Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved In A Car Accident

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was reportedly involved in a car crash on February 5th. A bicyclist "suddenly swerved into his lane and made contact" with the 75-year-old actor's car before he had a chance to slow down, according to TMZ. The incident occurred as the actor was driving around the city.

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The Cyclist Was Taken To The Hospital

After claiming pain, the woman was taken to the hospital by emergency personnel, and Schwarzenegger was seen talking to the police before they arrived.

According to the media outlet, the person was stable and anticipated a full recovery. While the authorities also added that the actor drove fairly slowly when the accident occurred.

Ongoing Investigation

 Arnold Schwarzenegger
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The Kindergarten Cop actor isn't thought to be to blame for the collision, according to sources who spoke to the outlet, who also determined that it's something he would not have been able to avoid, while law enforcement continues to investigate the incident.

The Accident Could Not Have Been Avoided

The outlet stated that the cyclist's condition was stable this afternoon and that authorities had ruled out the use of drugs or alcohol as a contributing factor to the collision.

The former governor of California reportedly couldn't have done anything to avoid being hit, but an investigation into the accident has reportedly been opened.

He Had Been In An Accident Last Year January

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It's not the first time the actor has been in an accident. In Brentwood in January of last year, Schwarzenegger was previously involved in a multi-car collision.

TMZ claims that the performer hit a Toyota Prius as it was rolling into a Porsche Taycan while he was driving his GMC Yukon.

The Collison Caused Head Injuries For The Prius' Driver

The Prius' driver was discovered suffering from severe head bleeding, and she was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Schwarzenegger Was At Fault

 Arnold Schwarzenegger
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However, no one was detained at the accident scene, and there was no indication that alcohol or drugs had been involved. Later, according to law enforcement sources who spoke to the media outlet, it appeared that Schwarzenegger was at fault and that his illegal left turn that caused the collision.

The Actor Was Concerned For The Injured Woman

Later, the actor's representative told People that he had not been hurt in the incident. The performer's "only concern" at the time was for the woman that was hurt.

No Serious Injuries

Thankfully, there were no serious injuries to note this time.

What's Next For The Actor

The Netflix original series Utap, which will star Arnold Schwarzenegger, could save his action star career very well. Schwarzenegger didn't have much time to act after becoming governor of California in 2003.

When he returned in 2013 with the action thriller The Last Stand, there was a lot of anticipation among his fans, which later died down. We are anticipating a huge comeback for the actor, are you?