Madonna Unrecognizable During Grammy's Speech: Fans Wonder, 'That Can't Be Her?'

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Madonna unveils new look at Grammys
Getty | Robert Gauthier

The 65th Annual Grammy Awards was held on February 6, 2023, and saw some of the most incredible artists graced the stage, including Madonna. However, Madonna's presentation wasn't the only reason she made the headlines, as fans noted that she looked quite unrecognizable. Here are the details.

Madonna Unveils New Look At The Grammys 

Yesterday, Madonna unveiled her incredibly smooth face when she stepped onto the star-studded Grammys stage as a presenter. Madonna gave a speech before introducing Sam Smith and Kim Petras as they prepared to sing their hit track.

Madonna Addresses "The Rebels'' And "Troublemakers" In Her Speech 

The legend addressed the heartwarming message to the "trouble makers." Madonna began by expressing gratitude to the "rebels" for forging a new path and taking all the heat for it.

More About Madonna's Heartwarming Message 

Further speaking to the troublemakers, the music icon stated that their fearlessness didn't go unnoticed. According to her, they were seen, heard, and, most of all, appreciated.

Fans Take An Interest In Madonna's Looks

While the seven-time Grammy award winner received accolades for her speech from the audience, some of the event's viewers at home paid more attention to Madonna's unrecognizable visage, which included bigger lips and a wrinkle-free face.

Twitter Users Express Disbelief

The surprised and unimpressed viewers took to Twitter to air their thoughts. One user couldn't believe it was Madonna on the glitzy stage, tweeting, "Madonna who? That can't be her? Can it?"

User Tags Madonna's Plastic Surgery As Unnecessary 

Another tweep disclosed that they really wished the songstress didn't touch her face. According to them, there was no reason for Madonna to go under the knife because she had always been beautiful and is going to age beautifully.

Another Fan Disappointed With Madonna's Looks

A third tweep shared the same sentiment, noting that Madonna needed to stop plastic surgery and embrace aging. The user explained that The Material Girl hitmaker looked quite unrecognizable.

More Criticism From Tweeps

A fourth user asked if anyone understood Madonna's strategy of trying to look 34. The tweep further noted that they weren't shaming the singer but were confused as Madonna was only two years younger than her 66-year-old mom.

Other Tweeps Express Disappointment In Madonna's Speech 

Relatively, Madonna's new look wasn't the only thing viewers condemned, as some users were disappointed with her speech, calling the singer narcissistic. However, despite the criticism, Madonna will always be a legend, having won seven Grammys and bagged 28 nominations for the Golden Gramophone.