Torabi shared that ten principles guided and empowered her to be a successful working mom. The first one was being financially independent. Another was marrying someone who supports your ambitions.

Passion For One's Job Coupled With Being A Parent

Also, being in love with your work is another principle to a successful career. Torabi continued that childcare is an investment and is only temporary.

Quitting Is Not An Option

Another principle is that quitting is not an option and that mothers also need support. Others include the choice to breastfeed or not, your needs matter, the kids will be okay, and things get messy sometimes. 

A Supportive Community

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Torabi penned that a mom who chooses to keep up he career after having kids will thrive by surrounding herself with people who support her ambitions. This should start with one's partner — she should have someone who uplifts and shares parenting duties with.