Sarah Herron's Heartbreaking Message on Postpartum Struggles After Tragic Loss of Newborn Son

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The Bachelor's Sarah Herron may be all smiles on social media, but her latest post will make you bawl your eyes out. The reality TV star revealed that she suffered postpartum depression after losing her infant son, Oliver.

Here's what she said via Instagram.

The Good News

Herron and her partner Dylan Brown conceived their son through In Vitro Fertilization after struggling to get pregnant naturally. The reality TV star shared her journey with her 300,000+ Instagram followers, and everyone was excited about her good news. Unfortunately, life had other plans.

Heartbreaking Loss - Oliver Arrived At 24 Weeks

Firstly, Herron's son came almost 24 weeks early on January 28 and didn't survive his premature birth. Per her post, the infant died in his father's arms shortly after birth. Herron said she couldn't describe the loss and pain she felt in those moments but attempted to put them into words.

Oliver's Legacy

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The couple chose to see the miracle in the tragedy and celebrated Oliver's short life. Herron described the infant's features as similar to his father's, from the nose to the mouth and fingers.

"Our time together was short, but we are grateful for the days we had with Oliver in my belly."

The Lesson In Loss

Through Oliver's miraculous conception and birth, Herron learned about life, love, and death. She said that the child's existence brought unprecedented optimism into her household, and his passing left them with a "legacy that'll always be larger than life."

Cherishing The Moments

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Herron reminisced on her pregnancy activities, from deep water diving & swimming with turtles to recovering from a broken knee, and enjoying Brown's cooking. She said that the baby bonded with his brother, Rio, who formed a habit of laying on his mother's lap.

The Moment Of Truth

Herron said she'll never understand why she lost her child but promised to celebrate his life, albeit short-lived.

When they went for the pre-natal checkup on January 11, Herron and Brown had no idea their son would arrive two weeks later. She shared her experience with her followers, saying the injections were a minor inconvenience she endured.

Getting Support From Friends And Family

She looked forward to welcoming her son, wearing her belly bruises with pride. Thankfully, her social media community extended condolences and sweet words via the comments. The Bachelor's alum said she's undergoing post-partum care despite not carrying her son to term.

Dealing With Loss

"Since coming home without Oliver, everything has been a haunting reminder of what was supposed to be, and what I now must face without him here."

It's hard for her to deal with the effects of being pregnant without her son to make it worthwhile.

Adapting To Life Without Her Son

Herron ended the note by saying she's adapting to not being pregnant anymore, which hurts. She wishes that anyone dealing with the same heartbreak has loved ones around to ease the pain.