Ben Affleck's Viral Facial Expressions Took The 2023 Grammys By Storm

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Getty | John Shearer

American actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck is known for many things, including his charming smile. However, the Hollywood icon has been making the rounds on social media after multiple snaps and videos showed him wearing a rather dull look at the 2023 Grammys. Here are the details.

Ben Accompanied Jennifer To The Grammys 

On February 6, 2023, Ben accompanied his superstar wife, Jennifer Lopez, to the star-studded Grammy Awards. For the occasion, the Gone Girl star opted for a classy look, donning a suit while his wedding band was on display.

Inside Jennifer's Outfit 

On the other hand, Jennifer looked elegant in a gorgeous dark blue Gucci dress with a plunging neckline and a huge slit down the aisle. The couple looked like the perfect duo as they sat in the front row at the glitzy awards affair in Los Angeles.

Ben Looked Uninterested 

While Ben's presence and looks were enough to land him in the headlines, the actor made waves for a different reason. Ben sent the internet into hysterics for his serious and uninterested facial expressions throughout the awards ceremony.

Ben Looked Like He Needs To Leave

As the camera panned Ben's way several times, it seemingly caught the dazed and confused Hollywood icon looking for the nearest exit. Even during musical performances, Ben was caught on multiple occasions standing still while his wife danced excitedly next to him.

Tweeps Reacted To Ben's Expressions

In no time, the Batman actor's bored expression grabbed the attention of Twitter users, who felt that Ben looked like he would be anywhere else and trooped to the social media platform to share their amused reactions.

Philip Lewis Shared His Thoughts 

Philip Lewis, the senior front page editor for The Huffington Post, tweeted that Ben looked like he would rather be at Dunkin, referencing Ben's recent Dunkin' campaign, alongside a screenshot of the actor's blank expression.

Cork Gaines' Reaction

Sports Analyst Cork Gaines also tweeted, noting that Ben was doing the Ben Affleck meme again, referring to the viral photo of the actor smoking a cigarette and looking stressed, which circulated on the internet a few years ago.

More Thoughts From Tweeps

A third tweep disclosed that Ben's look was how every man dragged to a couple's baby shower looked, while another stated that the actor looked like he was dragged along to a girl's night and told to stay off his phone.

Other Tweeps Shared Memes

Other Twitter users also shared funny reactions and memes. Although Ben didn't seem to be having a good time, he probably just had a resting face and didn't feel miserable surrounded by many iconic artists and good beats.