Riverdale's Ryan Grantham Receiving Counseling in Jail Hospital after Killing Mother

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These are sad times indeed! Ryan Grantham, who starred in Riverdale as Jeffery Augustin, is housed in a prison hospital after murdering his mother Barbara Waite.

According to TMZ, Chris Johnson, Grantham's legal counsel, said:

"Mr. Grantham recently advised me that he’s doing well, getting the help he needs, and has gained some insight into what happened and why. He regrets what he did to his mother."

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Receiving Counseling

Ryan Grantham

The outlet also confirmed from direct sources that the actor is receiving counseling from the prison's psychologist.

Facing Life Sentence

Grantham was found guilty of the crime in 2020 and was given a life sentence. During the first 14 years of his sentence, he will not be eligible for parole.

Previously, Grantham's lawyer expressed grave concerns that the 24-year-old would be housed in a maximum security facility. He stated that the former Riverdale cast member could be "physically, psychologically, and sexually intimidated" due to his physical size.

Serving Time In A Prison Hospital

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The actor of Riverdale will remain in the prison hospital in British Columbia, Canada, as authorities decide where he will serve the remainder of his sentence in response to the lawyer's request to transfer Grantham.

Taking His Treatment Seriously

According to his lawyer, the actor is taking his treatment seriously:

"He realizes that he has a lot of personal work to do, but he’s dedicating himself to that, so that he can hopefully be a mentally healthy and contributing member of society at some point in time in the future.”

The Act

Barbara Waite

In March 2020, Ryan Grantham fatally shot Barbara Waite, his mother in their Canadian townhouse of Squamish. During the hearing, it was also revealed that Ryan had even intended to kill Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, but changed his mind and turned himself in.

What Led Him To Commit Murder

During the trial, Ryan Grantham's attorney claimed that the actor experienced anxiety, depression, and self-loathing. Before shooting his mother, Ryan expressed a desire to hurt himself and others, according to Chris Johnson, Ryan's attorney. Johnson continued by saying that Ryan had anticipated the verdict.

Why He Killed His Mom

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Ryan allegedly killed his mother to "spare her" from witnessing the violence the actor planned to commit. Ryan was receiving psychiatric care while incarcerated, according to Justice Kathleen Ker, and he was making progress. The fact that Ryan threatened their mother's life, according to Ryan's sister, Lisa, hurt.

No Parole Till After 14 Years

As earlier reported, Ryan Grantham was given a life sentence for killing his mother, Barbara Waite, in 2020. According to the terms of his sentence, he will not be eligible for parole during his first 14 years in prison.

Where He Started His Acting Career

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Ryan Grantham began acting when he was nine years old. He appeared in the 2010 film Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Riverdale on The CW, which is also available for streaming on Netflix, was Ryan's big break into stardom.